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October 19, 2018

Immature Sex With Cousin Priya – Part 1

Immature Sex With Cousin Priya – Part 1

So now to the story.

My name is Arjun. I am 24 right now doing my MBA. This happened 2 years ago when I was in the first year of college. I used to go to my uncle`s place (mama`s house) to enjoy my summer vacation every year.

My uncle has 1 daughter and 1 son. This story is about his daughter, my cousin. Her name is Priya. She is 2 years younger to me. And I am her favourite cousin brother, because I always help her with everything and I was good to her. She is very grown up physically. Her boobs are big in size and very soft from just look of it. Her ass is very firm and in very good shape. She is physically mature from when she was in 12th grade. I always dream of touching her boobs since then.

So now to the story.

My lust of touching her boobs and touching her pussy started when I saw her in summer vacation when she was in 11th grade and I was in the first year of college. Oh goodness, she got very mature in 1 year. When I saw her in last summer vacation she was just started getting curvy but now after one year, she has become so hot her boobs are very big, her ass is so big too. I wanted to touch those big boobs.

I really wanted that, so I made a plan that I will try to touch her boobs when she is asleep in the night. We all used to sleep on the terrace as it was summer. We all were sleeping in one row on the floor. I was first from the right side. My cousin brother was sleeping on my left side, then next to him my nani, then next to her was Priya.

Uncle and aunty were sleeping in the room downstairs as they had air conditioner in their room. So only four of us were sleeping on the terrace. It was almost 11 pm everybody is chatting with each other and after 10-15 minutes my Nani said, “Everybody go to sleep now it’s late.”

Ohh and that’s what I was waiting for. Now the time started for me to wait for everybody to get sleep. I was already very hard about thinking of touching Priya’s boobs. I waited for almost hour than I fell asleep even I don’t know when. Then I suddenly woke up at midnight and saw the time was 2:15 am.

Ohh and I came to my senses and started what I have planned. So first I just got up in my position and saw that everybody was in deep sleep. I saw Priya on the left end side. She was totally asleep and was sleeping on her left arm. So, what I can say, here was her ass. So now I got up and started walking slowly toward Priya. I reached near her I saw my nani next to her sleeping with her head covered with a blanket.

Everything was perfect. So I just sit down next to Priya on the floor and I started staring at her and oh god I got so hard. Then I just laid down next to her on the floor and started watching her boobs. My god! Believe me her boobs were so much big as she was wearing a full-size t-shirt and no bra inside, her cleavage was clearly visible to me.

Then I moved my head near her cleavage to get a better look. My heart beat increased, and I could hear her breath. Her boobs were moving up and down as she inhaled and exhaled. I was so hard my underwear was wet with pre-cum. Now I was not able to control myself, so I just took my head back and moved my left hand near her boobs and just placed there.

I did not move my hand I just placed it near her boobs to find out how deep she was sleeping. After one minute I touched her boobs with one finger near her nipple. Ohh God it was so soft and my first touch to boobs ever. I got some courage and placed my whole had over her right boobs and again did not moved just places there.

After 2 minutes I started squeezing very slowly. I was feeling her big boobs on my hand totally and squeezing it. After doing this for some time I decided to get my hand inside her t-shirt. She was wearing full size t-shirt and the neck was very open, so I can easily get inside.

So I moved my left hand from her boobs and started getting inside her t-shirt slowly. I got up slowly I removed my shorts and underwear with one hand and started masturbating slowly with my right hand. With my left hand, I was squeezing Priya’s soft and big boobs and masturbating with my right hand. Her boobs were warm and soft and within two minutes I came with so much load and it was all over the floor.

Ohh god it was the best come of my life till now. After satisfying myself I went to sleep. I woke up late that morning. And the next day I was thinking about Priya’s boobs all day. Now I wanted more than just touching her boobs.

I wanted to touch her ass I wanted to touch her pussy I wanted to lick her nipples. I wanted my finger inside her pussy. I wanted to smell her boobs. I wanted to put my head between her boobs. I wanted to taste her pussy I wanted my dick in her hand. I wanted my dick in her mouth, between her boobs. I wanted to have total sex with her. I was just not able to control myself.

Next night I decide to do the 2-3 task that tonight I will try to see her full boobs, I will try to feel her pussy from outside and get inside if possible. And I will also try to lick her nipple etc. So I went for sleep after taking lunch so that I can keep my self-awake in the night to do all things to Priya`s body.

