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October 19, 2018

Honeymoon sex with Aunt

Honeymoon sex with Aunt

Hello every one who reads this story. I am suraj(name changed) and this is my real experiance with my aunt (deepa). i live in mumbai and am doing final year in engineering field.enough about me lets start…my aunt was a widow as my uncle died 5 years back in accident. to describe my aunt she was a bit short and had a great pair of boobs.

i always had a fantasy of fucking her.the day came………it was diwali time and my family had to for a jatra(religious place) and I had my exam so couldnot go,but then also was informed that my aunt was also not goin as she had her periods and its sin to go to religious place during those days,

so even she decided not to go.my mom now had told my aunt to come at my place and live there for 8 days for my food and other utilities.i was very happy that my aunt will sleep next to me and imagined fucking her. the first night came but nothing happend. next night I wanted to take my chances,so I decided to talk with her openly everything.

I started with that she might be missing uncle,then I asked that I have heard females feel more unsatisfied… she was shocked hearing this… I said it is ok and she can feel free to talk about all things with me. she started weeping and I controled her, and hugged her. I said do not worry everything will be fine. I took my chances and told her that I have fantasy to have sex with her.

in reply now she was very open but said its sin to have a incest relation. I said ohk(an idea clicked my mind) and told her I have an idea, we will not have sex but u finger ur self and I will masterbate seeing u. she agreed on that. I have gave her a massage machine(vibrator) and a cucumber. she was impressed with my knowledge and I said yes… and all that shit…

i switched on a porn movie and she sat on the bed and removed her bottoms including her panty… fuck man!!!!!!!!! she was having so many hair…………… a jungle to be said…… and it was so bigggggggggggggggggggg hole…… I immdiately removed my jeans and undie and started stroking my cock whick is truly speaking about only 4inch

(sorry but had some operation done dring childhood) but do not worry I can satisfy any one…..i went close to my aunts pussy and was hearing and seeing her reliving some pressure with the moan ahhhhhh!!!! fuck man….. its so good………. yes come on… come on….. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk@@!!!!!!!

i was so hot seeing her I just came and I was near her so it exploaded on her face….. I was a bit scared now… and before I say sorry I could see her licking that cummmmm…. fuck man that women was damn hungry for sex…. but reades what I did was left her unsatisfied… I said good night and slept… I could hear the moans stilll after I slept…

next was the day….. I went to college this time I came back with a pack of condom….i told her to sleep today fast without fingering or masturbating… and she became a bit sad…..i said good night and went tooo room to sleep….. after 30min I found her coming in and she was just in a towel…..i got a green signallll…… I said come in wife….

and she was overjoyed with that word….. I took her in my arms… placed her on the bed and started massaging her head….. to start with…. to tempt her I never touched her main genitial parts…..i massged her back, then her shouldes… hand… legs…. but now it wasnt getting controlled in my undie…i said lets being the fun baby….

i startd kissing her neck and eyes and ears…. and licked it… I tried to wet it as much as possible.. she started moaning slowly saying “yes suraj!!! do it…. lets make the best love today.. I am very much hungry…” i came near her lips which were damn red and beautiful and just gave one kiss,

but now she hold my head and pushed me towards her and we had a wild smooching and I explored her teeths,toung,saliva everything… we wer exhausted and we laid down for 2min…i just kept my eyes close till then I saw her undo my shorts and undie and within no moment she took my 4inches cock in her mouth… it was felling soooooooo damn good guys…

cock sucking experiance is the best thing for us…. do enjoyy in ur life… and I was about to cum but she did some unusal thing… she let me cum on her ass…….. and said fuck me here my husband….i got the message from my newly found sex wife… and my cum lubricated the hole and being small in size it went easily inside her but tell u guys

small penis guys are more lucky as they can satisfy more I can gurantee u that….i started slowly stroking in and out in and out in and out…. and she was just speaking fuck me… fuck me hard……. yes fuck..fuck..fuck..fuck…fuck..fuck..fuck..fuck..fuck..fuck………now again I was about to expload and I came in her ass

now I rested for 2 minutes andn then I told to come on top which was my favourite positon…. she came and took my cock inside her… she started jumping like a small baby…. I could feel the heat of her inner vagina on my cock.. it was damn hot I rolled her and sucking her nipple which were not dark as other women but where very tasty…

i could see the satisfaction in her eyes as I felt he verrrrryyyy big orgasm on my cock…. I was still fucking her… up and down up and downn… suddenly I realised my condom had torn and I was about to cum…. and exploaded into her pussyy… it was so much of cum.. I had seen it before it came like pistpistpistpistpist…. hoofffhh!!!

i was damn tired…. but was scared too to tell her about the condom tore… but when I told her she told me her periods got over the day my family went… she too had planned to make love to me… and thats the reason she did not go….i then fucked her almost all night and still fuck her every weekends.

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