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October 17, 2018

Fantasies Came Real With Kanan Bhabhi – Part VI

Fantasies Came Real With Kanan Bhabhi – Part VI

She said that brother was not feeling well and he wants to sleep and relax so if I can get the medicine for him. I said no issues and told her that I will get that. Now my dirty mind was making new plans now. I went to my friends shop and got the same sleeping pills again. I went to my brothers room and asked him about his condition, Kanan bhabhi was also present there.

Welcome all my readers to the 6th part of my story with my Kanan bhabhi, as all of you know last episode I managed to have a partial fuck with my kanan bhabhi when I slipped her some sleeping pill and had great fun. So coming back from that incident, few days went away and we didn’t get any chance to get close and personal.

I was dying to get close with her, I knew that she was also but the situation never allowed us to do so. I wanted to repeat the fuck with her again but someone or other was always making my plans go in water. So after a week or so, I was studying in my room in evening and I saw Kanan bhabhi coming in my room. She asked for the same medicine for my brother which I gave her [part 5, when I fucked her].

She said that brother was not feeling well and he wants to sleep and relax so if I can get the medicine for him. I said no issues and told her that I will get that. Now my dirty mind was making new plans now. I went to my friends shop and got the same sleeping pills again. I went to my brothers room and asked him about his condition, Kanan bhabhi was also present there.

I told brother that take this medicine and sleep tight, morning you will be ok. We both had our room on the first floor and both our room was having a common door, which was always closed for obvious reasons. I told bhabhi there only that “Bhabhi, keep the door open tonight so that if you ask for help I can come in.” Brother also agreed to that without any issue and said “yeah abhi, you are right. Kanan open the door so that you can call abhi any time.”

I had a smile on my face and I can see a glimpse of a naughty smile on Kanan bhabhis face also. We both knew what that means. I came from her room and bhabhi followed with me, while coming down from stairs she asked “Is it the same medicine that you gave me abhi?” In reply I said “yeah bhabhi, it’s the same. He will sleep like a baby after having that.” after that she said “I have opened the door abhi, please don’t hesitate to come to check on your brother.”

I laughed and said “yeah bhabhi, I will, don’t you worry. Any ways that way I can check on you also na…ha ha ha…” She gave me a naughty smile and pinched my arms with a giggle. I was now waiting for my opportunity at night. I had a feeling that this could be my lucky night. We all had dinner by 10 and I came in my room after that.

After some time kanan bhahi came to my room and said “Abhi I gave your brother 2 pills, is that OK?” I said “yeah bhabhi but 1 would have also did the job” she said “no he was not feeling ok so I gave 2 so that he can have a deep sleep.” Saying that she added “I have opened the door from our side.” Saying so I went to the door and unhooked my side of the lock and there it was the way to her room and most probably my lucky night.

She smiled and left my room, I saw brother was already on the bed. So I closed my door once again and now it was waiting time. My heart was beating so fast, I was unable to wait for more. To distract my mind I went downstairs to watch TV. There was some movie coming so I almost forget what’s waiting for me upstairs. It almost watched around 2 hours and then I realized that I have wasted my time here too much.

So I switched of the TV and went to my room, everyone in my house was now asleep by now. It was almost 12:30 in the night. I locked my room main door and then silently open the common door. I had an excellent excuse tonight that I was checking brother’s health tonight if anyone asks. There was only a night light in that room so I also switched off my rooms light so that no one gets disturbed.

I slowly with light legs went to their bed, I saw brother sleeping and he was snoring like anything. He usually has a bad habit of that but today that was a sign that he was in deep sleep. It was like a signal that I am in sleep so you can do whatever I want. He was sleeping on the far side of the bed and kanan bhabhi was sleeping on the side if the common door.

She was wearing a red capri below and on top she was wearing night suit with button all the way down. She was sleeping on her back; I can see her lovely love melons going up and down with her breath. I waited on her side about 5 mins to check whether both were sleeping or not. I see no movement from both and it was like a green signal for me to complete my incomplete task.

Slowly I went to her side of the bed; she was lying down with her one arm on her eyes. She was looking so beautiful in the night light that was there. I can hear her breathing in that silence. Only thing was disturbing was my brother snoring but today that was my signal that he is sleeping and I can do anything with my sexy kanan bahabhi. I slowly took the hairs from her face.

