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October 20, 2018

Garima My Roomie, My Love

Garima My Roomie, My Love

I got an equally hot and interested babe for a roomie in my first year. Her name was Garima. I found Garima to be a wonderful girl to talk to in the first meet and was instantly attracted to her hotness. I found her very attractive in all senses. She was beautiful, fair complexion, charming, talkative and, most of all, full at the right places. She had these big boobs and a perfectly round ass, which she had no problem in showing to me. Well I am an exhibitionist but she was even more so. Guys lust for our bodies whenever we walk by them as we show way too much and leave way too little for imagination.

Roomie Sex

Hey ISS readers, my name is Rani and I was 18, in my first year engg from a reputed college in Mumbai, when this happened. I am 26 now. I have been reading stories on this site for a pretty long time and trust me, I have loved many of the entries about girl-on-girl action. So you must have guessed it that I am a Lesbian. Well actually I am bi-sexual.

I got an equally hot and interested babe for a roomie in my first year. Her name was Garima. I found Garima to be a wonderful girl to talk to in the first meet and was instantly attracted to her hotness. I found her very attractive in all senses. She was beautiful, fair complexion, charming, talkative and, most of all, full at the right places. She had these big boobs and a perfectly round ass, which she had no problem in showing to me. Well I am an exhibitionist but she was even more so. Guys lust for our bodies whenever we walk by them as we show way too much and leave way too little for imagination.

The first month of being roommates was all about getting to know each other and shopping. Both of us had boyfriends then and she was pretty straight forward in her talks. She started the topic of sex within the first week of our meeting. We used to openly teasing each other about each others bfs. Anyways, I used to love shopping with her as she would call me in the changing room whenever she would try a new dress. I would admire her beauty and her perfect body. Any dress would look good on her. I think I was falling in love with her.

In the next month, the things got heated up and she started exposing bit more of her body to me. Earlier she never tried new jeans in front of me but now she was showing me her bottom half as well. I used to get wet just looking at her full thighs and her firm, round buttock. I used to feel like grabbing it and pressing my face into it. I just loved her. But I loved her buttocks the most in her body. She also used to go to the bathroom wrapping a towel on her semi naked body (wearing only bra and panties inside). We have attached bathrooms in our rooms.

Whenever she would be bathing I would press my ear to the door and listen to her taking shower. The sound of water falling on her and she humming in a seductive way while bathing, ahhh that was paradise! I would finger myself to orgasm while listening. She usually took about half an hour to take bath and I would be done by then. This routine continued for a pretty long time.

Slowly she started opening herself up bit more for me to see. She started going to bed in her underwear and used to keep her hands under her head as pillows. This would give me a proper view of her bra-clad big boobs, her smooth and sexy arms, her clean armpits, her silky waist, and her full and sexy thighs and long legs. She was just mesmerizing.

One fine night, I asked her, “why do you sleep in your underwear?”. She replied, “I have a habit of sleeping without wearing anything. The underwear is also too much for me. (and winked) Do you feel attracted to me because of this?” And then she started laughing. I was taken aback by her boldness on this. I too gathered my courage and said, “yes. I feel horny looking at your sexy, hot, beautiful body and feel terrible knowing that such greatness is lying in front of me naked and I cannot do anything but look.” But I did not laugh or smile. These were genuine words from me and she took a long look into my eyes and let our eyes do the talking.

She knew I was desperate for her. It was clearly visible in my eyes. But I wanted to see that in her’s. So I wanted her to take the first lead. But she didn’t. So I smiled and started laughing to make it seem like I too was kidding. It worked and she too joined in and we had a hearty laugh. Nothing much happened that night but I was sure the message has been delivered. She knew now that I lust for her. That I love her and I want her.

Both of our behaviour changed a bit after that and we started being lot more bold towards each other. Now she would never wear pants or skirts in the room, only panties and loose tops, preferably sleeveless, without bra. That’s it. Nothing else. Even I started being bold with respect to my clothes. By the way I did not tell you that I too am an eye candy myself with firm round boobs and big fat hips. I too am fair, though not as much as Garima, but enough to give anyone a reason for a second look. My hairstyle compliments my oval face which makes me look very attractive. My eyes are big, a small cute nose and full lips. I am a dream girl. But I do not compare to my love Garima. She is just out of this world.

Coming back to what I started to wear, or not wear (wink), when we were alone in our room. I would shamelessly strip in front of her with my back towards her when going for a bath. Sometimes I would give her a side glimpse of my boobs so that just enough is visible to arouse her. This was the attraction technique I was using to make her make the first move. This went on for a couple of days and then the night of action approached. I played music on my laptop and started dancing. We were in our usual dress, she was in her loose sleeveless top and semi-transparent panties while I was in a tank top which completely accentuated my curves (no bra), a mini skirt and white panties.

