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October 24, 2018

Heavenly Night Of Sex With Cousin Sister, Arshiya

Heavenly Night Of Sex With Cousin Sister, Arshiya

This is the story of one of my readers (Sonu) and his mail id is “[email protected]”,I am writing this in his footsteps.

Hi all www indian sex net readers, this is Madhan here. First of all, thanks a lot to all ISS readers for your many likes and valuable feedback for the previous story.

About me: I am Madhan, 27 years old, 6 ft tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder, and a well-built body. I basically belong to one of the cleanest cities in India – Mysuru. I am currently working in Bangalore (which has all varieties of chicks/aunties).

This is the story of one of my readers (Sonu) and his mail id is “[email protected]”,I am writing this in his footsteps.

Coming to the story. I am Sonu, aged 21 from Hyderabad with 5.7 height well-built body and a middle-class family. I went to my cousin’s house during the semester holiday. Her house consists of cousin sister Arshiya (name changed), uncle, aunty and a cousin brother.

Every morning when I wake up, I use to notice my t-shirt and banyan lifted up, which I ignored. Some other day, I noticed my night pants pulled down slightly, which increased my uncomfortable dark suspicion.

The next night, I slept vigilantly awake controlling my sleep. At around 1 am and in the pitch dark midnight, I felt someone entering our room, which I shared with my cousin brother. It was my elder cousin sister who came and slept next to me.

She lifted my t-shirt and banyan up, moved her fingers over my well-toned stomach to my penis over the shorts. Without my consent, my penis rose and became rock hard as soon as her hands reached for it. She lowered my shorts slowly and held my rock hard penis over my underwear. After a while, she left the place.

This continued for the next 2 days and I was enjoying all the naughty acts of Arshiya and waiting for the right moment to make my move.

The next day, after Arshiya slept next to me, I turned and hugged her tight with my eyes closed, feeling her erect nipples with my chest. I hid my face on her huge boobs. She had a figure of approx 34-36-34. I was pressing my face into her soft bosom.

Thinking I was in deep sleep, she moved so close that my erect penis over the shorts was poking her vagina over her dress. She even pulled her salwar down and was pushing herself onto my erect penis. After a while, she got some doubt and released herself from my grasp and left the room.

The next day both of us acted normal as if nothing has happened. Arshiya wanted to bring an application form from a college for MBA admission. As uncle was out for work, aunty asked me to accompany Arshiya. It was a village and buses arrived only after a gap of one hour between each other.

We reached the bus stand which was around 1 km from the house at around 11 am. And we were sweating profusely. For the first time, Arshiya was looking strangely sexy and horny to me. She was about 5 feet tall, slightly plump, curvy body, her boobs, and ass were perfectly shaped round balls. She was dusky in color and was 4 years elder to me.

Then a crowded bus arrived. I boarded from the back door and she followed me instead of boarding through the front door. Due to the crowd, our bodies were touching each other. She stood in front of me with sufficient space between us.

As the bus started its journey, the crowd was increasing exponentially and literally decreasing the gap between us. After a while, as the bus started to get overly jam-packed, I got instantly wild as her back leaned onto me.

My dick rose instantly in the public area and was brushing her ass gently. She started to move her ass and positioned my dick between those sexy buttocks and started crushing my dick by her soft buttocks.

I took a bold and hot incest move by placing a hand over my cousin’s hip, hugging her tight and increasing the pressure on my dick. Her hand which was holding the support pole on the roof of the bus came close to my other hand. She gently started touching my hand. My face was above her head and I lowered my head smelling her just bathed dark black curly hairs. I could smell her body sweat which was just making the moment some more horny.

As the crowd started to decrease, we also slowly started to move apart from the close tight position and got down at the bus stand. We reached the college, she collected the application form and we made our way back home in an uncongested bus with not a word uttered between us. There was an embarrassed silence between us and whenever we faced each other for the next two days. I was getting very wild and horny and shagged multiple times thinking about Arshiya.

The third day, I made eye contact with her whenever possible and touched her hand gently while collecting the TV remote. I tried talking with her as before and was slightly successful as well.

That midnight, my youthful sexual desire made me walk into Arshiya’s room. She had a separate room, I touched her boobs gently over the dress and slowly moved my hand to her stomach. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and shorts. I said, “ninna aagle keibek anstittu kane!” (I felt like fucking you, that’s all!”).

Then I locked the door while she was acting still sleepy. I opened her shirt, shorts and even pulled her panties down. I opened her red bra and started licking her boobs.

She opened her eyes and held my head. I kept a finger on her lips and silenced her. She gave a naughty smile, bit my finger and immediately hugged me tightly. In a hurry, she opened my t-shirt, banyan, shorts and grabbed my penis with both of her hands over my underwear. I removed my underwear and lied next to her.

I lifted her over me with her face onto my penis. We slept on top of each other in 69 position and she started sucking my penis like a hungry animal. I held her ass, brought her hairy pussy over my mouth and gave a strong kiss there. Then I inserted my tongue inside her vagina. She started making slow moaning sounds. In a wild gesture, she took my cock deep inside her mouth. The saliva of Arshiya over my penis (Oh God! What a feeling, guys!).

I started inserting my wet middle finger inside her vagina in a slow rhythmic motion. She turned around, grabbed my face by the chin and started kissing me; inserting her tongue inside mine. She was sucking my lower lip followed by upper lip in a totally horny manner. I realized how wild women can get.

While she continued kissing, she held my finger and made me insert into her vagina fully. With a shiver, she came all over my hands.

My mouth was busy licking and sucking her milky boobs. Her hands grabbed my penis and she started moving it up and down.

As I started moving my tongue over her erect nipples, I was ready to cum. I signaled her with my eyes. She immediately took her face near my excited penis and I shot my cum all over her face. We slept next to each other, sweaty and nude for about 1.5 hours arm on arm, before bidding goodbye to our individual rooms.

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Your valuable likes and comments will inspire me in writing the second part as soon as possible. Again, feel free to contact my mail/hangout – [email protected] (aunties/girls in and around Mysore/Bangalore without hesitation) for horny role-plays, phone sex, dating and fun.


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