I can see her slim lips, I wanted to suck them so badly now. I came close and put a kiss on her lips. After that kiss my cock started to erect now. I kissed her again and this time I took my tongue and licked her juicy lips. Ohh it was such a strange taste but let me tell you it was so incredible. Her lips felt like a so silky and smooth. I saw her face while kissing and she seems like she was in sleep.

After that I slowly put one hand on her one of the boobs and cupped the total boobs of her. I put my hands very lightly so that she will not feel my hands. I was moving my hands in the rhythm of her breath. I can feel the completeness and roundness of her boobs on the palms of my hands now. I was looking at my brother also to check whether he is in sleep or not. It was now quite risky as I was rubbing his wife in front of him only.

I started to put some pressure in her boobs now; I can feel my hands pressing her soft boobs now. Ohhh it was so soft, I can feel her bra lines also. But bra!!!! That means I need to work harder to get access to her naked boobs now. I kept pressing her one side of the boobs with one hand for quite some time. I don’t see any movement from her so I took the next step. There was buttons from the top of the top to her waist. It was almost 6 buttons in total.

I just repositioned myself a bit low and picked her top from her waist. I started to unbutton her top from below. The first 2 buttons opened without any issue. I can see her naked waist now. And in between her lovely slim white waist I can see her deep naval hole. Her naval hole was in particular very sexy. Her naval was small in size but very deep and I knew she was very sensitive there as I already touched her there quite a few times and every time she got turned on by that.

But today I didn’t want to turn her on right now so I kept her naval as is. Today my mission was bigger than just rubbing her. I can see her capri border starting way down from her naval. I then turned my attention to the next button, it was not opening with my one hand so I slowly put my both the hands at work and then it came out. I opened her top with the 3 button open, it had made her naked up to her chest now. I can see her bra line now. All the rest buttons were on her boobs now.

I put my naked palm on her naked waist…..ohhh she was so smooth and soft there. She did twitched herself a bit when I touched her but I was sure that I can go ahead with that as she allowed me that last time also [Previous part]. I kept rolling my hands on her opened area for some time; my fingers were touching her bra border as a result of that. Then after some time I slowly picked her top from her chest with one hand and with the other hand very carefully unbutton her 2 more buttons.

Now only one button was holding her top on her now. I can see both her bra cups covering her mountain of love. Her cleavage was so tight with that tight bra of hers. She must been had the best boobs in the entire world was my thinking at that point of time. With a lot of guts I lifted her top with one hand and unbutton her last remaining button that was holding her top on top.

Wow now the prize of my all hard work was there, is took the side of her top and slipped them apart disclosing the view of her red bra covering her boobs now. I never saw her like that, ohh it was a view to remember. Her boobs were half covered with her bra and the curve of her boobs starting from her chest was so prominent. It was like defying the law of gravity as it was so erected from her chest.

I kept seeing her like that for alteast 5 mins, still that scene deserved more than that. I looked her once and then check my brother; both were not making any movement till now. I came close to her and placed my fingers in between her boobs now. I was feeling her cleavage line now. ohh it was so tight with both of her boobs pressing on each other now. Her upper body was now only covered with that small red bra of hers.

I pressed my fingers against her cleavage and my fingers went inside her bra now. My fingers were pushed all against her opulent boobs now. With one finger in her bra I placed my other hand on her bra now. I can feel the naked ness of her boobs which was not covered by her bra in my palms. I kept pressure on them and her round boobs was now getting out of shape with my pressure.

I can see more of her boobs getting out of her bra now. I still kept my fingers inside her bra while pressing and pumping her boobs alternatively one my one. With each pump of her boobs it felt her boobs were getting larger and larger and it can come out of her little bra at any time. I was wearing only a boxer that time and my cock was like tent there. I started to rub my cock on the side of her bed while I was playing with her boobs now.

Now her breathing had got heavy and now I was accustomed with that. I knew she was getting excited by now. I increased my pressure on her boobs and grabbed her complete boobs on my hand and started to press them quite hard now. I took my finger from her cleavage and put both my hands on both of her boobs and started to pump them. Her boobs were almost coming out of her bra now. I wanted to take her bra off also but the hook of the bra was on her back and I couldn’t reach there.

