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October 17, 2018

How I Lost My Virginity To My Maid

How I Lost My Virginity To My Maid

My maid’s name is Parvathy and she was 35 years old fair in complexion, medium sized boobs and has worked in my family for 5 years.She was married and had 2 kids.I had not thought about her sexually at all previously but it was the circumstances that made me mad for her.

The story is set in December 2016 in Ernakulam of Kerala.I am an engineering student,6 foot tall with a proportional 6-inch dick.Those interested in having a wonderful sexual experience can contact me at [email protected] can say I am interested in satisfying mature ladies in the areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


My maid’s name is Parvathy and she was 35 years old fair in complexion, medium sized boobs and has worked in my family for 5 years.She was married and had 2 kids.I had not thought about her sexually at all previously but it was the circumstances that made me mad for her.


In the beginning of December, I had noticed her working days longer than usual.When I asked her why she told me that her husband had left her.She got real upset when she said this.I tried to console her by giving her a hug.That is when I felt her juicy melons for the first time and my pillar got erected.This was purely unintentional.She saw my tent as I was wearing track pants but she didn’t say anything.She just continued on with her work.After this I went to the bathroom and jacked off thinking about her.It was the first time I had fantasized about her.I don’t know what it was, maybe the burden of classes, lack of a girlfriend or just the fact I watched too much porn.I’ve seen enough and more porn to know how to seduce women but I know it isn’t practical in real life.Don’t get me wrong, she looked way younger than her age, with good boobs and a nice slender body.That is when I thought I’ll make a great plan to seduce her.I had only one window of opportunity that is when both my parents left for a 7 day trip in the 3rd week of December.


So preceding this interval I increased the time I spend with her.I rarely talked to her before but now I knew I had to develop a deeper emotional connection for my plan to work.So the day my parents left I knew I had to seize my opportunity


On day 1, I was wearing track pants again and I used to touch her ass with my dick.I did it in such a way that she wouldn’t notice.I also touched her every chance I got.The day got over fast and I realized that I had wasted an entire day.Next day I had a plan to reveal myself completely.


After she came to work,I told I was going to have a bath.After my bath I entered the kitchen with just a towel around my waist.I didn’t mind her but I knew she was looking.Then I opened the fridge to get a bottle of water and purposefully dropped my towel.Now I was standing completely naked in front of her.My cock was completely erect and she saw this too.I then took a chance and moved close to her.She was looking at me ,then my cock.I placed my hands on her face and started kissing her.Initially she didn’t show any response and I was scared.She then asked me ‘ are you sure you want this’.I told her I want her more than anything else.Then she started kissing me.We both started kissing and licking each others tongues for a good 10 minutes.It was raining outside so it provided a good environment.


I always had a fetish for fucking in the rain so I thought I’ll do just that.I carried her to the roof of the house kissing her along the way .Then I ripped her clothes.I was like a wild animal who escaped from the zoo.I started licking her breasts and then started biting them.She then told me to remove my pants.I was surprised that she took my dick in 1 go.She was sucking my dick as of she was a porn star.She licked it with the tip of her tongue and spit on it.This in turn made me hornier.I then grabbed her by the hair and brought her face to me.I salt on her face and she spat onto mine.We then started licking each others faces.I then told her to lie on the floor.I then proceeded to lick her vagina.It was smelly but I did it anyway.


I then started finger fucking her.She was pulling my hair as I did this but this made me do it more vigorously.She then came and she made me drink all of her fluid.I then put my dick in her glory hole.I started slow at first and then increased my pace.We were both sweating but rain was also falling down.I then came all over her face and told her to drink all of it.After that we just lay on the floor.A cocktail of rain, sweat, saliva and semen were on our naked bodies.I then started kissing her.I asked her if she liked the experience and she told me it was the best fuck she had in years.I told her if we could keep fucking until the rain stopped.She agreed.I tried every position possible.We went missionary ,doggy style, 69,cowgirl .Everything I could think of.The rain went on for fucking 4 hours.At the end of it all I had came 4 times.I was so tired.That I told her we could just sleep on the roof.She told me that if it rains again I would catch a fever and then we went in.I was so exhausted that I went straight to bed.


The next morning after she finished her work I went on to fuck her again in my room.We had tried almost all positions.So I decided to spice it up by smearing chocolate sauce on our bodies and licking each other.We then had a shower together to wash off the sticky mess and fucked again in the bathroom.I fucked her 5 times that day.

On the 3d day we made a femdom approach.I told her to tie me to the sides of the bed and do whatever she wants.She reciprocated the same way.I fucked more than 40 times those wonderful 7 days.We continue to have sex whenever we get time.


If you like my story and would like to have a sexual relationship with me contact me at [email protected] am ready to have experiences with mature ladies of the areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu



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