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October 17, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

I had promised mom I’d be home early that day. It was after all her birthday, and the least I could do was come home a couple of hours early to celebrate it with her. But I was held up at work, and by the time I bought the cake and battled the traffic, it was nearly 8 pm when I reached home.

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NOTE: This is a fictional story. All characters are above 18 years.

I had promised mom I’d be home early that day. It was after all her birthday, and the least I could do was come home a couple of hours early to celebrate it with her. But I was held up at work, and by the time I bought the cake and battled the traffic, it was nearly 8 pm when I reached home.

I apologized for being late as soon as she opened the door.
“It’s okay beta” She hid her disappointment quite well. I hugged her at the doorway and she hugged me back. “Happy birthday mom,” I said.
“Thanks, beta,” She said, ecstatically and kissed me on my cheek. I felt my loins stir, but I kept it under control. “You look different today,” I said, looking at her. Mom was wearing the new blue saree I had bought her last week. What was shocking was her sleeveless blouse, which I had never seen her wear- showing off her smooth arms. It was clear that she had had her arms waxed at the parlour that afternoon. I wondered what else she had waxed, and immediately pushed the dirty thoughts out of my mind. She had even had her eyebrows done and had put some makeup on too, which made her look all the more beautiful.

She had her hair up in a bun and was wearing fresh jasmine flowers. Coupled with the perfume she was wearing made her smell absolutely delicious. She looked much younger than she was.

“You look different today, mom,” I said. “Very beautiful”
She just blushed and put her head down in shyness. “Oh, stop it you,” she said, turning away.

“Here, let me go get changed then we can cut your cake and go out for dinner” I put the cake on the table and went to the bathroom.

I undid my pants, freeing my hard on. It had been weeks since I had jerked off, and seeing mom all dressed up like a new bride had got me all railed up. But I knew it was wrong. So wrong to think of my own mother that way. I had been fascinated with her since I was in my teens. She was the first woman I had seen naked, and she had fuelled my jerk off fantasies a lot since then. She was one of the reasons why was still into milfs- a habit that I have been trying to get rid of for quite some time now.

Even since the beginning, I had no problems thinking of mom in that light. She was a beautiful woman- plump in all the right places, tight ass, nice boobs, and a waist to die for. Even at her age, I thought she looked extremely sexy. Maybe if she wasn’t my mom, I might have even seduced her by now.

I knew that I would never fuck my own mother, ever. So fantasizing about her didn’t seem all that bad, just a little wrong. My incestuous fantasies about her only started to seem wrong about a year ago, when dad died.

I still remember that day, or rather that night. I was working in a different city and rushed home immediately as I heard the news. I only hoped to reach home before the sun set for the day. My relatives had made the necessary arrangements and as soon as I walked into the house, we moved the body to the burial grounds while there was still light.

It would be a late night before I saw mom. She was sitting in a corner, with her saree in disarray, her hair disheveled. Her eyes were empty of tears, but her heart was still full of sadness. She cheered up a bit when she saw me, but began to cry again.

That night, mom and I fucked for the first time. I don’t even remember how it happened. I was lying on the bed hugging mom, trying to comfort her. I remember rubbing her back while she sobbed silently with her face buried into my chest. The next thing I know I was pumping my hard dick into mom’s pussy on the same bed that my dad had fucked mom hundreds of times. It all seemed like a blur. We both fell into a deep slumber after that and we both behaved like nothing happened that night ever since. Sometimes I try to convince myself that it was all just a dream. But I know that it wasn’t.

Mom was still quite gloomy even three months after dad’s demise. I would come home nearly every weekend to spend time with her, but nothing seemed to change much. All my relatives who had supported her were slowly weaning off, leaving her to wallow in her grief by herself. I wouldn’t blame them, they were tired of the sad old lady. Even my weekly travels were taking a toll on my health and finances. Seeing mom like that had impacted my work performance as well.
So, I decided to move her to where I lived. I figured that a change in place might help change her mood, even if only temporarily. Within a week, I had arranged for mom to move in with me.

