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October 17, 2018

Game Of A Political Friend

Game Of A Political Friend

And then he asked me whether I need anything to eat. His home is impressive but it looked stale and untidy; I did not like it. He was my college senior. I didn’t approach him for any favor for a very long time, though we were in touch with each other. But when I faced a situation in which the family needed the help of a powerful person, I did not hesitate to give a call to Minister. He was very happy to oblige. And as politicians, there is a price to everything that they do and he asked me boldly what he wanted. I had no choice. So I am here; without the knowledge of my husband, Michael.

This story is a complete Fiction

When I reached the address, it was almost 10 am; five hours journey! I asked my driver to take rest in the car itself and walked towards the house. The house looked elegant; a single story house which was lying in a large area. It was isolated in the middle of a large piece of farm land. It might be Minister’s hiding place, a remote home from the preying eyes of the media and the party. When I was approaching the door, Minister opened it with a smiling face. Instead of the white and white he usually wears, now he was in a blue Bermuda and a red t-shirt. He looked red-faced and seemed to me tired; may be a lack of sleep. When I have entered the drawing-room, I found another person. An average looking person; I have guessed him to be Minister’s PA. Minister took me to the interior of the house and when we reached the bedroom, he closed the door and grabbed me and kissed me deeply. His mouth tasted foul of liquor and cigarette.

And then he asked me whether I need anything to eat. His home is impressive but it looked stale and untidy; I did not like it. He was my college senior. I didn’t approach him for any favor for a very long time, though we were in touch with each other. But when I faced a situation in which the family needed the help of a powerful person, I did not hesitate to give a call to Minister. He was very happy to oblige. And as politicians, there is a price to everything that they do and he asked me boldly what he wanted. I had no choice. So I am here; without the knowledge of my husband, Michael.

The only person who knows I am here is my driver. He can be trusted because his wife is working in my home for many years. Minister was staring at me. He was sitting at the edge of the bed and said, ‘I have never seen a woman who is as perfect in a saree as you.’ ‘In this red saree, there is no match to you’, he walked towards me. He is almost 6’1 tall and heavy. He is medium complexioned. What I like best about him are his disarming smile and sparkling eyes. He embraced me and pressed me hard to himself. I tried to free myself, in the process the pallu had fallen off, giving a good view of the cleavage. It might have given him more vigor and tried to grab me again; I went into the bathroom and bolted the door. It’s the first time; I am alone with another man. Though I was tempted many times, I did not budge to it or fallen into any trap.

I was happy with Michael. When I was marrying him, he was just a doctor. Now we own a hospital in Chennai. We have one son; studying in kinda garden. When Minister expressed his desire, I have objected it. But I was aware of the consequences of saying ‘no’ to a person like him. Love making was becoming very rare between me and Michael, and I was very interested in it always. I thought of using my driver, in a number of times. He used to give me such stares whenever possible. He will not look at my face when he talks. He has a lot of admiration to me; I know. He steals glances on my body whenever possible. When I catch him, he gives a sheepish smile. Lower minds work differently! I have refreshed myself and opened the door. I saw bottles and two glasses on the small table in the room.

‘Mr.Minister, how can you start it in the early morning itself?’ I asked him. ‘Special times ask special treats Jennifer’ he replied. ‘I am happy today, to have you,….as my special guest’ he said it with a smile. ‘I have to go by 2’ I reminded him. ‘Yes I know, so there is no much time to waste’ he said. ‘I would like to see you naked, so why don’t you strip off’ he told. Though I was sure it will happen, I was not comfortable to do it, as it was very strange to me. As if reading my mind, he came near me and hugged me and told, ‘Jenni, it will help you a lot if you gulp down a bit of wine, its good red wine, from Italy.’ Then he turned and got a glass of wine. It was filled almost half and with a lot of reservation I had tasted it; tasted good and gulped down the whole. The entire body felt the warmth of it, instantly. A burning sensation was growing in the belly, suddenly I was hungry. I looked around for food; nothing was there. The full-lit room was cool. He was having a drink from another bottle. I sat on the bed; it was good. I was really worried about the entire thing that’s going to happen. I don’t know his physical condition, hygiene level, stamina etc. I give a lot of importance to cleanliness and hygiene. When he turned to me, I felt he is a bit drunk.

He asked me that I need anything to eat. When I replied positive, he pressed a button; the door was opened and that man who was sitting in the drawing room came in. ‘Bring the food’ Minister told. When he had gone, I asked minister who he is. ‘He is my PA, Kamal’ Minister said. I did not like the idea of being identified by anyone. But the situation is not controlled by me. Kamal brought in salads and fruits. I have expected some non-vegetarian food. And I have eaten a few bananas and apples. Felt good; I wanted to finish off the session here and go back to my home at the earliest. ‘Jenni, if I am not wrong, you are 25 ?’ Then he added, ‘I think Michael is very lucky. Land and women have to be used to the maximum always’ he said in thoughts. He gave me another glass of wine which I drank hastily. I felt good and warm. He came and sat near me. He took my hand and began to kiss from the fingertips to the shoulders. Though his lips were soft and supple his beard pricked my skin which irritated me.