And it was night again. I was fully prepared. I also brought a piece of cloth to cover my heavy come. As per routine, my nani said everybody should go to sleep now it’s late. And I was very happy to hear that words.

I saw that Priya wore only to slip and pink short. I was so excited to see that because it made my work even easier now I just have to remove stripes of her night slip from her both shoulder to see her boobs.

It was almost 1:30 am and I was still awake. It’s been almost 2.5 hours since my nani said to go to sleep. I woke up to drink water and to confirm that everybody is asleep. I saw Priya she was sleeping in a straight position and her hands were both open like she was inviting me to get on her.

I drank some water and started walking slowly toward Priya. I set down beside Priya and again confirmed that everybody was sleeping or not. I saw Priya sleeping in a straight position and very close to me I instantly got hard on. Then I just started staring at her big boobs.

As she was just wearing sleep her nipples were clearly visible, so I took my head near to her boobs and touched her left nipple with my nose. I started smelling her boobs. As it was summer, she had sprayed Dermicool powder all over her boobs, so it was smelling very nice. I kept smelling her boobs and touching her nipple with my nose for some time.

Then I touched her nipple with my lips. I tried to grab her nipple with my lips very slowly. The feeling of her nipple was amazing over my lips. Now I was out of control. I wanted to see her naked boobs, so I pick her slip`s stripe with my two fingers and started pulling in down from her shoulder slowly I reached halfway and suddenly she moved little and god!

I was totally horrified but nothing happened she was in deep sleep. I removed both stripe one by one very slowly now I must pull down her sleep to see her naked boobs. So I started pulling down her slip slowly and I can see her boobs were becoming visible gradually.

I pulrdl down her slip till her nipples became visible. Then I stopped because I wanted to enjoy her half boobs view. Her brownish nipples were clearly visible as it was full moon night. Now I wanted to touch her naked nipple with my nose and lips as I did before. So I got my head down near her nipple and touched it with my nose.

It was very soft as she was sleeping so her nipples were not hard. I enjoyed it and touched it with my lips and tried to suck it very slowly to make sure she doesn’t wake up. It was a very amazing feeling. Now I pulled down her slipp totally to see her full boobs and places my both hand on them very softly and tried to push them.

Thank god, she was in very deep sleep, so I enjoyed pushing her big boobs for a while. I was very horny, my pre-come was flowing out from my dick and my underwear was totally wet. I wanted to jerk it off but no I even wanted to enjoy more of Priya.

Now after playing with Priya’s big and soft boobs, I wanted to touch her pussy, so I pulled her slip back on as it was. I wiped out my pre-come with a piece of cloth I had brought and went to drink some water. When I came back I saw that Priya was totally covered in a blanket.

Fuck! I was horrified my heart beat increased instantly. I went to my place and lay down. So many questions were coming to my mind. Why she wore blanket suddenly. Does she know everything I was doing to her? Did my nani put the blanket on Priya? What if nani woke up and find out I was touching Priya’s boobs? Did Priya was awake all time and let me do all that because she was too afraid to stop me?

Ohh God! I am dead, what if she tells her mom about this? I made some plan about how to tackle this situation in the morning if Priya tells this to her mom. I was not able to sleep. My dick was not hard anymore without even jerking off. Somehow, I slept that night a little and woke up early in the morning then usually. I saw that Priya and nani were not there. I was again horrified.

I went down to brush my teeth and saw Priya was taking breakfast. I smiled at her and suddenly she said,” Wow! Bhaiya, you woke up early today.” She was taking totally normal like she doesn’t know anything about last night. I was happy to hear that from Priya and I replied, “Very good morning”, with a big smile and went to brush my teeth.

Thank god! I was very happy that she doesn’t know anything about last night. Now again another question came. What if it was nani all the time? Maybe she knows about last night and she was the one who put a blanket on Priya. Now I wanted to confirm that also. I brushed my teeth in hurry and got ready for breakfast. Then nani came,” Are you ready for your breakfast Arjun beta?”

Ohh God I was so happy to hear that tone from her. Now I got confirmation that no buddy knows about last night it was just coincidence. After this, I did not do anything to Priya for 2-3 days as I was too afraid to even think about what if someone will find out. But after my lust towards Priya came back furiously and I started thinking that, no one will find out, I will be very careful, I can do this etc.

