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October 17, 2018

Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

If I could, I would have told her that mere her sight makes my day.Even on worst days, I used to go to college to have a glimpse of her, to listen to her voice and surrender to her arguments. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl in college but her talks, her attitude and the way she used to carry herself, I just loved her.

Hi Friends,

I am back again with my new true story about my college friend Meghna who used to study with me in BBA.She is 5,6″ tall beautiful girl from Shimla.She has big dark eyes and a beautiful long face always with a smile.Her hairs are long, curly and black and in college, she was 34-30-36, not an ideal figure but her assets used to make me skip a beat, I was so much fan of her fleshy thighs those look so appealing in her tight trousers or jeans.I never liked skinny girls, Meghna was curvy and I loved her that way.I was her good friend we shared everything and spent a great time together.But I never had the courage to let her know my feelings.

If I could, I would have told her that mere her sight makes my day.Even on worst days, I used to go to college to have a glimpse of her, to listen to her voice and surrender to her arguments. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl in college but her talks, her attitude and the way she used to carry herself, I just loved her.

We spent 3 years together and every single day I tried to tell her how much she meant to me, but words always ran short.When I tried to direct our conversations towards my feeling, she used to cunningly escape and let me know about guys whom she liked.For me it was enough to understand what my place was, I was a simple shy guy, she was confident, bubbly and vivacious girl how could I woo her?

By end of last year, she had a fling with another guy in our college who was our senior, good looking and rich in a way he was Meghna ‘s choice, not me.I was not even worthy of expressing my feelings.We left the college and by that time she broke up with him for some reasons.I had lost hopes and we parted our ways after college and I got busy with my business.Although I kept an eye on her whereabouts using Facebook just because her face was a delight to me.Then we lost communication for a couple of years as she went to the USA for her MBA and she never replied to my messages and texts as she got busy with her studies.I got busy with our family business.Days and weeks passed by, finally, my sister got married in the US and after a year or so we planned to make a visit to my sisters home along with my parents.

When I reached the US I messaged Meghna for a rendezvous on facebook, but her account appeared inactive and I had no clue where she lived.So during last week of our stay, my brother in law and I decided to visit Boston as I heard a lot about that place.The day we were checking out, I found none other than, Meghna at the front desk.We couldn’t utter a word for a while, just smile at the face and almost teary eyes.She found an old comforting friend after a long time and I found someone much more than that.I had the happiness to see her but anger for her not understanding me.

She insisted me to stay longer and meet her family, but it wasn’t possible as we had all the tickets booked and changing them was very costly.We exchanged numbers and I flew back home with a heavy heart.Despite all this, I wanted to hug her, but couldn’t because she was married and my family was with me.

Then, again we started talking and chatting and came know that she has a baby girl now.Now my perspective changed towards her and now I took her casually.Then, one day I got her call and she told me she is coming to India and she will be going to Shimla via Delhi.So we could meet,.I readily agreed. I was waiting at Delhi airport for her with her favorite pink roses and there she came.Wow, she looked fabulous, she had tied her curly hairs in a bun and was wearing a white top with a tight black skirt, and a matching jacket for Delhi’s winter. I didn’t know what happened I didn’t care she is alone or with someone, I just hugged her.It was the tightest hug I ever had with someone, she was surprised and laughed to see my reaction.She had come alone to take her mom with her, her daughter didn’t accompany her on this trip.We went to a nearby restaurant to have some food.We talked, we laughed and we drank, she deliberately dodged all her questions about her family.Within minutes, 3 hours passed by.I was drunk, whilst going back to the airport for her connecting flight, I kept my hand on her thigh and said: “I wish I could steal you from Santosh ( her husband), you look so sexy”.After marriage and kid, she had become little voluptuous but not fat at all.

When we reached the airport, we came to know that her flight is delayed by 6 hours due to fog and low visibility.She felt lost, she said she wanted to drink.I noticed that girl who never drank in college was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic.We searched for wine but couldn’t find as it was too late and It wasn’t safe either.So I took her to my place and opened up a bottle of chardonnay wine for her.She took off her jacket and looked stunning in a white blouse and fitting skirts.We drank some wine and she then told me her husband Santosh is absconding, he left in few months when her daughter was born and left her in debt which she is paying by doing 2 jobs.I felt sad and angry for her, for choosing such an ass over me.She felt my agony and as she was before in a flirty manner she rubbed her feet on my leg and said ” Why are you serious honey, let’s enjoy the evening”

I knew she was bullshitting with my emotions as ever and I didn’t care.I started arguing with her for her stupidity.
“Just shut up, will you: she said.
But I continued yelling because I could have helped her.
“shut up or I will” she warned me.
“What will you do?? don’t talk to me like before”??? I screamed.We both were drunk.

