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October 18, 2018

How I Made My Hot Jaya Aunty Mine – Part I

How I Made My Hot Jaya Aunty Mine – Part I

One day afternoon I went to her house. Her house was a two storey building with a terrace on top of it. . Her husband was sleeping in his room which was on the ground floor. When I went to the terrace in search of her she was washing her clothes. She usually wash her clothes on the washing stone on the terrace. She saw me and asked to help her washing.

Hello All.. I am Rahul, age 21 and I am an engineering student. Without wasting time let’s go to the story directly. My father had a sister named Jaya aged 40. She is very hot and look a lot younger for a woman of her age. Her husband got paralyzed in an accident two years back. They had no children and because of that I used to help her in shopping and household chores whenever I got time. She had a great body and she doesn’t care about her dressing in home. Whenever I am in her home I used to ogle her boobs and navel which were very sexy. I knew she didn’t have sex in a very long time because of her husband’s condition.

She was my fantasy queen. I used to imagine me having sex with her, whenever I am masturbating. I wanted to make those fantasies real. But I couldn’t gather the courage to approach her. I mean, what would happen if she didn’t accept to it? What would happen if she told my parents? So I continued to enjoy her body by sight. The only way I could sleep with her was by seducing her. So I used every opportunity availed to seduce her.

One day afternoon I went to her house. Her house was a two storey building with a terrace on top of it. . Her husband was sleeping in his room which was on the ground floor. When I went to the terrace in search of her she was washing her clothes. She usually wash her clothes on the washing stone on the terrace. She saw me and asked to help her washing.

She is wearing a red color saree. Her pallu is barely covering her boobs. Her matching red color blouse was translucent making her white color bra of hers clearly visible. Her saree and petticoat was lifted till her lower thighs to protect her saree from further getting wet. Her legs and thighs were wet making them shiny. She beat the clothes on the stone in order to clean it. That made her boobs shaking. That was unbelievably sexy. That made me very horny. My dick inside my shorts got rock hard. I stood there like a statue seeing that wonderful sight. I didn’t want to miss a single second. She caught me staring at her body. She didn’t say anything. Instead, she asked me to help her rinse the washed clothes.

I held the clothes which she was holding and helped her rinse the bed sheets. Since the bed sheets were too heavy, she cannot rinse it alone. So I helped her lift the bed sheet from water. Whenever she bend down I can see her huge cleavage which was massive. I cannot control myself. I told her that I cannot help her from front as our heads clashed while bending down and I shall help her from behind. She doesn’t opposed that. I went behind her back. I made myself very close to her body. I longed my hands to lift the bed sheet. My body is now touching her body. I am now feeling her hot ass. My hard dick inside my shorts is now touching her ass. That made me mad. I wanted to fuck her really bad after all these.

I told her that my hands were not able to get hold of the clothes as it is far from my reach and I would hold her hand to help her lift it. She agreed to it. I caught her hands. My hands were too close to her body. My side arms were touching her navel. Meanwhile I adjusted myself to place my dick in between her ass crack above the saree. She didn’t speak a word. It was evident she was enjoying my actions. Whenever we bent down, I gently humped my dick into her ass crack. It was heavenly. I can see her cleavage clearly from the top as I am taller than her. After rinsing the bed sheet, we stood like that for a minute. It seemed to me, she was waiting for me to make a move.

I now placed my hands on her navel from the back and caressed it gently. She closed her eyes and stood still. I enjoyed her flesh for a while. They were soft and smooth. I placed my lips on her bare neck and kissed it. I moved my mouth wherever I could reach her in that position.I lowered my shorts to expose my jockey with a tent made by my dick. I pierced my penis into her ass crack on her saree. She now spoke silently,

Jaya: Rahuuulllllll, I am your aunt… You can’t do this.

I didn’t listen to her. I continued what I was doing.

Jaya: Please leave me. I can’t do this… I am a married woman. It is a sin to do this.

Her mouth only said those. But her body begged me to have her. I now made her turn towards me. I was now hugging her close to me. She looked up deep into my eyes. Her eyes were seducing me further. I now squeezed her ass while kissing her fore head. In a soft voice I said,

Me: Aunty… Now don’t see me as your nephew. See me as a man. You are a woman. I know you have been longing for sex for so long. All I wanted to do was to help you man to woman. Please don’t stop me.

Saying this I kissed her lips. For few moments she hesitated, Later on she opened her pink lips and responded me back. It was the most passionate thing I done ever in my life. Those lips were very soft and tender. I felt like I can kiss her till the end of my life. We exchanged our saliva. Gradually our kiss gained intensity. We were now kissing like crazy. After a long time we broke the kiss unwillingly.

Jaya: Come on let us go inside the house.

Her husband was in the ground floor and cannot hear us. We settled in a room on the first floor. I removed the hook supporting her pallu to the blouse and removed. Her saree. She was now in her blouse and petticoat and was heavenly. I made her sit on the side of the bed and placed my hands on her boobs and squeezed those. It was great. Later, I removed her blouse hook and opened it. Wowww!!! Her bra was barely covering her boobs. Those boobs were humongous.. That sight made me mad. Without wasting any time further I removed her bra and gave freedom to her boobs. They were stuffed inside her bra. Her boobs was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life till then. I licked her boobs like a hungry dog. She started to moan. With her hands she brushed my hair gently. I might have licked those boobs for may be five or ten minutes.

She then lowered my jockey and freed my penis. It saluted her beauty. It was may be 7″ long. She stroked it for some time and put it inside her mouth. She was now giving me a blowjob. It was mind-blowing. Within a few minutes I burst my cum inside her mouth. She drank all those cum.

Now, it was my turn to repay the favor. I lifted her petticoat till her waist and exposed her cunt. It was a little hairy, but clean. It was dripping wet with her bodily fluid. It had an exciting aroma. I licked her cunt dry. I tongued her clitoris. That might have passed shock currents into her brain, since she was shivering with pleasure. Her moan made me horny again. My dick got hard again and it needed another shot. I removed her petticoat from her body and made her stark nude. She was lying down to the bed with her legs hanging down. I removed my jockey. I pulled her towards the edge of the bed by holding her legs. Her pussy was now near my dick. Hers legs wide apart.

I rubbed my dick on her pussy. She begged me to stop teasing her. She told me to insert the rod inside her. I tried inserting my dick into her pussy. But it was tight. This was because she didn’t had sex in three years. With my hand I parted her pussy lips inserted my dick slowly. She cried in pain. With a push my whole dick went inside her pussy. Her pussy hole was tight and soft. Her orgasm fluid lubricated my free entry. I started to fuck her by starting slowly. She was moaning in pleasure. Gradually, I increased my speed and started to ram her. All the time I was fucking her, our eyes always met each other. She was looking me passionately. Although, she cannot neglect the fact that she is my aunt. She was like a forbidden fruit that I am tasting.

I was now fucking her for like ten minutes. My dick got hard further. I knew I am about to cum. But, I didn’t stop ramming her. Within a minute, I burst all my cum inside her cunt. That was the happiest moment of my life. We became exhausted and fell asleep nude on the bed. I slept with a fulfilled wish that I’ve been longing for so much. That fuck made us closed to each other. She was very happy thereafter, as she now have a sex partner who she can fuck whenever she liked. Thereafter we used to fuck daily in the afternoon. Thank you for reading the story. Please give me some suggestions so that I can write more stories like this in the future.



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