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December 15, 2018

Innocent Mom, Son, And Daughter Romance

Innocent Mom, Son, And Daughter Romance

I and my sister are studying in college. Our mom is looking after and taking care of us. We both study well and score good marks in the exam. We both sleep in one room and our mom in another room. Our bed is somewhat big. So, we sleep comfortably in the same bed.

Hi, I’m Chan(21) from Chennai. This is the story of sex between my mom, me and my elder sister. Hope, you like it. This started since six months before. In my family, myself, my elder sister Priya(23), my mom Sarala(40). My dad left our family and settled in abroad.

About my mom, she is fair looking and her breasts are well developed and very sexy. And her ass is damn good. About my sister Priya, she is beautiful with pink cheeks. She has tits with reddish pink nipples.

I and my sister are studying in college. Our mom is looking after and taking care of us. We both study well and score good marks in the exam. We both sleep in one room and our mom in another room. Our bed is somewhat big. So, we sleep comfortably in the same bed.

One day, my mom went to relations’ home and stayed there that night. On that day, my sister Priya went to her friend’s home and came at 4:30 pm.

At that time, it was heavy rain. She came through the rain and she totally became wet. And she took a bath and changed the dress. And she cooked for our dinner and we had dinner. At about 9:30p.m, she feels so tired and headache due to rain. She got fever and her body is shivering. I gave her the tablets.

We went to sleep. She, because of shivering and cold, hugged me tightly to feel my body’s warmth. I felt her breasts pressing my chest. And now she rested her head on my chest and we both are in comfortable position.

Suddenly my cock started to erect and she felt that, but she didn’t do anything. I slowly took my face down to her face and kissed her forehead. She smiled at me. I took that as signal and kissed her cheeks and gave a little blow to her ear and kissed her neck.

She then slowly in air voice told me that “brother what are you doing?” I asked, “sister, you are enjoying it or not?” And she said “Yes brother, but it was not right.” I then started to kiss her lips to stop her talking.

First, she hesitated, then she responded by opening her mouth and allowing my tongue inside her. We sucked each other’s tongue and kissed for fifteen minutes.

I took my hands towards her back and I slowly unhooked her tops and removed it upwards over her head. She is now with only her shimmy and chudi pant, and she removed my T-shirt and hugged me and now she feels my body warm easily. Now, I slowly placed my hands on her boobs over her shimmy and softly massaged it. She likes it and moaned in low voice.

Meanwhile, we kissed each other. Then I took her right hand and placed it on my erected cock over my shorts. I asked her to rub it and she holds and rubbed my cock. Now I removed her naadaa of the pant and removed her pant. She is only with her shimmy and panty. Her panty became wet.

Now she removed my shorts. Now I kissed all over her body and kissed her white thighs. And I removed her shimmy. I saw her normal sized boobs with reddish pink nipples erected. I slowly kissed and sucked her nipples. She moaned “ahh brother suck it, ahhhh oh yeah brother ahhh”

Then I removed her panty and she removed my underwear. We both were nude now. Now she saw my erected cock and smiled at me. I saw her pussy, it’s so sexy which is cleanly shaved.

I took my right hand near her pussy and started to press and rub her clitoris with my thumb and inserted my middle finger inside her pussy, simultaneously she holds my dick and started stroking it.

Now I inserted my ring finger along with middle finger and started finger fucking her. She moaned heavily. And now I licked her rosy pussy lips and slightly bite her clitoris and she moaned heavily with pain ” ahhh brother please don’t bite it”

Now I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started tongue fucking her. She breathed heavily and moaned. And again I finger fucked her. Within few insertions, she released her fluid and she orgasmed.

I tasted her cum and licked and swallowed it.

Now I asked her to give me a blowjob. First, she started to lick my dick with hesitation, then I guided her to give a blowjob.

Then she sucked my cock and I fucked her mouth with deep throated. Within few suckings and strokings, I cummed in her face and mouth and she swallowed it. After that, we kissed each other for ten minutes and she said “I love you brother” and I replied “I love you so much my dear sister” and we slept hugging each other.

She feels better the next day and my mom came back home that morning. We continued the foreplay at least three to four days in a week. But still, we both are virgin and didn’t fuck each other. Two three times my mom doubted us because of my sister’s moaning sounds. But we somewhat managed it with some reasons.

And my sister tried to control her moaning sound. One day while we’re in foreplay, I bite her clitoris eagerness and she moaned heavily and we silently noticed whether our mom is coming to our room? There is no any sound of that.

But, my mom silently came towards our room and there is a problem in our room’s door so that, we didn’t lock it and she suddenly entered our room while I licking my sister’s pussy. She yelled at us with anger. She beat us, scolded and cried.

From that day my sister slept with my mom in her room.And I didn’t speak with my mom properly from that day. One day she called me and advised me of that incident and told that it is normal at this stage and should not have sex with own sister.

And I told that “mom, I don’t speak to girls in my college because of shy and the only women I’m speaking with is, you and my sister. And that foreplay incident started accidentally” I also added “mom, there is no any wrong with that.

As I am male she’s female and we both are satisfying ourselves sexually.” And I also asked her “Mom, don’t mistake me for asking this, are you satisfied with your sex life with the father?” She hesitantly answered, “yeah, I’m satisfied by giving birth to your sister and you.”

Again I said her “Mom, I’m not asking about that. Are you orgasmed and did you squirt while sex?” My mom said “I don’t understand those words you are saying” Since, she is traditional and village sided woman, she didn’t know about orgasm and all. I said with fear “mom, can I explain those things to you, you will enjoy it for sure. I want you happy in all aspects”

In my next part, I’ll say you how I had sexual intercourse with my mom and sister and how I romantically satisfied them. Leave your feedback on [email protected] and I will come with next part soon.


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