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October 19, 2018



One day I was alone in my home with my Amma Fatima. After she made me breakfast, she told me that she was going to take bath. This caused some excitement in my body, but something prevented me telling me that it was not correct. I never thought anything sexual about my Amma Fatima until that day. She was 44 at that time and 5ft medium fair beautiful woman with voluptuous body.

I am 26 living with my mom, and my sister. My father was a sales director and he used to be out of town for most of the days. My sister got married and leaving with her hubby.

This started when I was 18 and got curious about sex and learnt to masturbate after getting excited on seeing sexy photographs of women. This created a desire and urge to see women naked as I have not even seen any photos of naked women.

One day I was alone in my home with my Amma Fatima. After she made me breakfast, she told me that she was going to take bath. This caused some excitement in my body, but something prevented me telling me that it was not correct. I never thought anything sexual about my Amma Fatima until that day. She was 44 at that time and 5ft medium fair beautiful woman with voluptuous body.

She used to wear only saree and I have not noticed her until that day when I went to the toilet to see her taking bath. I went to the toilet and looked inside the bathroom. There my Amma was ready to disrobe to become naked without knowing that her son was going to watch her nude.

My heart was pumping with fear and excitement with the anticipation of seeing my Amma naked.

She removed her saree, blouse, bra one by one and finally threw her pavadai (petticoat) to become start naked. She had beautiful curvaceous breasts about 40 size with dark nipples. Her hips were about 32 curved with a bulged middle aged stomach.

Her ass was big and sexiest of all with a size of about 40 and was rounding voluptuous with very good hips. I was filled with sexual desire after seeing my Amma naked for the first time. Her pundai (pussy) had unshaven hairs and when she sat down to take bath her pubic hairs extended well beyond her ass. The best sight of all was when she sat down her huge ass cheeks would separate exposing her asshole and pubic hairs. She rubbed herself, parting the pubic hair and showing me a glimpse of her clitoral lips.

I was sexually aroused that I started masturbating seeing my naked Amma.

This increased my sexual passion, desire and urge ultimately to have sex with my Amma. Since my Amma was alone, she had kept the door open. I peeped in and saw my Amma full naked, water dripping off her mulai (breasts) and kundi(ass).I suddenly sneezed that made her realize that she had left the door open. She turned around and saw me and put a towel and pretended to be angry scolding me for watching her nude.

I was afraid and scared that I ran away from there. But she forgot about that and appeared to be normal indicating that she had known about my voyeurisms. Then next day when we were alone, she went to take bath leaving the door open. Then I only realized that she had a desire for me. She had taken bath and came out wearing a transparent saree.

I could not control myself seeing my sexy Amma and I immediately hugged her. She resisted initially and started crying that it was sinful to think of that act. She told me that I was her son, but her kamma had won over her initial resistance. I hugged her and she tried to resist me but could not do it.

I pulled her saree from her body and had thrown it on the floor she smelt excellent as she had just taken bath her touch sent shivers in my spine as this was my first touch with her sexually.

I removed her saree and removed her blouse and bra and finally pulled the string of her petticoat to make her completely naked. I removed my shorts and we were both naked, my mom 44 years old and her son Sameer I 26 willing to explore each other body.

Oh my Amma looked beautiful in her nakedness very close to me. I kissed her lips and sucked the saliva touching her big ass cheeks with my hands. As I started sucking her lips, my Amma took my hand and took to her wet juicy pussy. She had already started Cumming. I told my Amma to lie down and parted her thighs. I kissed her thighs and navel and slowly went near her wet juicy pundai.

I put my tongue on her erect clitoris and bit my mom’s clit. She started moaning and said do it mahane (son). I planted a kiss on her pundai and licked the last drops stroking my tongue up to her ass hole. Her breathing was speeding up and her pussy started rubbing against my mouth more violently. I refrained entering my finger in her pussy, because I knew that once it goes in it would end up with my rod stuffed in. Besides I was worried that somebody might come as this session has taken bit long. Her juices were flowing in a big way it contained a very distinct taste and aroma. Oh god! She was cumming.. I licked it… ate it all.

I put my tongue on her pundai and licked it tasting her pundai juice and I got up I clung to her and kissed her lips with rising passion and made her to taste her pussy juice still in my mouth. Amma put her hands to my ass and pushed me against her and she also raised her idupu (hips).