She had only taken her clothes and some necessary utensils with her because she wanted to move back to our native in a few weeks. I wished that she lived with me forever. I lived in a little one bedroom flat, so accommodating mom was a little bit of a challenge. Initially, we had both slept on the same bed. But there was only so much I could do to keep myself from dry humping my own sexy mom whom I had the hots for. So I started sleeping on the couch within a week.
Mom was moody even when she had moved in with me, but she soon grew used to her stay in a new place. She never got back to her old self, but she was happier and more content. Probably because she was living with someone who actually cared about her now. Within a couple of months, she took an active interest in my daily activities. I would return home every day after work and we would talk incessantly about our day- mostly mine- till we went to bed at night. She soon learned how to use the computer and the smart tv and kept herself busy most of the day.

“Are you done?” Mom yelled from the hall.

“Yes mom” I walked out of the bathroom with just a pair of boxers on.
That day was her birthday and it was the first celebration of any kind we have had since dad’s death and I wanted to make it special for her. “Are you ready mom?” I asked, setting up the cake and the candles on the dining table. “Oh, why did you do all this? Am I a small kid?” she asked, adjusting the end of her pallu to her waist. I saw a glimpse of her deep navel, partially exposed, and my dick was excited immediately. I brushed it off from my mind and concentrated on lighting the candle on the cake. But my eyes wandered and settled on her shapely ass that stuck out, accentuating its curve when mom bent down to blow the candles.

“I want you to blow it with me,” she said and pulled me closer. I put my hand around her waist, touching her naked skin, and we both bent down to blow the candle. My eyes wavered to the side, and I caught a glimpse of mom’s cleavage. My head began spinning. We blew the candle, I cut the cake and both of us fed each other.
Both our fingers were smeared in icing. Mom just began to lick her fingers, even sucked on a couple of them, trying to get the cream off. I stood transfixed, imagining her sucking my dick that way.
Mom suddenly took my hand and started to lick the icing on my hand as well. She took my index finger into her mouth, looking straight into my eyes and began to suck it while she pulled it out.
It seemed like my dick was about to burst out of my jeans. Luckily I had a long shirt that covered my crotch that contained my huge hard on. I just had to jerk off that night before going to bed.

“What are you looking at?” Mom asked, correcting her pallu. I was unknowingly staring at her massive tits. The heart knows what it wants. I immediately averted my eyes. “Sorry mom”, I said immediately, apologizing.

“Naughty boy” mom said, giggling and ruffling my hair. “Let’s go,” She said and picked up her bag. It took me a moment to compose myself and to realize that we were supposed to go out for dinner.

I had already booked a table at a posh restaurant in the city center. It was a weeknight, so reserving a table wasn’t much of a problem. Mom was greatly impressed from the moment she stepped into the restaurant. She had never seen such grandeur before.
“Oh, everything seems so costly here!” Mom exclaimed when she saw the menu.

“It’s okay mom, don’t worry about the bill, You just enjoy yourself,” I reassured her. But she was still reserved and was in a dilemma on what to order, so I took away the menu and ordered for her as well.
Once the waiter took our orders, we began talking about my day. It wasn’t special, just the everyday talk we used to have. But that day it seemed much different. It might have been the dim lights, or the posh restaurant ambiance, or mom’s new look. It made me go crazy for her, especially as I saw her pallu slipping slowly, her cleavage increasing in size with each passing minute, and my dick mimicked the same.

I don’t remember much of our conversation, I was transfixed on mom’s sexy cleavage. Mom didn’t bother covering it up, in fact, the saree slipped further and further, fuelling my teenage desires that had suddenly found a new voice since mom came to stay with me. I was glad of the long, table spread, as it covered my bulge under the table.
I was lucky that mom hadn’t yet noticed her pallu slipping off of her shoulders. My dormant fantasies resurfaced and I began thinking about finger fucking that sexy cleavage of my sex goddess sitting in front of me. About licking her milky boobs. I imagined the taste of her nice dark brown nipples and large areola. My mind wandered on its own, and soon I was undressing mom in my mind, removing her dark blue saree, her matching sleeveless blouse, imagining her in her inner wear, and soon imagining her lying naked on my bed, inviting me to fuck her.