I was so excited now; I bend myself and started to lick her waist now. I put my tongue in the deep naval of her and started to lick here there. Now she was getting restless now. She was moving her torso now with every swipe of my tongue on her deep naval hole. With the excitement all around she then put her other hands also of her head and now it was like an open invitation to me that come eat me tonight. I was licking her from the top of her waist to all the way down to her naval hole, she was carving her back in air a little with every turn I was making like that.

With both the hands on her head now her boobs were looking bigger in size now. I can see the erectness of her boobs where her nipples should be buried down inside her bra. I went for her nipples from the top of her bra and took a smile bite of her boobs on top of her bra only. Ohhh her bra was having the scent of her boob. I can feel the erectness of her nipple from inside her bra.

I then moved a little up and licked the portion of her boobs which was naked. Ohh my god……my tongue was working like a machine swiping her whole body with that. I started to lick all over and also her cleavage now. With one eye on my brother and one on bhabhi I was licking her boobs all over now. I knew by that time she must know what I was doing but she always wanted to be our relation like this and I had absolutely no objection on that.

Now I wanted more, so this time I started to pull her capri from down her legs, it came up to her knees without any issue. Then it was stuck as she was sleeping on that, but this time she started to cooperate here with me. She lifted her legs a little just to make her capri go up and above. I took my opportunity and slipped my hands inside her thighs now. Wow she was so smooth there.

I kept pulling it more and more and she was also letting me do that. In no time I almost reached her inner thighs making her whole legs naked up to that. I can see her panty from below her capri now. I came close to her waist area and pulled her capri one last time and it came up from her ass also now. Now only panties were covering her most private part of her body now.

I placed her capri on her waist and took a second to look the beauty of her almost naked body. Her panty was covering her from her pubic area to her pussy in between her legs. I didn’t knew but I bend down and placed a kiss over her pubic area now. She let go a moan like ahhhhhhhhhhh and lifted her waist in the air when I did that. When I kissed her I can sense some of her trimmed hairs on her pubic area.

Then again I swiped my tongue over her pubic area to down to her pussy on top of her panty only. Now it was making her mad and she was raising her torso in excitement now. I can believe my guts and luck as my brother was sleeping next to me when I am doing all these. I can feel the crack of her pussy on my tongue when I swiped her pussy now, a strange but an intoxicating scent of her pussy was coming out.

While third swipe I took her panty border from her waist in my lips and pulled that down a bit exposing her trimmed hairs on her pubic part. Oh my god that was the most beautiful garden I ever seen. Her pubic area curve was like a well baked caked, very swollen in shape. I pulled her panty with one finger a bit and started to lick her there. Now I can see her hands holding the rods of the bed in excitement. That meant she was awake but still didn’t want to open it to me.

I kept my work as usual and kept pulling her panty down, now I can see her start of her pussy crack where clit is located. I just grabbed her clit with my lips and started to lick, ohhh she was in mood now. She raised her ass in the air when I touched her clit with my wet tongue. Her clit was getting erected as same as my cock was also getting erected now.

When she lifted her ass in the air I pulled her panty more down from her ass making her pussy open now. Her panty was now almost down to her thighs now exposing the naked jackpot in front of me. I decided to take that out today and pulled her panty and in no time I took her whole panty out of her legs. Now she was absolutely naked down exposing her pussy to me now.

After taking the panty out I put that in my pocket and came closer to her pussy now. Her thighs were closed so I couldn’t get access to her pussy completely here. I came down and started to lick on her clit and in that time I started to pull her legs apart. She was resisting that move but I kept on spreading them apart now. It was now and never for me. With some force I made her legs a spread a bit and in that time I slipped my tongue in her pussy crack.

The moment I did that she closed her legs on my head making my head stuck in between her legs now. it was like a gold mine for me, I started to lick more on her pussy lips, ohhhhh it was so soft and swollen now. I can feel the wetness of her pussy now, I took her pussy lips on my lips and started to pull them and suck them. More I was playing more se was pressing her legs on my head.

