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October 17, 2018

Feeling Warm With Sister

Feeling Warm With Sister

We reached our destination in few hours,a hillstation, it wasn’t really far from my place, all along the trip i took utmost care of her making sure i was always there for her. I could see that the lost smile of hers was trying to get back on her face as she kept herself busy looking at the beauty of the nature. By the time we reached the cottage that i booked, it was already evening. I ordered dinner for us after we got refreshed, we had dinner.

We are a well to do family with my mom, dad, me and my sis. I stay in pune due to work and used to visit my hometown occasionally. My sis Aditi(21) was about to get married in a couple of months to a software engineer. I was so happy for her, i made sure i came home every weekend to home to support my mom n dad for all the formalities of engagement and marriage. It was a busy time at home, so my parents asked me to take a long leave. It was tough for me to get leaves but somehow i managed with my supervisor and started home. I took a bus, as it was just overnight journey to my hometown i reached in the morning.

As soon as i reached home, i learnt that the marriage was called off by my parents as they found out that the guy was already in a relationship with someone else. It was devastating news for my family, especially my sis who couldn’t control herself as she kept on weeping for days. We tried to console her a lot, but she preferred to be alone and wept in her room. It was a difficult time for us, and i called up my supervisor to make him understand the situation as i needed an extension for leave. He readily agreed as he felt its right for me to stay with my family in this situation. I was getting really concerned for my sis as she wasnt really herself from the day marriage got cancelled. One of my friends suggested me that its better to take her on a trip just away from the place, as he thought some change would benefit her and she could get back to normal self. I thought it was a good idea and asked my parents about it, they too agreed and asked me to take her somewhere nice.. My parents couldn’t join us as they had to take care of the cancellations of other stuff they booked, so they insisted i take my sis alone. We were apprehensive as to what aditi would say, but she just nodded and agreed.

We reached our destination in few hours,a hillstation, it wasn’t really far from my place, all along the trip i took utmost care of her making sure i was always there for her. I could see that the lost smile of hers was trying to get back on her face as she kept herself busy looking at the beauty of the nature. By the time we reached the cottage that i booked, it was already evening. I ordered dinner for us after we got refreshed, we had dinner.

Aditi was still a lil moody as she didnt really eat much, i tried to cheer her up by talking about my friends and jokes we make on our colleagues and managers. She tried to laugh but i could see she was still sad, after sometime she told me she wanted to sleep and went to her room. As i was about to go to sleep, i remembered i had bought her a gift – it was her favourite color red saree. I just got up from my bed, took the gift and went to her room, knocked on it..She opened the door as i said to her, “aditi, i want to give you something…Shall i come inside?”

She replied, “oh please come” looking at the gift in my hands, she said, “bhaiyya, i am not in a mood for gifts..Please..”

I tried to calm her as i kept the gift in her hands and said, “just for my sake, once see it. Only if you like it, take it otherwise we will leave it”

She reluctantly opened the gift but as soon as she opened, she couldn’t take her eyes off it..As she looked at me with tears in her eyes, “bhaiyya..Please forgive me..”

I wiped her tears and told her, “dont be silly aditi, why should i forgive you? You have not done anything wrong”

“no bhaiyya, i was so selfish that i totally forgot that you and mom-dad were trying to help me out and i always kept you distanced” she started crying keeping her head on my shoulder as i soothed her back trying to calm her down…

“its okay sis, you are my sweet lil sis…I understand its been difficult for you…But trust me everything would be fine..Its just a passing cloud..I am glad you understood mom and dad’s concerns”

As i calmed her down, she slowly stopped weeping and looked up at me, “i never thought you’d remember my fav color”

I just smiled looking at her smile which was so relieving to see after a long time, “sis, dont you ever keep that sad face…You know you dont look good when you are sad, promise me you will always keep smiling no matter what”

She nodded and promised me as she stood up and told me, “shall i try the dress bhaiyya?”

Seeing her enthusiasm, i felt good and said, “ok…I will wait in the hall…You can change and come there”

After sometime, as i was sitting near the fireplace as it was getting colder i put some logs and kept fire…I heard my sister’s voice, “bhaiyya?”