I was just about to face fuck mom in my mind when the waiter came by with our order. Mom immediately adjusted her saree and covered her cleavage.

So she was aware of her slipping saree. Was mom giving me a show on purpose? I wondered. If she knew to cover up when the waiter came by, then she should have known when her pallu started losing its place on her shoulders. Or was she doing it on purpose? I brushed off my perverted thoughts as a figment of my imagination.
However, as we began eating, mom’s pallu started slipping again. She didn’t make any effort of covering it up then either. I shamelessly stared at her boobs, ignoring my food.

“What happened? You have barely touched your food?” Mom asked, concerned.

“It’s… it’s nothing mom” I fumbled, taking my eyes off of her rack with great difficulty. Mom noticed this and smiled. “Here, let mumma feed you,” She said and bent over to grab a spoon full of rice from my plate. She bent down lower than necessary, giving me a full view of her juicy cleavage- more than what a mother should display to her son. It was like a huge valley in the midst of two great mountains. My mouth went dry immediately.

Mom stuffed a spoon full of rice into my dry mouth, and I could hardly chew it, let alone swallow. I didn’t have much to eat after that, even after mom’s insistence. Everything went south beyond that. My heartbeat went up, and all my blood rushed to my dick for the rest of the night. Mom, however, was enjoying herself fully. Still giving me ample glimpses of her sexiness. I wondered how I would get through that night without going crazy.

“Mom, we just had our dinner!” I protested. But she was unnerved. She insisted on eating some cake before going to bed. It was almost close to our bed time, and I really didn’t feel like doing the dishes that night. Besides, the earlier she goes to bed, the earlier I can make myself free inside the bathroom to take care of my raging hardon.
“Oh, come on. Just a little piece. You know I loved that cake” She said. I remembered how she had licked her fingers lustily that evening. “Please.” She pleaded.

“Oh, alright” I caved and took out the cake from the fridge. “But only because you are the birthday girl.”

I cut a fairly large piece on to a plate and brought it to her. Mom was sitting on the bed in my room, which was now her room. “Here” I handed it to her. She took the plate from me and patted the empty space next to her on the bed asking me to sit by her. I promptly obeyed.

Mom was thoroughly enjoying her cake. With every bite, she would let out an orgasmic moan like that was the best cake she had ever had. She would scoop a big chunk of cake with her spoon and would stuff the entire thing into her mouth, clasping the spoon with her mouth. When she slowly slid the spoon out of her mouth, it would be empty and be gleaming with her saliva. I was getting uncomfortable as fuck sitting right next to this sexy woman, who was my own mother, fantasizing about her moaning the same way while I drilled her pussy.

“This is soo good! Here, have some” She stuffed a spoon full of cake into my mouth. I opened wide and gorged on the cake. It was the closest I would get to tongue kissing her.

“Here, have some more” she tried to feed me again, but a small piece of frosting fell on her saree- on her right boob. “Oops” she let out a whimper. She put the plate and the spoon aside and stretched out her pallu, scooped up the fallen frosting with two fingers and put both fingers inside her mouth and sucked it clean. When she brought out her fingers, they were glistening with her saliva, which she then proceeded to lick.

Watching her, I lost my concentration and stuffed a spoon full of cake into my face, smearing the frosting all over my chin and lower lip. Mom let out a contagious laughter looking at my plight. “Ohh, my little baby,” She said and leaned forward, her pallu slipping off of her shoulders completely, baring her big breasts and cleavage in full display for me to see.

She wiped the cream off of my chin with her thumb and licked the cream off her finger. I could see restlessness in her eyes. I was struggling to keep my eyes off of mom’s cleavage.
“You can look” Mom mumbled, looking down at her own cleavage.
“What?” I said, unsure of what I heard.

“Nothing” mom said. She stood up and removed her saree in front of me. She then sat down in just her blouse and her petticoat. Mom’s hard nipples were poking through the thin fabric of her blouse, as if ready to puncture them. Mom was wearing her petticoat was much below her waist, exposing a few strands of her unshaven pubes. Her wide midriff accentuated her wide, dark navel. She was like a Greek sculpture, except she was covering up her private parts, but hardly.
Mom was enjoying my plight. I was struggling to keep eye contact with her and cover up my raging hard on.