I looked her once and saw she was biting her lips with her closed eyes. I knew I have made her reach to the 7th heaven. I just pushed my face deep in her pussy now, and pushed my tongue in between her pussy crack. Now I was swiping her pussy crack with my tongue. I can hear a little moaning, she was also careful not to wake up brother who is sleeping next to her.

After some time I came up from her pussy and now it was like crazy. I wanted to fuck her tonight. I removed my boxer there and came on top of her now. It was the first time I was so bold now. She didn’t anticipated that move and when I came on top of hers she opened her eyes and looked at me and whispered “abhi!!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing????????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I smiled and said “bhabhi which I should have done a lot earlier.” Saying that I put my face into her cleavage and started to rub there. My naked cock was now rubbing her thighs now. She kept saying “no abhi no……not now….ahhhh no ummmmmmmmmmm ” I knew her no was not a NO from her side. I kept rubbing my cock on her pussy top. She actually closed her thighs when I came on top of her. With my face on her boobs I pulled her bra out and made her both the boobs naked now. With no waste of time I just took her nipple and started to suck them.

When I did that she moved a little an opened her legs a bit, and that was enough. I pushed my cock there and now my cock was rubbing against her pussy now. my cock was in vertically rubbing against her pussy crack. She kept whispering no no no but with a lot of moan like “nooooo ahhhhhhhh naaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm abhi nannnnnn ummmmmmmmmmmmmm”

I was sucking her nipples like anything now and it was the first time it was open to bith of us. With some pressure I was able to open her legs a bit to put my thighs in between her thighs. I was with her bed naked on top of her naked body while her husband was sleeping feet away. Now my brother has become husband of kanan bhabhi and not my brother. I kept rubbing her pussy crack with my cock all the time while I was biting and sucking her nipples and boobs.

Then I just moved a little back and positioned my cock on top of her pussy hole. I was now ready for her fuck and with a little pressure I just pushed my cock a little inside her pussy. She just lifted her ass from the bed and grabbed my cock with her hands which was just going inside her pussy. My top part of cock was still inside her pussy now. She grabbed my cock and said “abhi no…….not this…please…” I came closer to her and said “bhabhi please one time please….” I kept pushing my cock but she was holding my cock on her pussy gate.

She was moaning like anything but she was not allowing also to fuck me. She said “your brother abhi………..please don’t do that my dear….” I said in return “bhabhi he is sleeping na….please bhabhi……ahhhhhh” she kept saying no but I knew she wanted me to fuck her. Then I said “bhabhi lets go to my room na……please bhabhi…” She said in a heavy breath “ahhhhhhhhhh na abhiiiiiiii please don’t make me……” I kissed her lips and then put my hand on her back and lifted her up.

My cock was still inside her pussy now, she was a bit shocked when I did that but she didn’t resist my move. I grabbed her from her back and then I made her sit with her legs around my waist. Still my cock was parked in her pussy and by now she already let go my cock to hold me also. Slowly I lifted her ass from her bed and took her in my arms and got down from the bed. I adjusted her making her go up a little and in the process my cock went more inside her pussy.

She just grabbed my back with all her strength and scratched my back with her big nails in excitement. I started to walk with her on my arms and my cock in her pussy now. She was getting so excited and same was with me also. I came to my room and grabbed her more and gave a thrust to her pussy making my 80% of cock in her pussy. She moaned loud and said”

Kanan: Ohhhhhhh abhi…….what has you done to me……now I am….ahhhhhhhhhh
Me: Bhabhi you are so sexy bhabhi…..how can I resist myself bhabi….
Kanan: you must have planned all these naughty…..fucking your bhabhi was always your plan….[with that she started to snatch more.]
Me: Bhabhi ahhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss bhabhi more……….[I was loving the pain I was getting with her scratch if her nails on my back]
Kanan: I knew today you will do your mischief that’s why I gave your those pills…..
Me: Ha ha ha bhabhi…. Looks like the pills are working as expected.
Kanan: I knew it will work abhi….last time what you did to me with that I knew [previous part when I fucked her almost after giving her tat pill.]