Then he kissed my neck and removed my pallu exposing the blouse. I lied down on the bed and he began to unhook the blouse. My red bra would have given him a real ignition; he began to unfasten the bra fast. I helped him to remove it. ‘Oh lovely, what a shaped breasts you have Jenni!’ he began to suck my nipples and press the breast. Though the situation was not satisfactory to me I felt the thrill of cheating. Then he lowered his mouth and his hands began to remove my saree to open my middle.

The wandering of his hands had created a desire in me; I felt the wetness in the box. He removed my saree and untied the underskirt. He sat on the bed and asked me to lie down properly. I lifted myself and placed properly. He was on his knees on the bed ogling at me. His eyes were shining and mouth was open. ‘You are a treasure, a gift, a boon; my life would have been a waste if I did not fuck you.’ I always had a dislike to words like ‘fuck’. But I have no choice here, though he is my friend; he is under the influence of alcohol and spell-bound by a beauty with no match in his domains. He began to kiss and lick my thighs; he spread the thighs and his hands traveled through the inner parts of the thighs. I loved it always. When his mouth wandered into the inner part of the thighs, a long moan had escaped my mouth. It encouraged him and he removed my panty.

The clean shaven box would have intoxicated him further. He kissed it, I waited for more. Then he stood up and removed his Bermuda and boxers. His thing was standing erect which was almost 6 inches long. He seemed to be in a hurry and lied down on me and began to insert the thing into the box. I felt it’s too early. I felt it entering the hole and lubricant were working well. All of a sudden he began to moan and banged me heavily for 5 to 6 times and fell on the side of me, panting. He lied down there for some time; then I felt the hot liquid flowing through the box. And I came to know that he is spending and lost. I was disappointed but I felt relieved too.

I got up and went to the bathroom. I took a thorough bath. It might have taken 10 minutes when I have opened the door wearing only the towel; I saw Minister sitting with a glassful of drink and smoking. I hate smoking. I went near the bed and took my whole dress and began to wear the undergarments. I gave a peep at the watch, it read 11.20. Good, I can reach home early, I thought. When I began to wear the underskirt, Minister gave me a questioning look and told, ‘you told that you have time up to 2, why are you in a hurry?’ ‘Since it’s over here, why don’t I go; I can reach home early’ I replied while tying the knot of the skirt. ‘Michael is not there and Jerri will be in school, then why don’t you stay back and enjoy!’ Minister looked at me questioningly. ‘Enjoy! This is the way you enjoy! Oh please, give me a break Mr. Minister’. I told and began to wear the saree. A minute might have passed and then I felt him near me. He forcibly turned me to his side and told, ‘ok, you did not enjoy it. Ok, let us make it worthwhile. I am ready to compensate you for my failure, by giving you the best experience you might ever have’ ‘Mr.Minister, you helped me, in return, you wanted me, I gave but you spilled early; its game. Let me go’ I began to dress up fast. I took my mobile phone and dialed the number of Driver. Minister grabbed the mobile and switched it off. I was angry, really angry and scared too. Then I saw Kamal standing in front of me.

He grabbed me and thrown me to the cot. I have shouted at Minister to stop him. He was not in a mood to listen to my cries. He was engrossed in the activities of Kamal. Now I am lying on the bed; my hands were pinned by Kamal. He removed my saree, underskirt and tore open my blouse and bra. I could hear Minister saying, ‘go easy’. My protests did not affect them. Then Kamal stripped himself off. Though he looked average, he was fair, clean shaven and looked strong. Then I saw his tool, it was huge; very unusual for a person of his body. It must be something around two times of my palm length, almost 9 inches long. It was erect. When I was staring at it, he gestured me to suck it; I refused. Then Minister came near me and told ‘ I don’t want to hurt you. Since I cannot perform I have entrusted Kamal to satisfy you, and I am sure he will do it well. And then he gestured Kamal; he came and lied down beside me. I was very uncomfortable. Kamal began to kiss my face. He left my lips and slipped down to the neck. His hands were in search of my breasts. ‘Oh, it’s soft and big’ he murmured. He began to kiss the breasts. Then he began to massage the right and suck the nipple of the left. I was silent because I know a fight will be in vain. Minister had secured a medical contract worth 200 crores for my husband’s company. Though it is a joint venture with his brother David, Michael is the majority stakeholder.