I turned around to look at her, for once i forgot she was my sis and saw her as a pretty girl who would give any guy a run for his heart…I just gulped a lil, realizing she was my sister i clapped and said, “wow sis, you look great in that dress”

She shyly came and sat near me, “thanks bhaiyya”

I looked at her as i felt something changed in her, i never knew she looked so pretty as the fire light lit her face, she was looking more beautiful. She caught me stealing glances at her as she cleared her throat and said, “it is a very nice dress bhaiyya…Thank you so much”

I just tried to be normal although my mind has already started fighting saying she is so beautiful, but i kept myself in control thinking its wrong to feel that way about my sister.. I would have been in control, but suddenly my sis stood up and started walking towards the fireplace to put more logs into it..As she did that, she bent forward giving me a nice view of her curvy hip line..Accidentally my eyes also measured the roundness of her boobs over the dress…

She came back and sat beside me speaking about the dress. Although i was listening to her, my eyes were looking at her lips. It was something new to me, as i never felt such way with my sis. I didnt know why i was feeling like that, but i couldn’t stop imagining things looking at her…I tried to smile but sensing something was making me uncomfortable she asked, “bhaiyya, what happened? Are you feeling sleepy?”

I thought i better get to sleep, so i would avoid any wrong feelings..So i said, “yes sis, feeling so sleepy…Is it ok if we talk tomorrow?”

She nodded, “sure bhaiyya…”

We said good night and went to our rooms..I was unable to sleep for long thinking what i just saw..Then i heard a knock on my door, i opened as i saw my sis standing in front of me and asking, “am so sorry bhaiyya..But is it ok if i sleep with you here for tonight? I dont want to feel lonely” she asked innocently…

I couldn’t say no, although i was horny after all she was my sis and it was my duty to make sure she was alright, i allowed her in. She sat on the bed waiting for me to join…I just sat beside her and looked at her, she changed into her nightgown and was looking even more sexy.. Clearing my thoughts, i told her, “ok then, seems like its not a big bed…But hope you could adjust..”

She nodded as she moved up and laid aside giving me space to lay…I lay beside her not facing her but looking up the wall…Our shoulders were touching as we tried to make ourselves comfortable she suggested, “bhaiyya, i think its better we turn sideways..” and she turned towards me…I too turned towards her facing her now…She smiled at me and said, “i guess it was in childhood we slept in the same bed”

I nodded, “it was fun in those days”

She moved a lil closer saying, “its so cold here…”

“ya sis..Very cold” i moved closer too..Now we were almost touching each other.

“bhaiyya..Please keep your arm around me..I feel so cold”

I put my arm around her with nervousness…She suddenly put her arm around me and moved more close…I felt her boobs touching my chest…It was going out of control..And i was forgetting the fact that we are sibling as i didnt know when i started caressing her back and she was just smiling at me and saying, “bhaiyya, thats nice please keep doing..It makes me feel warm”

My evil mind was forming a plan already, i knew it was wrong but somehow i thought why not? As she was looking so sexy and my desires were overtaking my mind..Before i could think more i felt her moving more close to me that i felt her legs touching mine…

I decided at that moment that i was gonna have my own sis tonight…So i slowly kept caressing her back as i moved more closer and whispered into her ear, “sis, i think its better we hug each other so you could feel more warm..”

To my surprise she smiled seductively and said, “sure bro..”

I slowly slipped my other hand under her and started hugging her with lust…My sister was not reluctant as she put her arms around me and let me hug her…It was a surprise for me as i wondered if she knew what i was upto..As i was hugging her…My hardness started increasing and i felt it touching her thighs as we hugged each other more…

She kept whispering into my ear, “oh bhaiyya, you are so good to me…I am feeling warmer now..Please dont leave me”

I looked at her face that was so pretty as i rolled over her, i laid on her and gave her a small kiss on her lips, and waited what she would say, she just lowered her eyes and smiled.

I gave her small kisses on her lips and said, “how can i leave you my dear? You are my sweet lil sis..”

“oh bhaiyya…” she slowly started moaning with pleasure as i touched her waist and caressed her there over her nightgown…”you are such a sweet bro”

As i continued to kiss her now with more passion, i told her, “sis, i think its better we exchange more of our body heat”

She smiled at me shyly and said, “how to do that bhaiyya?”

“we should remove our clothes for it, is that ok for you?”

She made her eyes big in shock, “bhaiyya, but am your sister…Is it ok for a brother to see his sister without clothes?”

