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October 19, 2018

Incest, Taboo And An Abnormal – Part 2

Incest, Taboo And An Abnormal – Part 2

This story is about how my son sorry son in law became normal.

At first I thanks ISS for publishing my story.

My name is Honey and I think people should not get bad about incest or taboo. Think who has created ud? adam and Eve. No other male or female. So the population today is the child of them that is either by incest or by taboo sex. Our family grew up on this philosophy. So people those who don’t agree with my self please forgive me.

This story is about how my son sorry son in law became normal.

Actually the name of my abnormal son is Karan. He is a tragic born as after my marriage I fear to make love with my husband and my mom took initiative to make love with my husband who was also very shy type and in all these things sudden heat of the moment my husband fucked both me and my mom that is his MIL and the tragic is that my mom got pregnant instead of me. my mom told to my dad and my dad gave permission to my mom for conceive and told to his SIL that he has to pay for it later on.

My mom tried for miscarriage by taking some pill but Karan the tragic son was born in my mom’s womb and became by first child and reason for his abnormality remains with the taking of aborative pills by my mom and also my mom died during giving birth to Karan.

My husband fled away from my home and I started staying with my dad. After some days my dad ordered me to take the place of my mom and started to have regular intercourse with him as a result

mou came to this world and from there on Karan became mad for my Breast milk and I also love to fed him more than mou.After six months of mou’s birth I contact my husband and fled away from my parent’s home.My husband understood my condition and Karan and Mou as her son and daughter.

Now let me come to the present condition my22 years Mechanical Engineer is very about running his Engine between two thighs. The thrust of his piston is magnificent.Since we are staying separately at Mumbai for my husband’s job over two years and not met my kins so we wanted a re union.

Again we came to our old homes and as promised none of the ladies conceived. In the evening we three myself-honey,my daughter in law-rupa and my MIL-mou making sex confession.

Honey:Mou your son and rupa your brother is very naughty keeps me naked in my flat and fucks in my pussy, mouth and also tries anal though i don’t like anal.

Mou:Honey your FIL and Rupa your dad spread Ice cream in my breast and pussy and drinks that.

Rupa:Honey my sister in law and Mou my mom your’s Karan is true lover. Now he can understood everything. Once I told him the story of engulfing eggs in the cunt now it is his habit to put 3 or 4 boil egg in my cunt and then shove his foot pecker in my cunt. with his pecker he smash the egg inside my come and after our final discharge he fed in my moth with his cock and also eat from my cunt lapping.Not only that he also take milk in his mouth and put inside my cunt and again suck that cum mixed milk from my cunt and now he can read , write and understood many a thing.

We became very happy about Karan.In the night when all three family met then our future programme is to be made. Rupa’s dad told can we proceed for having children. Karan and Rupa’s brother both gave consent.

Honey told that We are staying here for three months and we all will be pregnant.Within one month it was learned that Both Mou and Honey is pregnant but no news regarding Rupa.In the evening in our sex meeting of six the main question is why rupa is unable o conceive?

Rupa’s Dad : It was purely my sin?

Rupa : what Sin?

Rupa’s Dad: Your mom is actually my own sister. We married each other and fled away from our home to give birth to you and your brother.

Honey : I protest. my daughter is the incest child of me and my dad. When she can conceive why not Rupa?

So the problem is actually with Karan and he got treatment from sexologist and medicine is to be taken for long six months. After six months It was found that Rupa has got pregnant and Karan is dancing I have become the father and all mou, Honey understood that Karan has become fully normal to leave his life and they don’t have to worry for him.

Next after the birth of our child it was decided that all three family will stay together. Honey and mou have normal delivery and rupa have to cut his stomach for delivery.We all three have male child.

After one month of Rupa’s delivery we all leg apart in mou’s king size bed.

Honey: My dear soa karan please come to me and enter your sister in law. Don’t think me as your mom think as your sister in law.

Karan: my dear sister in law can you take my foot long inside your cunt.

Honey: your nephew has made it fit for your dick and began to laugh.

Karan entered his mom cunt and found it is just like Rupa’s cunt and delivered a huge load in Honey’s cunt and now Rupa’s dad came forward to drink all the jism of son in law’s from daughter in law’s cunt and became very happy.

Next Rupa came to fuck his dad and told

Rupa:Father in law i like to tell you that my never fucked me happy. Can you do that?

Rupa’s dad: Surely my daughter in law.

All began to laugh in this sex atmosphere.

It is not to mention that Rupa’s brother Rajesh also fucked Mou and gave compliment you are exactly replica of your mom.They also made the plan to change their sex partners as the sex drive of older people decreases due to age so the mou’s mom and Rupa’s Dad would be the fittest partner and responsibility should be on their solders to bring up our child.

Incest, Taboo And An Abnormal – Part 2


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