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October 17, 2018

Fucked My Hot Manager On Office Trip

Fucked My Hot Manager On Office Trip

So, the story starts in mid of november 2017. I was working on a project at hinjewadi location and us guys heard a gossip that a new manager will handle our team. We all were a bit disappointed as we thought the new manager will be very strict and we will have to put extra efforts in office, but I didn’t know it would be a lady.
When I first saw her in the daily status meeting, I was so happy to see a hot woman in mid 30’s who pretended to look like 25 years old. Her name was gunjan, a typical punjabi. She was wearing traditional indian outfit, which made her look both cute and hot.

Hi guys, I am ankit from pune working in a reputed it firm. You can contact me on [email protected]

I have been reading stories on iss for almost 4 years but never had a privilege to write one down, and here I am writing one of my experience with my lady manager

So, the story starts in mid of november 2017. I was working on a project at hinjewadi location and us guys heard a gossip that a new manager will handle our team. We all were a bit disappointed as we thought the new manager will be very strict and we will have to put extra efforts in office, but I didn’t know it would be a lady.
When I first saw her in the daily status meeting, I was so happy to see a hot woman in mid 30’s who pretended to look like 25 years old. Her name was gunjan, a typical punjabi. She was wearing traditional indian outfit, which made her look both cute and hot.

So, we started getting along soon, I was working mostly under her supervision, and in no time had a friendly bond with her. Trust me guys, I never felt she was my manager as she always got along very nicely.

We shared our contacts and started casual chatting like one in a week. Let me remind you we both were in the office for at least 9 hours daily and she always supported me to take up good and quality work. I got to know that she is married for 5 years and her husband is on a project to the us for 4 months. They didn’t have any child.

Now, the real story starts about I got chance to get laid with her.
Gunjan had a meeting to attend in delhi and she needed one junior resource to go with her as an assistant. As I had a good bond with her, she suggested my name to the management and guess what, they readily agreed.

I was happy to know about it as I thought it was a good opportunity to spend some quality time with her. We had a very packed schedule back in delhi on the first day, had a lot of meetings to attend.
After spending almost 10 hours in meetings, we finally got time to eat something.

She suggested to go to hauz khas village, get a drink or two, just to relax after such a hectic day. We booked a cab and reached the place around 9.30 in the evening and ordered 2 pints of beer and some snacks.

As it was a weekday, the place was not overloaded, so we got plenty of time to chitchat. She was genuinely enjoying her drinks with me. We talked about a lot of things, from meeting to the office to some personal stuff.

It was already 12 when we returned to our hotel. As we both were staying in adjacent rooms, I went to her room for some time.
We were just discussing next day’s schedule when I noticed that she was looking really tipsy. Her breaths were very heavy and she was looking as if she wants to say something to me.

I sat near her on the couch and asked her if everything is okay. She told me,” yeah everything is fine.Its just that I am glad we had such a lovely time together” saying this she winked at me.

I took it as a green signal and leaned towards her. She closed her eyes, expecting me to kiss her but I playfully started feeling her face with my fingers, trying to seduce her. She started feeling the heat and I kissed her lips gently to which she responded by kissing me back. Now both of us were madly kissing each other, with my hands on her waist and hers on my shoulders.We kissed each other passionately for almost 5 mins and then I moved my right hand on her back and started feeling her bare back. Till now, she was totally under my control so I leaned more towards her and started kissing her neck.

As I moved towards her neck, she started moaning by looking towards the roof. It was clear from her actions that she was not touched for a long time. I kept kissing her neck and moved my hands from her back to her busty boobs. I gently kept my hand on her top and slowly started squeezing it over her top.

She was getting more and more aroused and started biting her lips. I again kissed her lips and started removing her top. She lifted her arms to help me remove it. I too removed my t-shirt and now I was a bare chest.

Now, she came to me and started kissing me wildly and her hand was reaching my crotch area, feeling the hardness of my dick.
She playfully came down and started biting my chest and nipples. I was enjoying all of it and kept my hands on her head. She removed her jeans and started removing mine too.

Now we both were only in undies, looking each other with all the hunger in the world.

She pushed me to the bed and came all over me and started kissing all over my body.

She came down, removed my underwear and took my rock solid dick in her hands. She was amazed to see my dick and started stroking it with both her hands, grabbing my balls and squeezing them harder. I moaned loudly as a mixture of pleasure and pain. Now, she took my dick near her face and started kissing the tip of my dick slowly, took it into her mouth and started sucking it, slowly. She kept stroking it with her hand and finally took the whole of my dick inside her mouth and till was the most pleasurable moment of my life. She was a pro at giving a blowjob, never took it out of her mouth, not even to breath. I was moaning in pleasure saying” aaahhh yes gunjan, keep sucking me! You are awesome” she blown me for almost 10 mins and when I was about to her, I told her to stop but she didn’t and gulped all the semen of my dick like a pro.

I was so relaxed after my climax but it was my turn now to return the favour.

I pushed myself towards her, kissed her lips passionately and my hands reaching the hook of her bra and removed it completely.
I was like wow. Her tits were so firm, I thought they would have shagged with her age but they were so perky. I grabbed one of her boobs and started sucking the other one.