A contract of this size is more than enough to secure a high desirable life for all of us. The sacrifice I am making now is worth it. Kamal was an expert and he is powerful too. He rolled me over in the bed; made me lie face down and he lied down on top of my face down. I was wondering what he is going to do. Anal sex; no I won’t allow it. His tool was exploring by ass cheeks and thighs. I felt his mouth and tongue on my back. My neck, earlobes were kissed by him. It was new to me; then he inserted his hands to the bottom and cupped my breasts. I rose a bit and gave enough space to his hands to massage the breasts. I was feeling well. His mouth and tongue had wandered down to my body and once in a while he had given biting to my supple flesh in the back. That’s sport. I was falling into the ocean of lust.

As he lowered himself to lick my back body further, his tool had come down to the thighs of me. It was hot and felt huge. I wanted to feel it inside me. I wanted him to penetrate me and touch the places where pearls of happiness are hiding. But he was not in a hurry. I gave a glance to Minister. He was sitting on a chair and watching us. Kamal rolled me over again to normal position. This time, he directly came for my lips and I did not refuse him. He sucked and chewed my lower lips and sent his tongue into my mouth. He tasted some sort of liquor with a nice taste. Then he kissed my cheeks and neck. And he looked at me; I was staring at him. ‘You are a once in a lifetime chance for me.

I had fucked many, but not as beautiful as you. Sorry for pushing you in the beginning, but I am glad you are obliging me’ he told and kissed my lips. ‘Will you give me the chance to meet you if I am performing well’ he asked. ‘I don’t know’, I replied. ‘The best will be always in demand’ I reminded him. His mouth wandered down to my chest. His hands and mouth were dancing rhythmically there, giving me immense pleasure. The right combinations of both the tools on the objects were giving the best result. My body began to respond to his moves. His tool was rubbing my lower parts of the thighs. I wanted to look at it and inspect its hygiene. Meanwhile, my body began to get warm and a bit of sweat began to form. His mouth reached my flat and supple tummy. There he began to suck, lick, kiss and bite, generating immense heat inside my box. I wanted something there. His hands were wandering down to my thighs. I have lifted my thighs and he began to press and massage it. He slowly removed my panties. He looked at the clean shaven box. He brought his mouth near it. I wanted to beg him to kiss there. I lifted my middle. As if knowing my intention, he kissed there. His hands had wandered on it.

Slowly his fingers parted the pussy lips. It was wet, really wet. He began to kiss my middle area. His mouth was on my pussy. I felt his tongue entering into the pussy hole; I felt absolute joy. I have never reached this far in sex. He began to move his tongue up and down. It was love making with tongue. Really felt great to have such person to do it. In a way, dying without knowing or feeling such pleasure is very unfortunate. And I am lucky to find, even if it is late. When I felt tongue is not enough to meet my excitement inside the pussy, I grabbed his shoulder and urged him to come on top of me. He happily obliged. I had widened my thighs and invited him to come inside. But he was no mood for it. ‘What do you want now?’ he asked me. ‘The obvious’ I replied. ‘What is obvious?’ he asked. ‘Getting inside’ I replied. ‘Getting inside of what?’ he asked. ‘Getting inside of mine’ I replied. ‘Where? Your mouth, ass or your hole?’ he asked. ‘I prefer pussy’ I replied. ‘With what?’ he asked. ‘With your thing’ I replied. ‘What is my thing?’ he asked. ‘Your tool’ I replied. ‘What’s its name?’ he asked. I smiled and turned my face to the side. He took my face in his hands and told ‘tell me its name and then we will go further’. I told ‘if you don’t want to do it, ok, let’s wind up’. ‘Can you do it after reaching this far?’ he asked me with a smile. He looked handsome. ‘I can switch off or switch on anytime’ I replied with a naughty smile.

‘Can you switch off when you are in deep flames of passion, in blue flames? Now look at you; your face is pink, your nipples are erect and pussy is overflowing like the rivers after monsoon rains. You cannot stop it now, Jenni’ he looked into my eyes and told. I looked at him; he looks like a confident man. Deep inside I wanted to do dirty and talk dirty. But I am wrapped in the hypocrisy of this world. He is a stranger I can’t use such words to him. ‘Say, fuck me’ then I will do it. I smiled ‘Can I see your thing’ I asked him. ‘Sure, I am at your service’ he replied and stood on the bed. I sat on the bed. I took it in my hands; it was hot, really hot.

