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October 19, 2018

Incest, Taboo And An Abnormal – Part 1

Incest, Taboo And An Abnormal – Part 1

My daughter mou is quite a replica of myself and she was very intelligent. Due to his good result she got admission in class-X1 in a reputed school. To my surprise we found that our next door neighbour Rupa is also reading in the same class, school.

My name is honey and I am 37 yrs. old . My hubby has died 6 months ago and I have shifted from city to a township with my 19 yrs. abnormal son and daughter after she has completed her 12th class.

We have sold all our properties and bought 2000sq ft. flat in the township and in that flat there was only another 2000sq. ft. flat and the system was such that apart from we two family none can enter our flat through the common place.

My daughter mou is quite a replica of myself and she was very intelligent. Due to his good result she got admission in class-X1 in a reputed school. To my surprise we found that our next door neighbour Rupa is also reading in the same class, school.

She was very very pretty and within three days mou and rupa became best friends. In Rupa’s family her father 41 yrs. young, handsome and energetic, her brother studying Engineering outside and he is only 20 Yrs. old. Rupa’s mom has passed away one year before due to cancer. We became very sorrow for her and also sympathetic to her.
Now I have to tell my story how my abnormal son behaves with me. I It was God’s blessing to me that I was possessed with continuous milk in my mammary to feed my son with my breast milk as he was addicted to it.with sucking of my nipples he goes to sleep.

One Day I tried something different that is I prepared my daughter to feed her brother from her boobs but the abnormal could judge easily what is what and from there on I was very much worried about my son.

Anyhow after one week there was a tour programme of Rupa’s dad and she decided to stay with my daughter for three days and her dad also gave her the permission to stay.In the night they stayed just beside our room where I was staying with my son.

In the night when my son was sucking my nipples with heavy abnormal sounds I knew surely that mou and rupa are watching the show and I also purposely showed my Son’s cock to both of them through the peephole created by me for them. Now I put off the light and both of them went to the bed. My son is sleeping and now it is my turn to peeping their sex show.

Rupa was gasping and asking your brother dick is at least one foot. Mou have you taken your brother’s dick inside. Mou nodded. Is your mom taking that inside her cunt? Again mou replied as fer as i Know her cunt is smaller than me.Rupa answered but I have taken both my brother’s and dad’s dick.Rather sex with my dad is done daily. When my mom was at her last stage one night she prepared me for my dad and I had sex with my dad and my mom promised me to find a bride rather sex partner for my dad and then only I will get sex release from my dad.My dad cock is about 10 inch and it does not satisfy me and hope your brother may satisfy me . Mou told that her brother is abnormal. Rupa told that she will marry her brother but mou has to marry her dad and will be her new mom. Both the friends agred and god promise was made by them.

I was very happy to learn that. Now suddenly Rupa told mou have you got Egg in the Kitchen? Mou told yyes. Then She told Hen Or Duck. Mou Replied thd One Dozen Duck Egg was ordered but mistakenly one Swan egg they have given. Rupa ordered to boil one duck and one Swan Egg. Oh| my god. To my horror I saw that both the girls has become naked to expose their super sex body. Mou stretched her legs and Rupa put the Duck’s Egg very slowly inside Mou’s cunt and Once She Has Engulfed the whole Egg Rupa suddenly became Very Happy and told that you are fit for my dad.Next sex show really something abnormal for me and I saw that Rupa slowly and Slowly took the Swan’s Egg inside her cunt with half an hour trying and I was simply became very happy.

Next day I planned something different. At around 9’o clock in the night I offered her A soft drink and as soon as she drinks, she felt sleepy because I mixed up some thing.Now I took all the cloths from rupa’s body and stretched her legs and sufficient oil was poured in my son’s dick and the bulbous head of the humongous cock stretched her labia to rest on the Rupa’s ovary. and Rupa is somehow coming in to sense and getting immense pleasure and first discharge was made after 45 minutes inside rupa’s cunt. Rupa was extremely happy with the total thing and promise to keep her promise .

in the next night Mou was initiated to Rupa’s dad and to be frank Rupa’s dad was very happy to have sex with mou and mou was made for her cock only.Rupa’s dad wanted to fuck Mou’s mom also but Rupa told that Her cunt is not fit for him then a plan was made for mou’s mom.

Next day When Rupa’s brother arrived we made a full proof plan. Rupa told to her brother that she has a friend very very beautiful and should be his sex partner. Rupa took honey to his brother and told him that she is mou and the beautiful figure of honey is just like 18 yrs. old girl and Rupa’s brother took no time to make sex with honey and both of them became extremely happy of the encounter and they are fit for each other , made for each other.

Now we all started to live together with our partner with full sex satisfaction’

In the night we all thre couples are fucking

Rupa: da How you are enjoying my new mom?

Dad: Better than your cunt just like you mom tight and every time hitting to hilt of her ovary.

Mou:Mom how you are filling my new dad?

Honey: Dear mother in law your son is a true jem and can fuck better than your husband and my ex husband

All began to love at the Joke.

Honey: Yes my dear daughter in law how you are filling the footer dick inside you?

Rupa:My life was of no value without this god gifted abnormal pecker which plays violin inside my cunt when enters.

The most remarkable thing is that the abnormal son of honey turning slowly and slowly to normal after his regular sex combat and we also became very happy.

Incest, Taboo And An Abnormal – Part 1


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