She was having fun watching me dance like crazy and joined in. The dancing continued in a normal (read crazy) fashion for some time when our bodies touched each others’ several times. We must have brushed each others tits many times. Then she started becoming bold again. She turned her back to me and started grinding her ass on my crotch and I too played along. I put my hand inside her top and held her waist and started slapping her ass cheeks several times. Then I did the humping motion as if I was fucking her from behind. We were having so much fun. During this dance, I must have brushed her boobs hundreds of times and she too must have done the same.

After about half an hour of dancing like crazy, we were exhausted and crashed on my bed both facing the ceiling. We were laughing and breathing deep. I turned on one side to face her and looked at her body shine due to sweat. Her top had become somewhat wet and her chest was heaving due to the deep breaths she was taking. Her fab body was looking great due to the sweat and she was smelling fantastic as well. It was an awesome sight and feeling.

I started talking. Said, “You are a naughty girl. The way you were grinding your ass on my crotch, I never thought you would do that”, and we both laughed. After the laugh she too teased me saying, “Tu bhi kam nahi hai. The way you were humping me and slapping my ass, I never thought you could do something like that. (:P)” We again laughed hysterically. But then I praised her saying, “But I must praise you that you have a perfect ass. So round, soooo soft. Just perfect. And my tush is nothing compared to your ass. (sad face)” She turned to face me and said, “Don’t say that. You smacked my ass so you know, let me smack yours and we will see whose is softer.”

Saying this she extended her arm, put it in my skirt and on my ass cheeks. My dream was becoming a reality. She had grabbed my ass. She started squeezing it and said, “It is soft. Why don’t you grab my ass and then we will see whose is softer.” I was in heaven. I did not wait even a second and grabbed her perfect ass and started massaging it. Now we were very close to each other and I looked in her eyes. She also was looking back into mine and it happened. I pulled her close to me by her ass and placed my lips on hers. She immediately opened her mouth and put her tongue out to meet mine. We were kissing like lovers. She dominated and came on top of me. The kiss now was becoming very erotic.

We must have continued kissing like this for around 5-6 mins when she got up and sat on me. She looked at me and said, “I have wanted this for a very long time and am surprised it took you so long as I know even you have been dying for me.” And she took off her top and for the first time, I got to see her naked tits. I stared at them shamelessly and grabbed them in both my hands and said, “I am surprised you did not make a move sooner if you already knew my feelings for you.” I pinched her nipples with my two fingers and pulled her close to me to kiss her again.

She pulled my top over and threw it away. Now our naked tits met for the first time. I hugged her tight to embrace more of that touch. Her sweaty body was smelling fabulous and I started kissing and sucking her neck and shoulders to get more of her fragrance. In the meanwhile, my hands had traveled down her sexy back into her panties. I was touching her perfect, soft ass from inside her panties. I was squeezing the cheeks and moving my hands into the crack. Then I parted her ass and put my index finger on her asshole. She made a soft hissing sound by exhaling air on my neck where she was kissing and licking.

In the meanwhile she started to go down on me. She was kissing my neck at first, then she moved down to my chest and gave me sensuous kisses there. I was sweating slightly and it made me wet all over. She was licking that too from my chest. Then she started playing with my firm tits and kissed all over them from side-to-side and top to bottom. She took my right nipple in her mouth and sucked it lightly. I let go a slight moan from my mouth. I was watching her continuously and having the time of my life.

She was alternately flicking her tongue on my nipple and biting it slowly. I was moaning all the while. She did not devote much time on my tits and we immediately removed whatever clothes were left on us. Then she sat on my face and dived into the 69 position. I was shaven there as usual and was very wet by now. She spread my pussy lips and put her tongue on the pink insides. That sent shivers through my body and I let out a loud moan. She started licking me and devoured my tasty pussy like a hungry cat. Her licking was killing me. I was not in this world. I was going to cum.

I cried out loud as I came on her face as she continued eating me. Meanwhile I was pleasuring her and tasting her sweet insides. Her pussy had the best taste and an intoxicating smell. I had spread her pussy wide and had my tongue inside her. She was loving it and reciprocating by strong strokes to my clit. We were both in heaven and she came. Her orgasm was big and it flooded my face with her juices. This was before I had come. I continued licking her and cleaned her pussy with my tongue. That’s when I had my orgasm too. It was violent and I almost crushed her face between my smooth and fleshy thighs.

Then she got down from me and we hugged and kissed before going to sleep in each others arms. This was the beginning of our sensuous relationship. We had a lot of fun and we even did a lot of kinky stuff together like going to a friend’s marriage with only a sleeveless, ankle length anarkali dress and nothing inside. No bra, no panties, no leggings, no nothing. Totally naked from the inside. We made out in the toilet there. We even fucked each other in a train on a return journey home once. We have teased a lot of boys in and out of college during our time together. We are still in touch via phone but now she is married and dedicated to her husband while I am not. So we don’t do that sort of fun anymore.

I have had many gfs and bfs after her but she was my first and hence the best. Let me know how you feel about my story on [email protected]


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