I positioned my Sunni (cock) it exactly to her cunt hole. She screamed when I penetrated my Amma’s pussy. Amma’s eyes bulged as I rammed fully into her and I went inside Amma and she felt me inside her where my Sunni and my fluid mingled with my Amma’s pussy juice.

I told “guide me Fatima ” She pulled my Sunni and guided it between her thighs as soon as I entered .I was fucking her like a mad stallion by holding her boobs as reins and kneading them with all my power and she was screaming with pleasure.

I pulled out my Sunni fully up to the bud and with a jerk I pushed it inside her pundai ” Nalla ollu! Un poola nalla aazhama vuttu kuthu. Ethanayo per enne othalum ,en Mahan okura sugam thani…OOOHHH that’s the fuck I needed “Nalla koodhiya theradi fathima”

“Come on Di fathima! Open your kudhiiiiiii more”, I was almost shouting. “Eduthukka sameer ” aaaa sameer “take it Darling! She opened her thighs and wrapped it around me.

When I saw her mulai (boobs) jiggling while i fuck her I increased the speed .She lifted her butt to recieve my thunder. As she like on a plank, the room was filled with creaking noise Mmmm Ahhh nalla oluuu Ammaa kuthu supera irukuuu

She was pushing me towards her strongly, “Aaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah Ummmmmm, idi nalla idiiii vegama kuthuuuuuu Ummmmmmmm, U amma paya romba sugama iruku, I was kneading her breasts. She wrapped her legs around me. She was arching back, her head swinging with rythm of my shots. It was around for long ten minutes i fucked her.

She asked me to pull it out and spurt it on her mouth. I stood closer to her with my Sunni just inches from her face. I caught her hand and put it on my erection.

“Wow…It can also be peeled like a banana I wish bananas were similar to this kind of peel as It would save several bits of peels lying here and there.” She was cracking tease

“Oh Yeh and I wish such bananas grew right here and girls all around queued ,peeled and ate it all the time wanna peel and try the taste of this banana and be part of this great revolution?” I snapped

“Why not”

She seemed younger than her age right now. She looked carefully at the cock and brought her lips forward, I was dying to stuff the banana into her mouth. She hurriedly caught hold of the Sunni and kissed the head of it. My dick was hard and hot but it seemed she was in no hurry. Next moment she further slid the sheath back and put the whole of exposed knob in her mouth no movement…her eyes closed, she got still, and suddenly I felt her tongue circling around the girth of the tool

Oh. It felt so good…so natural. It seemed impossible for a first timer to be so adroit in handling the job) I was feeling the pressure building up now I rubbed her nipples with one hand while one hand rested behind her head fondling her hair.

My lips were running dry. I motioned her to lie down. Her eyes opened just for brief few seconds and closed again. But she didn’t take her mouth away nor released the grip on my shaft. She was now lying sideways I also managed to lay at her side and slid my mouth closer to her bush.

Maybe she felt my breath there she drew herself closer to my face. I gave a kiss affectionately on her bush and pulled her towards me with one hand which I had rested on her lovely buns.

She also acknowledged the pull with a thrust and with a gulp she let her tongue play more vigorously around the banana.

After we made love in our bedroom .Nowadays it became a routine .I mastered in making love to her. We even do oral sex. I fuck her daily. Even when father is around we always managed to lick. Now we used to fuck like new lovers. We fuck all the day when my father is not around. Finally I shot my load of cum in her pussy. After this shot I laid down over her for half an hour. We felt guilty after that incident and avoided seeing our face for a couple of days though she allowed me to watch her nude bath.

I was very much aroused seeing her beautiful round ass cheeks and was determined to do something with her on that day. I did not know how I learnt all that, but watching English porn films in College taught me lot of Kamasutra acts.

I was excited to see my Amma’s asshole, which was little bit hairy. I went near the asshole and started licking my Amma’s asshole and she started moaning. I could not imagine myself licking my Amma’s asshole. I took hold of her hot ass and rubbed my Sunni to her ass hole and inserted it. It was very tight (coz my father haven’t did to her ) that I had to lubricate my cock with coconut oil to enter my moms asshole. She started crying but I kept thrusting my dick in her tight hole.



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