I smiled at her as i slowly started lifting her nightgown to her thighs, “its ok dear..We are just going to help each other to make ourselves warm..”

She was trying to stop me from lifing her nightgown but she was not really fighting it, and i didnt waste any time in making her total naked…As i made myself naked, she closed her eyes with her hands on her face…I looked at her young nubile breasts and cunt that was so sexy waiting for me to fuck it nicely…

I touched her cunt as she jumped in excitement grabbing my hand, “ahh bhaiyya…” i moved over her and started kissing her on lips saying, “just relax sis…We will become warm” i wanted to tease her more so i slid one of my fingers into her pussy and started pressing my thumb on her clit…

She bit her lower lip and looked at me, “bhaiyyyaa….You are so good to me…Keep doing it bhaiyyaa..Feeling good”

I smiled at her as i started sucking on her breasts, i told her, “what a big assets you have sis…They are so soft”

She was moaning with pleasure, “ahhhh ahhh…Yes bhaiyya…”

I slowly took her hand and kept it on my hand…She shivered at its touch but looked at it with shy and innocently started stroking it…I commented her, “wow sis, you are so natural in it…”

She giggled, “thanks bhaiyya…”

I tweaked her nipples and sucked on them.. As she squealed with pleasure, “ahhhh ohhh bhaiyya…What are you doing to them?”

I removed my finger from her pussy and rolled over her, rubbing my cock on her pussy,i looked down at her as she kept moaning looking at me, “ahhh bhaiyya..Dont do like that…We are brother sister…Its incest…Not good please…” but she was moving her hips to take my cock inside her pussy that was so wet with her juices…

I smiled at her, “nobody will know about this sis…It would be a secret between you and me…You are so sexy and beautiful…Dont you like your brother’s cock? Look at it how it is longing to enter your pussy?”

She moaned under me rubbing her pussy slit onto my cock, “oh bhaiyya…I cant see you sad..Please enter me, please take me tonight…Make me urs tonight…Please bhaiyya…Its ok, i understand … I wont tell this to anyone”

I was so amazed to see my sister was so understanding as i slowly entered my cock into her pussy, she gasped and jumped…I grabbed her by waist and kept entering, i saw tears in her eyes as my cock stretched her pussy…I continued to kiss her to make her feel lil pain as i entered more of my cock feeling her tightness of the cunt… I made her relax to get her uncomfortable with my cock in her pussy as i slowly started fucking her, pushing in and out of her pussy…”oh sis, i cant believe i am fucking you…I never thought i would do this to you”

“ohhh ahhh hmmm maaaa…Bhaiyyaa…I also never thought we would end up like this..But its so good bhaiyyaaa…Please do more…” she squirmed under me like a snake taking my thrusts more deeper …

I started speaking bad words to her as i started fucking her harder, “what a slut you are sis? Fuck you sis…Fuck you bitch…Take my cock…Yesss…You are such a fuckable piece”

She smiled at me as she said, “yess bro…I am your fucking sister..Fuck me behenchod…Fuck me sisterfucker…Fuck your sister’s pussy nicely”

She was looking more hot as she spoke bad words…As we kept on fucking…Our bodies became hotter as we felt each other with lust…Passion was so intense her moans and cries were filling the cottage..I kept smooching her and marauding her breasts as we fucked each other, “ahh sis…Your cunt is so tight…Are you virgin?”

“yessss ahhhhh ohhhh…You are my first bro…Keep fucking me brooo…Am about to cummmm bhaiyyyyaaa”

I felt spurt rising in my cock, as it twitched …Her pussy suddenly clenched it tight and she started squirming under me with noises, “ahhhhhhh ohohhhh ahhmmm mmamaaammm oh my god oh my god…Am cumminggggg” i suddenly started going faster and harder fucking her pussy that my whole body jerked and fell on her as my cock spill jets of cum inside her…Spurt after spurt i filled her pussy as she hugged me tightly letting me empty myself in her… As our bodies intensity came down..We looked at each other and laughed…

I said, “it was great to fuck you sis…”

She smiled shyly, “yes bhaiyya…You fucked me so good…No one will ever know about this..” she kissed me on lips…

I kissed her back saying, “no one will ever know about this my lil sis…”

————————————————————————–the end———————————————————————————————————————

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