And it was night again the same routine, nani said to go to sleep and everybody went for it. I waited long enough tonight to make sure everybody is totally in deep sleep. It was almost 2:30 am I got up, drank some water and started walking towards Priya.

Tonight, she was wearing a frock nighty. I went and sat beside her. I gave a little jerk on her shoulder to know how deep she was sleeping, she did not move a bit. So it was confirmed she was deep in dreams. Her frock nighty was so easy to pull so I pull it up from her thongs and saw that she was wearing red color panty.

So I decided to touch her pussy directly, no boobs. I pulled her frock up till her full panty was becoming visible. Her legs were very close so I pulled her one leg out and made some space between her legs, so her pussy gets little open view.

I was so horny to see her like this. Slowly I moved my finger near her panty and touched her pussy with my middle finger. I did not put any weight on my finger I was just touching her panty very carefully, so she doesn’t wake up. Ohh god I was able to feel between her legs. I moved my finger all over her panty, now I started doing this with my hand.

I touched her panty with my hand and moved my hand very slowly on her panty. I was feeling her clitoris clearly as her legs were open. When I reached near her clit she suddenly moved little but nothing happened maybe she was enjoying all these in her dream. Maybe she was dreaming about all this, god knows.

Now I even wanted more. I wanted to see her vagina without panty. I was so desperate for that so first I tried pulling off her panty from bottom like without removing it and just get look inside from one side, but it didn’t work so I started removing her panty from above I pulled it little down and it was stuck as her legs were open, so I grabbed her leg and closed them. I tried again, and her panty came down flawlessly.

Wow from the look of her vagina I can say that she has shaved her pussy very recently maybe 2-3 days ago, lucky me. I wanted a clear view but it was dark, so I took off my phone and switched on led. It was a Samsung guru phone so led was not that bright, but it was enough to see her vagina clearly.

I took my phone near Priya’s vagina and moved around. It was very chubby from the look of it. As her legs were closed I was not able to see her clitoris because her fatty vagina was shrunk in so her clit was only visible if I open her legs, but it was not possible as her panty was down and it was stopping me from opening her legs.

So I must satisfy myself from her cubby vagina only. I decided to go down with my head and touch with my nose and smell her vagina. So I went down took my nose near her vagina and wow! It was smelling so feminine.

I touched a little bit with my nose and moved around it I brought my tongue out and touched her vagina with it. Wow, it was dream come true. It was a really amazing experience. I took my head back, sat beside her and put my one hand on her vagina and started masturbating with my other hand within just 5-7 stroke I came so hard.

My cum was all over the floor again. I just laid down where I was sitting for some time my heart was beating so fast and it was again best to come of my life till now. I cleaned all, put on Priya`s panty and went to sleep. Everything went as planned.

I enjoyed Priya’s body like this for few more days and my lust toward her was increasing day by day. Now I have touched all over her body and wanted Priya to touch me. I wanted to give my penis on her hand, I wanted my penis in her mouth, in her vagina, between her boobs. I wanted her to jerk me off.

But all of this was not possible without her co-operation. But an idea came in my mind that I can at least grab her hand and put it on my dick by this I can at least feel her hand on my penis. So as usual, everybody went to sleep after hearing nani’s voice.

I woke up around 2 am and went near Priya. She was sleeping on her left shoulder, so I can use her right hand to put it on my penis. I got ready, removed my short and underwear till my ankle. I was hard already, cleaned my penis from pre-come. Now I touched Priya’s right hand crossed all my fingers with her fingers and watched if she reacts or not, she didn’t. I got ahead.

I pulled her hand near my penis, laid down beside her in a way to get a better grip of her hand over my penis. I open all her finger, wrapped them around my penis now her hand was totally wrapped around my thick and hard dick. I can feel that warmness of her palm over my dick. This is the first time someone was touching my dick like this.

Ohh! It was an amazing feeling. I started jerking off with her hand very slowly. I closed my eyes and was giving strokes slowly. Up-down! Up- down. Wow, it was a great feeling. I felt like Priya was jerking me off, I loved it.

I opened my eyes after a few minutes and saw that Priya was awake and looking at me, her hand was around my dick, my hand was on her hand. She caught me red handed.

Continue in part 2

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