I was a little taken back with her answer but anyways I knew she was cooperating all the way. Then I put her on my bed and took my cock from her pussy. She let go a loud moan when my cock came out of her juicy hot pussy. She was lying down on my bed with her bra which was not covering her boobs and with her capri. I came down on her and pulled her capri down, it was tied with a knot on her waist and she smiled and looked at me and then opened the knot so that I can pull that thing out of her.

She was lying down on my bed with her legs hanging from my bed, so I took her capri from down and then pulled that. As she already undid her knot of her capri I pulled it started to come down from her waist. It was bit stuck under her ass so she raised her ass in the air and at that moment I pulled the capri down and took from her legs. Now she was all naked down her legs and on top her unbuttoned top with her boobs pulled out from her bra was hanging.

She looked at me and said “So now you are happy, at last you made me naked abhi.”
Me: Uffff bhabhi, you look so gorgeous like this
Kanan : with a big sigh ahhhhhhhhh you naughty…don’t you get ashamed to make you bhabhi naked.
Me : ha ha ha bhabhi…..today you are my mam…not my bhabhi……..
Kanan: ohhhhh really…..so what are you planning now….ha ha ha….

I came close and took her legs on my hands and spread those. Now her swollen pussy was so visible to me. I can see the pussy crack opening and the pink pussy lips of her. She was so excited that her pussy was like breathing, stretching and contracting… I bend down and put my face down and rubbed my face on top of her pussy crack. She just moaned like anything when I did that…she moaned like “uuuummmmmaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh abhiiiiiiiiiiiii naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” I was getting encouraged with her moaning now. With my face deeply buried in between her legs I pushed my hands towards her boobs and grabbed them.

Her bra was only thing covering her now, I wanted to take that out so I pulled that bra and in the heat of the moment I might pulled it hard and it just tore from her cups and fell apart. In that situation neither I minded nor did she mind about her tore bra. I grabbed her boobs and started to pump them as hard as I can get while sucking her juicy pussy. She was getting real wet and there was some wet sticky juice was coming out from her pussy crack.

I took her nipples on my fingers and started to rub them and rub them hard. She was like going crazy with her moan “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh uuiiiiimaaaaaaaaaa ummmmmmmmmm yesssssssss” I was swiping my tongue all over her pussy also. She was raising her back to give me full access of her pussy. She almost raised herself a foot from my bed and she was pushing her pussy more into my face to be licked and sucked. I was sucking her juicy pussy lips with my lips.

After some time I took my face to gather my breath…she was on the bed twisting her body like a fish which came out of water. She was in all moods to get fucked now. I looked at her and took my t-shirt and boxer out. Now we both were completely naked, not even a thread was covering both of us. I said “ohhh bhabhi…..looks like you are so thirsty…” she smiled and said “yeah abhi…….please come and end my thrist” with that she opened her hands to pull me in.

I came on top of her and kissed her on her lips; she grabbed me and started to scratch all over my naked back and ass. While sucking her lips my chest was crushing her boobs and nipples. I put my groin area on her torso, my cock was on her pubic area and my balls were actually rubbing her clit now. I was rubbing my cock there on her pubic hairs and my balls were getting crushed on her pussy slit. She was making sound like “ummmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm”

She then moved her torso a little and moved a bit up, with that movement my cock slipped from her pubic area to her pussy slit now. She was making my cock in contact with her pussy now; I parted my lips from her lips and looked at her. She was breathing so heavy and her face was red with excitement. I then stared to move my groin area on her pussy slit making my cock up and down. She said with a kind of relief “ahhhh abhi yesssss slow dear….i love that…” I told her “bhabhi you tell me what else you like, I can do anything for you.”

She just hugged my tightly and said “ohhh abhi I love you…….” I also responded hugging her tightly and started to rub my cock on her pussy slit now. She then moved a up a little that made my cock go down to her pussy slit, she moved a little and now my cock was now on to her pussy hole now. She was adjusting my cock to be inserted in her juicy pussy.

She whispered in my ears “ahhhh abhi please put in inside na…” I looked at her and smiled and then started to push my cock in her pussy. My cock was slipping out of her pussy hole. She was so restless to get fucked she put her hand down and she took my cock in her hand and put my cock tip on her pussy hole, then she said to me “abhi now pushhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh” she almost spread her pussy slit for me and pushed my top of the cock in her wet warm pussy.

