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October 17, 2018

Incest With Mother

Incest With Mother

This happened nearly 3-4 years back. We then had shifted to our new house. My mother, father and myself were the only members besides the servants. What happened between me and my mother was purely coincidental and unintentional on both our sides. My father on that day was out of the town on some important work both personal and professional.
It happened in the evening the reason being that on that particular day it was hot and humid, sultry also. By evening I was feeling very hot and tired, sleepy as well. Since it was our new house, we hadn’t checked most of the fittings etc of our house specially that of kitchen and bathrooms. In the evening I decided to have a bath so that I could become fresh and light. My room had an attached bathroom as well so I went there to had my bath but unfortunately the overhead tank of my bathroom was empty and there was no water either in the buckets as well so then I decided to had a bath in the bathroom attached to my parents bedroom.
I was wearing only a towel when I went to my parent’s bathroom because I had already took of my clothes in my room before I came to know that there was no water in the tank. My mother was then outside in the garden having a stroll so I think she didn’t know that I had gone to her bathroom for bath.the only mistake I made then was that in a hurry I forgot to lock the bathrooms door from inside and only shut it like that. I switched on the light, took out the towel and stood under the shower so that y back was towards the door. I think then this must have happened then—
My mother came back inside and as her rooms light was off and the bathrooms door was also shut, she must have thought that no one was there. I also think that she also wanted to have a bath so she must have locked the bedroom from inside.then she removed her clothes and placed them on the bed, so she was completely nude. Then she entered the bathroom opening the door so suddenly that both I and she was shocked as well as surprised to see both of us completely nude in front of each other. Actually when she entered the bath my back was facing her but I immediately turned around to see who had come in.
For nearly 2-3 minutes we were standing facing each other completely nude. I was dumbfounded because I had for the first time seen her completely nude in my life.then when I watched her full breasts,her round well shaped stomach, healthy legs and most importantly her clean shaven white and fair pussy in front of my eyes, my lund began to grow in size though I gad no control over it. She must have also seen this because then she did nothing but smiled and came near me. She then closed the shower and kissed me on my left cheek. She then said slowly to me, “accha beta ab to tu jawan ho gaya hai.” She then hold my lund and I must confess I shuddered as soon as she touched it but was dumbfounded to say anything. She then put one of my hands on her breast and the other on her pussy. I could not then control myself and started rubbing both of them. After 5 mins she moved and sat down on the floor in a doggy position showing her full ass and her pussy below it. She then turned her head towards me and smiled. I knew by her smile what she was wanting, so reluctantly I mounted on her from back and slowly entered my complete manhood in her pussy from behind. She shuddered immediately but then took control of herself and asked me to do it as soon as possible. So then I fucked her from behind.
After nearly 10 mins, she stopped me, stood up, took my hand and asked me to come to the bedroom. She then lied on the bed opening her legs in front of me and said, “Now hurry up!” So left with no choice I had to fuck her then. after nearly 10 mins she reached her orgasm but I continued till 5 mins more before I could not control myself; she also sensed it and took out my thing from her pussy and squeezed my balls first lightly then with pressure so that I threw my entire cream upon her in violent jerks ; on her stomach, pussy and inner thighs.
After sometime she asked me to clean myself and then go to my room while she went to have her bath.


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