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October 20, 2018

I Love My Mom Sujata – Ch 3

I Love My Mom Sujata – Ch 3

Chapter Three – After one Month

It was a month now since I started sleeping with her. Her milk production was much less now and even if I stopped sucking it there would have been no problem. But she wanted me with her every night and offered me her breasts. I used to suck her for long periods even after emptying her. When she needed an orgasm she would pull me towards her and would press her body against mine. I would then suck her frantically till she climaxed. Other times she would just like to mother me and would pat me like her baby while I sucked her. On such occasions I did not cross the line by trying to move towards her or by sucking her frantically. I was adjusting myself as per her needs.

But now this was frustrating for me. I wanted to move below her waist now. I wanted to kiss her lips. I wanted to suck her tongue. I wanted to get connected to her. I wanted to see how my mom looks without any clothes on her beautiful body. I wanted to feel how it is to be inside a woman. I wanted to feel how it feels to be inside my own mother’s body. I wanted to make love to her.

I remember on a Friday night I was very horny and I had made up my mind to do something with my mom. That night when she opened up for me I started slowly but quickly emptied her as there was not enough milk in her breast now. I continued to suck her; she pulled me towards her and pressed herself firmly against me. I took this chance and put my hand on her back and pressed her further towards me. To this she reacted with surprise and suddenly loosed her grip on me and pushed me away from her. She quickly switched on the table lamp.

“Rohan what are you doing?” She was upset.

“Mom I love you” I said and pushed her on her back and I got on top her.

“Rohan leave me you can’t do this just get away.” She was angry now.

But I was on fire, she was already naked waist up and I was on top of her. Her voluptuous breasts were pressed against my chest. I pressed her further and tried to kiss her lips. But she turned her face away. Then she tried to push me away by placing her hands on my shoulders but she just could not push me. I wasn’t her baby as she treated me; I was almost an adult with a very good built and way too strong for her to even push me away. I then hold her hands and placed them just over her head one above another. I held the wrists of her both hands with my left hand. Her wrists were thin and I could easily hold both of them with my huge palm. She was not able to move her hands any more. Her Body was trapped below my body but she was trying to move her waist, thighs and legs. She wanted to get out of my stranglehold. I arrested her legs movement with my legs making her almost immobilized. My both legs and one hand was tied to make her immobilize but my one hand was free while she was totally captivated. Realizing that it was not possible for her to get herself free she stopped struggling and started to plead.

“Please Rohan don’t do this. I am your mother this is sin.” She pleaded.

“If this is sin then why do you enjoy my sucking” I said.

“No I don’t” she lied.

“Don’t lie mom, I know you enjoy it.” I said.

“No Rohan I only feel a relief from pain when you suck my milk.” She lied again.

“Lie again. There isn’t enough milk to cause you any pain. Mom I am not a baby I can read your expressions when you climax” I said.

“No. That’s not true.” She was not accepting.

“You enjoy your climax and leave me high and dry don’t you think it’s unfair?” I asked

“No Rohan I don’t,” She still was not accepting.

“I don’t want to argue with you mom. I want to love you. I promise you will love it” I said in a seductive voice.

“No Rohan please.” She pleaded again.

I ignored her and moved my hand towards the strings of her petticoat and with some struggle managed to untie them. She was trying to twist but could not prevent me doing my job. Then I pulled her petticoat with all my force and removed it from her body. I removed her panty in a similar way. She was now totally naked trapped under me. I did not want to force myself inside her. So I started to seduce her. I wanted to arouse her so that she would herself cooperate.

I started to kiss her neck and exhale my warm breath over her ears slowly. I had still her hands under my control. I then slowly moved my face in between her breasts and started to rub my face with them while placing small kisses frequently. I now moved my mouth over one of her nipple and started to exhale my breath over it teasing her. I kissed her nipple very slowly. I had sucked them so many times but I have never kissed them. The moment I kissed it, it became erect. She took a deep breath and raised her back and her chin with a slight moan. This was a first sign of success. I then kissed her nipple very gently again and again. With every kiss she moaned and arched her back. I moved my mouth over her other breast and repeated everything, her reaction was the same. She was now feeling the heat.