She threw wines at my face.”BAMMMM”

I was shocked and stunned and quite.My new dress shirt all painted red now.I rushed to my washroom, took off my shirt and vest and threw in the washing machine for a quick wash.Then I felt two soft hands on my back rubbing me and then they came to the front on my little-hairy chest and Meghna hugged me tightly.

I couldn’t say a word.My whole world melted in the warmth of her hug.I turned around and said, “this means………………..”

and I was shut up with her lips on mine.She kissed me softly, I wrapped my arms around her waist and let myself break loose.I grabbed her head and sucked her lower lip while fondling her back.Meghna was such a great kisser she pushed her tongue into my mouth and rolled it around.I could taste her saliva and wine at the same time.I cupped her breasts and almost ripped open her shirt and hid my face in her plump breast.I kissed and licked her cleavage and her sweat off it, I felt her perfume mixed with her sweat… so erotic.I behaved like a puppy who has met his owner after a long time.I smelt her boobs and planted kisses all over it.Isha was just enjoying that with closed eyes and feeling my rough lips and stubble on her silky skin.

She was playing with my hairs and I was licking and kissing every inch of her body.I licked her neck and then I sucked her earlobes and bit her dimpled cheek which I always wanted.She stared at me trying to figure out my thirst for her.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ she said keeping her finger on my lips and shoving it in my mouth, which I licked readily.

She kissed my chest and rub her face on my broad chest and then she surprised me with a bite on my nipples.First on right, then left and again right and then licked them.She had a thing for manly nipples.Whilst I was trying to loosen up her skirt.She giggled on my failed efforts and slowly and in a sexy manner she kept her hand on the waist and unhooked it and slide her zip slowly just to tease me more as years of the wait wasn’t enough.I took off my pants and was standing in boxer and she was a sexy damsel in marron bra and panty.Her small love handles made her even more attractive.I came on my knee and trying to kiss her legs, but she knew how to play card well.She kept her right foot on my chest.

I held it, I kissed her beautiful foot and took in my hands.I wanted to love every bit of her, I kissed her toes and teasingly she put her toe in my mouth.Damn Meghna, she was always commanding. I licked her toe well and then kissed her calves and then licked her thighs.I rub my face on her inner thighs and the outer portion with my hands.

She loved this.She guided me to her panty which had a wet spot now.With any further delay, I planted my lips on a wet spot of her panty and licked it hard.I rub my lips and pulled it with my teeth.Teasing her to the limits.
“Ahhhhh,,,, uffffffff”

” Man Adeev your are killing me”’
” You naughty son of a bitch”……….

She was a totally crazy American woman, horny as hell.I pulled off her panty to ankles and she dug my face into her cunt.I licked her clit and then pulled the cunt lips with my mouth.I pointed my tongue and shoved and moved it up and down in her pussy and she was oozing juices a lot.Her beautiful face turn pink and her bun set loose and her beautiful curly hairs were all over her shoulders and breast.while licking her I stretched my arms and squeezed her boobs and she slide her bra off from her shoulders to give me more access.to her nipples, they were hard and pointy with me teasing her pussy hard.she kept her hands on my hands.
“Yess squeeze them good.they aren’t been played with since long.,” she said.

I am so wet right now…

She was murmuring.she then pushed me back and slide my boxer off grabbing my cock ” give me that now”

She held and pressed it hard. I thought she gonna suck it but rather.she came closer and rubbed it on her pussy. This was too much I couldn’t control anymore I picked her up in my arms and made her sit at the edge of the vanity cabinet
I pulled her hairs and smooched her and shoved my cock deep into her dripping wet cock hungry pussy

It slides right in as she was wet and very warm.
she spread her legs.wide and I rammed deeper into her
Ahhh..Adeev, you are a nice fuck.

And she wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist.
She wasn’t heavy so I grabbed her ass and made her slide on my shaft up and down.

My fat cock was digging into her pussy with every thrust as I was moving her up and down on my hot rod like a doll.
She was enjoying it and clinging to me and I would lift her and make her fall on my cock..with every thrust I tore her pussy inch by inch.Her curly hairs were bouncing to my shots and she was busy sucking my lips.

