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October 20, 2018

Hamida, my love.

Hamida, my love.

Hello; this is is Zahan. I am from Bangladesh. I am now 30 years old man. This real things was when I was only 20 and that time I was a student of B.Sc. I lived with my parents and I have no siblings.One day my mother bring a little girl from her native land B’Baria and she introduce her that she will do help to my mom. She was only 18 and a thin girl fare complexion small boobs. After that day she do her jobs very smoothly and my mom is very happy with her perfomance. One day I saw her naked body when she was in bathroom. My dick was hard on. After her completion she saw me with my hard on. Same day I was thinking about her. And my dick also hard in the whole day. At night al are asleep. I entire the kitchen and saw my little wife (Hamida0 was asleep also. Her kameez was remove from her body. I tried to enter my hand on her kameez and success. Touch her one boobs. Oh it is nice.

Then I slowly press her boobs and another hand gone to her pussy area. But she did not react as she is full asleep. About 10 min I smoothly press her boobs and the push one finger in to her love whole. Oh how nice her pussy it is really made me excited. I was in heaven. Suddenly she open her eyes and tell me “Bhaiya It is nice, you please continue.” I was surprised. I stop my activity for fear. But she pleaded me to continue. Love drinks are flows. She said ” Bhaiya, please give me your dick otherwise I will die.” Then I tried to insert my hard dick, it was almost 7″ long and 3″ dia. That’s why I was fail to insert my dick to her pussy. She was crying for my fail. She open her legs wide and I tried again. Success. Oh it was some painful for our both. But it was a nice fillings.After 5 min we are playing with boobs and she kiss my lips the I tried again to push and this time it was gone. She close her eyes and make sound like: aaaa bhaiya give me your dick more harder. Om ahhhhh uhhhh you are nice bhaiya. It was continuing more 15 min the I cum in her love whole and she also. We lie down together sometime. Then I ask her how do you know this sexual activity ? She smiled and replied that I will describe my next story with her. Please put your comment to my mail: [email protected]


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