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October 19, 2018

Hot rustic beauty – Mother in Law

Hot rustic beauty – Mother in Law

My wife is a duplicate copy of my mother-in-law, except for the colour of the skin. That is why I love them both very much indeed. All the physical features are practically identical, big boobs, big choot, shapely gaand, curvy back, big thighs and a wonderful shapely figure.

My attraction to my mother-in-law started one day, years back, when she visited us, alongwith my father-in-law, and she stood in the balcony of our bedroom alone, my wife & father-in-law being in the other room, and started asking me as to what was a particular building, enjoying the view. I went near her and told her of the same.

She kept on asking me regarding other landmarks, many a times pointing out a particular one and asking me again as to what it was and correcting me that it was not that one but the other one she wanted to know about. I went near her from the back, inadvertently touching my cock on her gaand, and telling her of the same. She did not mind me at all.

Sometimes my arm would touch her big boobs and again she would not mind it. Sometime, then on purpose, I would even press hard from the back, probably she seemed to like it. All this encouraged me and I began fantasizing about her.

Then again, when we would go to her house, I would call her on the terrace and she would immediately come and pretending to examine her eyes I would practically breathe into her face and she would not mind. I would take her face in my hands to do so. This happened many a times and she always came to the terrace at once.

Then, sometimes while climbing the stairs I would fondle her gaand from behind. Then, sometimes I would phone her and ask her to accompany me in my car and we would go for a long drive, sometimes touching her legs with my hand. I once took courage to tell her that I loved another woman besides my wife, her daughter.

And on asking who that woman was I told her it was her and that I wanted to make love to her. Very innocently she said that she does love me. I clarified that I wanted to make physical love to her. We had many such outings and she would always come on my calling.

Then there were times when she would be peeing in the partly open lavatory on the terrace of her house and I would see her beautiful gaand and a glimpse of her choot. Other times I would see her full choot from below when she would be climbing the spiral staircase to the terrace of my house in Pune and again on the terrace I would fondle her.

Once on her Birthday I kissed her on the forehead and wished her and she said that I had become very ‘forward’. Then again, once my father-in-law called me to their house as there was a huge quarrel between my mother-in-law & one of her daughter-in-law. When I went there the atmosphere was very tense.

Always having a soft heart for her, I took her in my arms, as she was crying alone in her room and caressed & comforted her. I hugged her tight too. She did not mind. Then, once I had the opportunity to see her naked while bathing as she rarely locked the door from inside.

Then there was another time, when she had some arthritis problem and I would puposely ask that I apply oil to her knees, which gave be a opportunity to touch her naked legs. On purpose I would make her sit on a chair and I would sit on the floor. I would press the foot of the leg to be massaged, on my cock.

Then again, as her pain did not go, I told her that I knew of a person who could cure by seeing a photo. And I shot many photos of her legs from different side and angles. Once, when I asked her to lie down on the bed and bend her legs from the knees, I very nearly saw her choot.

I always started fantasizing about her in the day and in my dreams, when I would leak. Also while having sex with my wife, I would imagine that I was fondling, sucking & fucking my mother-in-law. She was present in my thoughts & eyes before me all the time. And I always cherished her sight.

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