Now I moved tip of my tongue over her nipple very gently teasing her. I began with a circular motion and then switched over to form a shape of “8”. The moment I created “8” she started to arch her back lifting her breast towards me. Her breathing was increased and her moans were louder. She had stopped struggling long ago so at this point I released her hands and moved my face over her belly and started kissing her belly slowly. She was moaning and she had placed her one hand on my head grabbing my hairs. I then started to kiss her belly frantically. She started to moan with pleasure and held my head with both her hands. She was now lusting for sex. Her resistance was now turned into a violent ocean of lust. Her ‘no’ had turned into a passionate ‘yesss yesss yesss’

I moved further down and started to kiss inside of her thighs just above her knees. She could no longer reach my head so she clasped the bed sheet with her palms tightly. She began to twist and moan with pleasure as I moved upward continuously kissing her thighs. Her moans turned into screams as I reached near her pussy. The musky aroma of her pussy was driving me mad. I placed my mouth over her pussy and started to kiss it gently but when I started to kiss it violently she began to scream and started to raise her waist.

“Sssssshhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh Ohhhhh my goooooood Rohaaaaaan.”

She grabbed my hairs tightly and pulled my head towards her. She then pulled my t-shirt over my head. Her hands were trembling her body was shaking and her breathing was erratic. She then placed her trembling hands behind my waist and pulled my shorts down up to my knees. She had closed her eyes and breathing heavily. I removed my underwear and my thick dick sprang out of it. I placed myself between her legs. She then opened her eyes to have a look at me.

“Oh my god Rohan that’s way too thick.”

Her eyes were glued to my dick with excitement. She was excited with anticipation of my thick dick penetrating her. I had never seen such excitement in anybody’s eyes. I never imagined a woman would look at my penis with such excitement. I always thought penis to be an ugly organ of our body. But here was the truth lying between my legs and staring at my dick. She was so excited with anticipation that unknowingly she parted her legs. She was all the time looking at my dick with awe.

“Mom are you sure? There is no going back after this” I said

“Rohan don’t talk. I want that thing inside me.” She almost screamed.

“Ok dear as you wish” I said and lowered myself over her.

As I was trying to find the right spot she grabbed my dick and placed it on the entrance of her pussy by parting her pussy lips with her two fingers.

“Go go go go now push it in” she said with excitement.

I pushed myself but could not go in beyond an inch then I pulled out and again pushed it inside her. This time I pushed with more force and managed to go a little further.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaiighaaa” she screamed with pain

“Mom did it hurt” I pulled out and asked her. Surprisingly her reaction was that of anger.

“Rohan don’t pull out just push it all the way don’t stop” she screamed with anger.

“It will hurt you mom” I said.

“Don’t bother about my pain just do what I told you. I want that thing inside me all the way immediately” She said in a hoarse voice. She was on fire and needed my dick to douse it.

“Ok here you go” I said

I started to push my dick inside her but the resistance was not allowing me to slide it easily. She wasn’t wet enough. I was fearful of any injury to her. So I was pushing me inside her but still not with a substantial force.

“Rip my hole apart just rip it apart tear it like a paper.” She realized I was not trying hard enough and grabbed my buttocks, raised her pussy towards my dick and pulled me with all her might. My dick went all the way inside her semi wet pussy.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaiiiiiighhhhaaaaaa sssssshhh aaaahhhh ssssshhhh aaahhhh”

She was in real pain she had closed her eyes and clenched her lips under her teeth trying to overcome her pain. I moved my dick out a little and slid it back again. I did this for a few times until my dick was coated with her love juices and it became slippery. I continued to do this gently. Now the pain from her face was gone instead she was now moaning with pleasure. My dick was clasped tightly in her slippery pussy. I could feel this tightness near her entrance. Her pussy lips were getting dragged in and out as I moved my dick in and out.

“Ohhh my god Rohan it’s feeling so good ummmmm ahhhhh”

“You are so tight mom ssssssshhh aaaahhh”

Then my mom opened her eyes and lifted her head to have a look at my dick.

“My god I can’t believe this” she was watching my dick move in and out of her body with excitement.

“Wow Rohan I have never felt so good” She was still watching with excitement.

“I love watching this, my god you are so thick.” She said her eyes still glued to my dick.


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