Now her nipples were erect and I kept sucking them one by one, kissing her areola and kept sucking and squeezing them one by one. She was enjoying my actions and pushing my head into her tits.
I came up, kissed her wildly and again came to her tits and this time, I gave a bite on the right nipple, a harder one. She was literally screaming in pain but didn’t stop me. I kept chewing her nipples one by one, turning them red from pink, squeezing them harder with my whole fist. She was moaning louder,” aaahhh keep sucking them, press them harder, aaahhh. Oh yes, baby” I kept playing with her tits for some time and then I went up and kissed her lips gently.
She was lying on the bed and I kept kissing her slowly and moved my left hand towards her panty. I could feel a small patch of wet liquid on her panty, gently rubbed that part, as I kept kissing her lips. She was moving her legs, shaking with pleasure. I could feel she was under my control.

Gently, I moved my hand inside her panty and gently rubbed her clit, feeling the wet pussy with my fingers, I rubbed the clit and kept on kissing her lips. She was closing her legs because of pain. I kept on rubbing my fingers all over her clit and with a jerk, inserted my middle finger deep into her pussy, which are dripping wet now. She moaned louder and I started fingering her, moving my finger deeper into her wet pussy. She grabbed my head and started to bite my lips, first upper lip and then lower lip, which made me even more aggressive on her pussy. I increased the pace of fingering, going more deeper and harder inside. She was literally shaking by my actions.

I came down, spread her legs and started kissing her thighs, slowly coming towards her panty and removed it completely. Now my queen was completely naked in front of me, now that I can clearly see her whole body, she was looking like a greek goddess. Her pussy had little bushes, as she might not have expected such a lovely night on a random office trip. I spread her legs more and kissed her clit with my lips, looking up towards her eyes. I could see the hunger in her eyes as if she was waiting for me to eat her pussy. I kissed more passionately and started using my tongue on her clit.

Her hands were on my head, legs folded, burying me more between her legs, I inserted one finger into her pussy and started licking her clit again. She was moaning too loudly, room filled with all sorts of sounds,” come on, ankit, eat it, don’t make me wait, I am dying to feel your tongue inside me…Aaahhh…Do it baby…Harder” I kept fingering and licking her clit simultaneously, as she kept encouraging me with her words. I kept my tongue on her pussy and started burying it inside, slowly.

I could feel her juices on my tongue, it was salty and I liked the taste of it. I kept going deeper and she kept screaming in pleasure.
I started licking her pussy deeper with my tongue, licking her juices completely, making her more and more aroused.

Now, I wanted to spice things up, so I went to the refrigerator and brought a few ice cubes, put one of them in my mouth and kissed her lips, transferred the mixture of water and saliva inside her mouth, and came down to her pussy. Putting the ice cubes between my teeth, I buried my lips inside her pussy and started rubbing the ice on her pussy, this made her even more aroused, she was jumping because of it and kept moaning harder and louder.

I buried the ice inside her pussy and started searching it with my tongue, playfully moving it inside her pussy. Ice was melting fast as she was really hot down there, so I started licking the mixture of her juices with ice. It was an awesome experience for her, she was literally screaming in pleasure,” oh god ankit, your tongue is killing me, I haven’t felt something like that in my life; keep licking baby;aaaajhhh yessss…Aaaahh baby, keep doing it, aaahh ohhh baby”
I kept licking her and started chewing her clit with my teeth…Which made her more and more aggressive…She kept shaking her body and finally she had her orgasm. I licked her pussy nicely after that and she felt relaxed..

I came up and she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ears,” ankit, you have made my night, my husband never licks me, I just loved it, now I want you inside me, please make me yours” I kissed her passionately and came over her.Kissed her again,harder this time and started rubbing the tip of my dick on her clit, teasing her. She was getting restless, asking me to fuck her, I kept rubbing my dick on her pussy for some time, kissing her lips harder, and when she was concentrating on the kiss, I pushed my dick deep inside her pussy, with a hard stroke.

She screamed because of it and then I kissed her again. My whole dick was inside her.. Slowly I started making movements, feeling my dick inside her wet pussy, whole of my dick was wet because of her juices, I increased the pace and fucked her in the same position for about 5 mins, she kept screaming, she was really enjoying the rhythm and speed of my strokes.” aaaahh aaahh baby fuck…Fuck me harder….Aaahhh…Oh yes baby. I am loving it…Aaahhh”
Then she pushed me on the bed, climbed over me, kissed me harder and sat on my dick, guiding it into her pussy with her hands and started riding my dick.

Oh man, what to tell you, she was so aggressively riding my dick, they were the most pleasurable moments of my life…I was enjoying the bouncing of her tits, the view was so majestic that I couldn’t control.

I was about to cum, so I asked her to turn around and started fucking her in doggy style, within 2 mins, I reached the climax and released all the semen inside her.

We both were so tired that we didn’t care about wearing anything. We slept for sometime and again had 2 rounds of vigorous fucking that night.

We both enjoyed each other for almost 1 week and then we came back.

Now we don’t get time as her husband is back but sometimes she share nudes so that I can jerk off watching her.

If you liked my story, give me your valuable feedback @ [email protected]
Thanks for reading:)



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