It was a bit dark and really intimidating. I was afraid that it might spill anytime like his master; I saw Minister sleeping on the chair. I shook Kamal’s tool playfully. ‘Earlier you refused to suck it, now at least you will give it a kiss?’ he asked me. A worthwhile person’s genuine request cannot be refused. I looked at it more closely; looks clean; the top is leaking. I wiped it with the towel. It’s almost the length of my face. I brought my lips closer to it to give a kiss. He warmly took my head in his hands and brought it closer. I brushed my lips through the entire length of the tool. It’s just like kissing a hot maize cob. ‘Just a kiss, at the top’ he pleaded. I took the towel, again wiped it well and kissed the top. The skin was very sensitive and heat was more there. He made a moaning sound.

Then I felt his hands pushing my head into his middle thereby the tool was inside my mouth. I felt panicked. I was not getting breath; I was choking. Then I felt his hip giving fast and regular thrust into my mouth. It’s like mouth fucking. I was scared that he might spill it inside my mouth. I pushed his hip forcefully and took my mouth free from his clutches. I gasped; fresh air began to pour into me. He embraced me, and said ‘sorry’ several times; I pushed him off and got out of the bed, collected my clothes. Then I saw my blouse in shreds. I cannot go out and get into the car and travel with Driver like this. I am in trouble. I looked for the mobile; it was not anywhere to be seen. Kamal came to me, slowly. Both of were standing there naked and looking at each other. The lust had become pale in me; the warmth had given way to panic. I wanted to run and escape. He might have guessed it. He poured two glasses of drinks and offered me one. I refused. ‘I am sorry, I did it out of sheer excitement, and I am sorry’ he told. I was not in a mood to listen. ‘This is the problem with you people. You think us, creeps. You want us to lick you and suck you. But when it comes to our turn, you play clean and safe’ he shouted at me. I did not care about what he was saying.

‘Hey bitch, I sucked your pussy and licked every inch of it, ok. It means I too deserve the same in return and I took it; that’s all’. The word ‘bitch’ really provoked me. I moved faster and gave him a kick to his chest. He blocked it and grabbed my both hands and pushed me to the wall. There he pinned me to the wall and kissed me. I felt his tool touching my pussy. The throbbing organ was looking for its entrance and I was not in a mood to allow it. Then he lifted me, I struggled and his hands on my back and thighs were giving me a wild sensation to fight and play.

He kept me on the bed and began to kiss my breasts and naval area. I continued my fighting with less intensity. He brought down his mouth to my pussy. The work of his tongue was irresistible and the warmth and excitement were resurfacing. My body began to loosen slowly and the thighs were spread wider to allow his exploring tongue to dig deeper and deeper into my pussy. When I could not control the moaning of me, I asked him to fix me a drink.

He was happy to oblige. I had one more. Then I asked him ‘will you fuck me’. He smiled and replied, ‘I am at your service, your highnesses. I lied down and spread my legs. I can hear the pussy lips are opening with a sound generated out of the wetness there. I closed my eyes. I can hear him moving over me. Then I felt him over me. His lips met mine. His lips moved down and sucked my erect nipples. I had thrust my hips upward and urged him to enter me. Then I felt his tool kissing my pussy and sliding deeper into it. He rubbed it at my clit and thrust it deeper. A moan had escaped my mouth. I lifted my legs upward; his organ was really working well and going deeper. It was touching the places where it really matters. His began to bang slowly and steadily. When he had gained speed his body’s clash with my thighs and pussy began to give a rhythmic sound; I do always love this sound. It denotes life and power. During the pumping, he lowered his mouth and kissed me several times. He massaged and pressed my breasts and nipples. I began to drift into another world through these sounds and pujas. Is it tranquility! I don’t know.

But I was sure, it gave me happiness and peace; I had shed off worries, pains, envy and all those negative things. I felt clean and pure. ‘Can I make it a bit faster and harder?’ his sound woke me up from the pleasure slumber. ‘Sure, please’ I replied in half-sleep with a smile. He began to bang me harder and faster; I had thrust my hip upward to get the maximum impact. Somewhere deep there, it was reaching an area where no one had reached so Call and find an Indian date far. I grabbed his body closer to mine. I wanted him to be pinned to me. I can hear the sound of the bodies banging into each other. There I heard him utter very vulgar words in between his gasps. He was panting now. His face was covered with sweat beads. I closed my eyes and concentrated in the pleasure. This is true love making. It is the union of bodies, truly. I opened the eyes and watched my body. The breasts are dancing up and down in line with his thrust. He was in a trance. Then he opened his eyes. He saw me looking at him; his eyes were again half-closed. He asked me ‘are you ready?’ I replied ‘yes’. My pussy began to contract and my body had shivered. I felt him reducing the speed and beginning to give deep thrust. He gasped and moaned. At a particular thrust, he kept his tool for a long time, inside; then took it out; the next thrust gave a sound familiar to a stone falling in a pond. I realized that loads of sperms are being pumped into me. I kept him tightly embraced and received the whole of his load. I know he deserves it.

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