“You still have some cream on your lips,” mom said. I tried to wipe it away, but apparently, I didn’t remove it completely. “Wait, let me get it for you,” mom said, and came close to me. She put her hand on my cheeks, brought her face close to me and licked the cream off of my lips.

Mom’s warm, wet mouth was over my lower lip and she began to lick the icing while sucking on my lip. My hand automatically found its way on her thighs and I started caressing and squeezing her thighs. Mom let out a silent moan, and let me taste her lips for a while. She pulled away slowly and continued to eat her cake like nothing had happened. My hand involuntarily inched higher, towards her pussy.
My cock had grown to its fullest and was shamelessly making a tent in my pants. I did nothing to hide the embarrassment, in fact, I let it stand erect proudly, and watched silently as mom glanced a peek at it every now and then.
“Do you remember that night?” mom asked
“Which night?” I asked innocently

“That… that day your father had passed away…” she replied, looking sad. “You know, that was so wrong” she began dabbing the tears in her eyes.

“I am sorry mom” I apologized, “If it will make you feel any better, I don’t even remember much of what happened that night…”
“But it felt so good. It was the first time in 10 years that I had… I had…” she choked up unable to find the words.

“Been fucked?” I completed the sentence for her. Mom immediately looked up, shocked at me using such words.

“Yes. Since I had been fucked” mom said, looking at my with her lust filled eyes.

I pulled mom close to me and planted a kiss on her lips, my tongue exploring her mouth, while my hand got busy removing her blouse hooks. Mom was too stunned to do anything. But she got over her shock pretty quickly and began responding positively.
Mom began unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my pant haphazardly. I was doing my best to get her blouse and her petticoat off of her. We both soon fell on the bed, rolling with our clothes half undone, kissing, and running our hands all over each other’s bodies like we were long lost lovers meeting after a long time. In a way we were.

I ripped out mom’s petticoat and her blouse. Mom’s pussy was dripping wet. I abruptly forced two of my fingers deep into mom’s warm, moist pussy and began fingering her. Mom had her eyes closed and was biting down on her lower lip to prevent a moan from escaping her lips. My mouth engulfed her left tit, and I began sucking like a hungry child. Mom’s hands grabbed my head and she began to squeeze and pull my hair moaning my name.

“Aaahh beta… don’t stop…” she whimpered between breaths. Soon her pussy walls tightened around my fingers, she was about to cum. I quickened my pace and started biting her nipples.

“Aaaahhhh….” Mom let out a loud moan as she came all over my hand. Her pulsating pussy walls gripped my fingers rendering me motionless. Her waist bucked against my hand as if asking for more.
Mom laid back in peace, her eyes closed and her body full of sweat. Mom was breathing heavily, licking her lips and swallowing dry air. Looking at mom in that helpless state made me even hornier. I kicked my pants aside and bucked my hips into hers, trying to penetrate into her. Mom laughed at my helplessness.

“Ohh.. poor baby. Let mama help you” She said and guided my dick into her love hole. Instinct took over the moment I slid my dick into her sweet, wet pussy.

“Oh god… you are so big!” Mom moaned and hugged me tighter and in no time I was fucking my birth hole like I owned it.

Mom’s moaning became louder and it got me all the more excited. My loving kisses turned into animalistic biting and licking all over her cheeks, neck, and shoulders. I got more aggressive with each stroke, and mom seemed to love it too.

It didn’t take me long to blow my load into mom’s pussy, but when I was done, mom was spent too. I lay on mom’s chest, while my hard dick was still throbbing inside her warm pussy, slowly going flaccid. Both of us were at peace, with our eyes closed, breathing rhythmically. My mouth automatically found mom’s erect nipples and I began to suckle on it and nibble it gently. Mom started to stroke my hair gently.

“Thanks for this wonderful birthday beta,” mom said and kissed my forehead.



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