My cock went completely in her and my balls were slapping her pussy.

She was all crazy and sweaty jumping on my cock swinging her head.

She was all in love with my 7″ cock and 3″ thickness.Then, I stopped and I pulled out.
“Suck me, baby,” I demanded.

I’ll.do better” she replied and came down on her knees and she grabbed my cock up and dug her face into my balls and sucked them one by one softly.


I was moaning in pleasure.then she slides her finger in my ass.
Ohh, God…. Is this for real?
I can’t explain how it felt, pleasure, shock, and disgust at same.time.

And she was grabbing my tool whilst licking my balls and fingering my ass.

I couldn’t stand tall, I grabbed the door. In a.minute I shot loads, the best cum I ever had, I jizz it accidentally on her hairs and face.

“Lick it off my face” she screamed.i was shocked.but she laughed and licked it herself and then smooched me

“You are such a.baby” she teased me again.

“But, your baby isn’t done yet” I replied.my cock was still.semi-erect after the best handjob I got.

I picked.her up in my arms now and took her to my bedroom and dropped her on my bed.she crawled quickly to my cock and now she kissed it and then pulled it foreskin back and licked the cum on my cock.

She ran her tongue over its head. It was fat and red and burning.Felt so nice I was running my fingers through her hairs.
“Let’s get into 69, I always wanted to eat your ass.since college. ” I said.

“Eat it now” and she quickly sat on my face with her face towards my cock and she adjusted my mouth in her butt.she ass cheeks were round tight and spotless.i was rubbing, squeezing and spanking them.I ran my tongue from her pussy tasting my own juices to her asshole. It was clean and tight.

She moaned as I ran my tongue there she was sucking cock and blowing it back to erection with her lips.

I never thought those lips that I longed to kiss would be rubbing against my fat cock one-day .Meghna sucked it real good and in a couple of minutes, I was rock hard as it was my first blowjob. This story is written by [email protected]

She was kneading her ass on my lips as I licked her asshole good.
“You are such a darling” she complimented.

And she turned towards me and smooched me.
“Now.you fuck me,” I asked her.

She kept.her hand on my chest and with other she guided my cock into her pussy.
A moan slipped her lips as she sat on my tool.
“Adeev….. It feels so good.” I kept my hand on her mouth to shut her up and she sucked my thumb.she sucked it like my cock.i was getting super horny looking at her face sucking my thumb and as she was jumping and fucking my cock.
I then grabbed her ass to support her and pushed her up and down on my tool.

She slapped me and yelled “I said faster”
“Ahhhhahhhhh”and she collapsed on.my chest as she cum hard on my cock.I could feel her juices flowing on my cock but I wasn’t done yet.
I push her aside and turned her with her back up and came over her.I bite her back and grabbed her hairs with one hand and with other I lifted her tummy up and shoved my cock straight into her pussy.
Ahhhh wai…. She was about to interrupt me.but I was damn horny.

I just lifted her ass little.further to get better and deeper penetration and pushed her head into the pillow.she was all under my control.
I spanked her.

Spank KKK

And grabbed her ass cheeks and rammed cock hard into her pussy from behind.I grabbed her beautiful hairs and pulled them towards me so that she would arch her back.
Whilst riding her in doggy position, every incident when she took me for granted, made fun of me and ditched me for a douche bags crossed my mind and made me furious.I was literally raping her. She was.exhausted and had totally surrendered to my need.she grabbed the bed sheet with her hands as my cock was pumping her pussy violently.

my thighs slapping her ass.she started enjoying even more and was moving her ass in rhythm to my strokes.she grabbed and split her ass cheeks to give me more room.my balls slapped her with each stroke.I pulled her hairs and slapped her ass cheeks and was pinching her boobs.All my frustration of love and wait was making me wild in bed.

“I am.cumming”
“I am cumming”.I yelled aloud.

And I pulled out right in time and I tried to shove my cock in her mouth.I wanted to make her have my cum, which she hungrily gulped.

I crashed on her and spooned her and we slept naked all night.
She stayed with me for 3 nights and then left for Shimla to her mom.

Now we are in friends with benefits mode and she is happy that I as a friend completed her life in all respects.

If you guys like this story please email me to encourage me.Girls, women, and ladies message me for friendship, chat or fun at [email protected]



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