I moved my groin area and pushed my cock into her pussy now, it went almost half inside her pussy. Oh my god she was so wet and hot inside. She wrapped her hands on my shoulders and pulled me more. Her nails were pressing in my shoulders now, ohhh the pain was so intense of her nails starching my shoulder but it was so much fun. With all my effort I moved more and pushed more into her pussy.

She just like was pause it that moment of time, she said “ahhh abhi…..to the left push dear….yesss like that..” she wanted me to push more on her left side of her pussy walls, later I found that her g-spot was here and she wanted to get rubbed there. I also did the same as she asked me, her pussy was very tight and my cock was rubbing against her pussy walls while going in.

She said in a heavy breathing way “yesss abhiiiii yesss more more….dear push more please…..” I started to move my groin area more and more into her pussy and more I was drilling her pussy more she was pulling me. I took her nipples in my mouth and started to suck them as hard as I can while fucking her now. Now I almost put my whole cock inside her tight pussy now.

Now I started to move my cock inside her pussy now, I started to move my cock in and out movement and with each move she was carving for more. She raised her ass in the air to accommodate more into her pussy. I was doing it real slow at first and my cock was going rubbing against her pussy walls. After some time of slow movement she started to pick up.

She was raising her pussy to move in and out my cock. She said with a lots of moan “ahhh abhi make it fast….fast dear… fast fuck me fast abhi….” I started to move my groin movement fast and now my cock was going in and out into her pussy with great speed. With every movement she was getting more and more excited. I was thumping her pussy with all my strength into her pussy. My groin was thumping on top of her pussy making a sound like “thap thap thap”

She spread her legs to the extent it can go and I was in between her legs thumping her swollen pussy more and more. I was fucking her like a machine now and with every thump she was moaning and shouting for more and more. After fucking her like that for some time I was about to cum. I said to her “bhabhi I……….now……” She understood that I was about to cum…

She put her arms around me and pulled me in more. She hugged so tightly and said “yesss keep it there only…..abhiii ahhhhhhhhh” she grabbed me so tightly and wrapped her legs around my ass locking me in her pussy. I also pushed my cock as deep as it can go in….she screamed in excitement “yesssssssss abhi……….yesssssss there ummmmmaaa ahhhh thereeeeeeeeeee” I pushed more and then paused there. Then with in no time I started to cum inside her pussy only.

I can feel my hot cum going in her pussy, when I started to cum inside her pussy she started to bite my arms in excitement, more I was cumming more she was biting my arms. Within 10 secs or so I cummed huge all inside her pussy. After that also I put my cock deep in her pussy and she also kept her locking position like that. She closed her eyes and was enjoying my every drop of hot cum juice in her pussy now.

We slept on each other like that for 10 mins or so, then I rolled over to the side an lied next to her on the bed. We both were lying on our back all naked with the common door open. She was still breathing heavy after that fuck, she then turn towards me and grabbed my loose cock now. I also took her boobs in my hands and started to play with her nipples. She said:

Kanan: Ohhh abhi atlast you made me fuck you.
Me: ha hah a bhabhi……you know I always wanted to fuck you, before your marriage also
Kanan: [while rubbing my cock only..]ha ha ha then why you waited to so long..
Me: I thought what you will think bhabhi….
Kanan: You idiot, did I ever stopped you for anything, I know everything what you did with me all these days.
Me: really bhabi…..ohhhh I was such a fool….ha ha ha but don’t you worry now I can fuck you whenever I want
Kanan : [grabbing my balls and pressed them…] shut up naughty…. Not everyday….. don’t forget I am still your bhabhi….

We played with like that for some time and I kept on sucking her nipples. Then she got up and put her clothes back on and kissed me and said “now go to sleep baby, you must be really tired.” After that she went to her room and I lied down on my bed thinking what the fuck just happened now. I just fucked my bhabhi to the core now and she was ready to fuck me now anytime.

So this bring to the end of this part, hope you guys enjoyed a lot with me. Please feel free to send your feedback @ [email protected] Your feedback will help me make stories more spicy and seductive. Please do join for the next part as there is something surprising happening to Kanan bhabhi as she will enjoy a double fuck. Till then enjoy…



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