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October 18, 2018

Fantasies Came Real With Kanan Bhabhi – Part V

Fantasies Came Real With Kanan Bhabhi – Part V

I said yeah I will come but I will come late. She smiled a bit and said “yeah you must be so tired……” That was a clear sign that she knew what happened last night. But still I asked “Bhabhi, why should be I tired?” She came close to me but to my bad luck my mom came then, she gave a naughty smile and said “ok see you in the college.”

Once again hello to all, I am back with the 5th part of my story with my hot bhabhi Kanan. Thanks again for all your feedback. So coming back to the story as all of u know that night I almost touched Kanan bhabhi everywhere and cummed like anything. I almost made it to her pussy.

So next morning I woke up late as the last night I cummed countless time and that made me very tired. I saw Kanan bhabhi getting ready for college. I was thinking that she must have noticed everything in the morning as her face was full of my cum and her capri was almost down. I looked at her with a smile and in return she also smiled at me and asked whether I will go to college or not.

I said yeah I will come but I will come late. She smiled a bit and said “yeah you must be so tired……” That was a clear sign that she knew what happened last night. But still I asked “Bhabhi, why should be I tired?” She came close to me but to my bad luck my mom came then, she gave a naughty smile and said “ok see you in the college.”

My heart was beating so fast now, I made my bhabhi almost naked last night and she seems to be very ok with that. Now all my wild imagination was growing like hell. I masturbated again thinking of last night and got ready for college. I can still feel her soft boobs on my hands from last night. Now thinking of her was enough to make me hard now.

So I reached college around 11 and got busy with my class and friends. In the mean time I saw her once; she was wearing a pink silk saree. She was looking so sexy and now in my eyes I only think of her as naked. So seeing her was again enough to make me hard. I controlled my erection as I was with my friends and just gave a smile when crossed in the lobby.

So it was now around 3 in the afternoon and I called her. It was a Saturday to classes were almost over, I asked her when she can leave. She said that she will also leave in some time but there she called me into her floors faculty room. I went there in some time and by that time that floor was almost empty. I knocked the door and she said “come in abhi, there is no one here.” I slided the door and there I saw her with some paper on her table.

She looked at me and said “you have to wait for some time; I need to complete these papers.” I smiled and sat next to her and said “Its ok bhabhi, take your time. Should I help you in something?” She looked at me and said in a laughing way “All because of you, I didn’t completed all these.”

Me: What I did bhabhi?
Kanan : I should have completed these last night only, but last night you……
Me: What last night…you only slept last night watching the movie….
Kanan: yeah that I did, but I what should I do. Your hands were so caressing….
Me: Ha ha ha bahbhi….you like my hands……
Kanan : Shut up, you have become so naughty…. You are now a days don’t see also here and there.
It was a kind of so exciting chat with her now inside the college. I was really getting excited. I put my hands on her thighs and said;
Me: what to do bhabhi, you have also become so irresistible…..ha ha ha
Kanan: Oh really…….be ashamed I am your bhabhi…ha ha ha

I kept rubbing her thighs and while we were chatting.
Me: Bhabhi that’s why you have become more irresistible bhabhi.
Kanan: ohhhhhhh keep your hands away from me here. Someone can see abhi!!!!

It was clear that she was ok with me touching her, but she didn’t want anyone to see that. I said to her “bhabi the floor is all empty, no one is here now.” She smiled and keep completing her paperwork and in the mean time I kept caressing her thighs on top of her saree. Seeing no resistance from her, I came close to her and kept my one hand on her back. We were facing the door so there is no way to see my hands were going if someone also walks from the door.

I kept my hands on her naked back and started to caress here there, she was doing her work but I can sense now some heavy breathing now. She just looked at me and gave me a naughty smile and again put her focus on the paper works she was doing. She was ok with me touching here there now. I came close and pushed my hands towards her ass now.

She did move a little when I did that, it was like she came a bit forward to allow my hands go behind her. Wow I just can’t believe now…..I was now touching her now inside my college. She kept looking down and I also kept my hands on her lower back now caressing her hips and thighs. She said after some time “Uffff you will not keep your hands away from me here also…..”

I said to her in reply “What bhabhi, I never get chance to get close to you…hah aha” in reply she said “ohh is it? So last night who????????” Now I was a bit embarrassed a bit, she must have known what I have done to her last night. Still I kept like I didn’t knew anything and said “what bhabhi……what about last night???” She kept her pen on the desk and looked at me….. and after a pause said “Ohhhh you don’t know naughty?????”

I kept looking at her and said “what bhabhi tell me na….” She pinched on my thighs and said “uffff abhi…..don’t you think what you I will not come to know…my blouse were all loose in the morning…..you naughty…..” I knew where she was going but I also was having so fun in the discussion. I said “Bhabhi you blouse was loose only….remember you were not wearing anything inside….” She smiled and said “yeah I knew what I was wearing but don’t you tell me you didn’t touch them…”

In the meantime I have almost slipped my hands on her ass now. Now our conversation was so erotic now. I started to push my hands towards the base of her ass, as she was seating on a bench I was trying to push my hands under her ass now. To make our conversation more spicy I said “bhabhi what did I touch….I only was massaging your back and belly….” She did something which I was not expecting.

She slowly lifted her ass a bit and in the mean time I slipped my hands under her ass. Wow now she was really onto it. While doing so she said “I know what you were massaging abhi… did I ever stooped you????” I said while grabbing her ass from the below “No bhabhi, you are so nice to me…I really mean it….”and in the meantime her one side of her ass was now in my palm and I started to press that….

She was breathing very heavily now, I knew she was getting aroused. I came close to her and said “bhabhi, I am sorry if I did something last night…” She then replied in a joking way “what sorry, did I ever stopped you doing anything….look now what you are doing now…..ha ha ha”. I kept pressing her one side of her ass…. I said “bhabhi really, you are so gem….and yeah bhabhi I did pressed them a little last night…I couldn’t control myself….” She smiled and said “its ok abhi, but be careful while doing…someone can see us…” it was a clear sign that I can proceed with my mischief with her now…..

I started to squeeze her one ass cheek with my hands and while doing so she was also raising herself a bit so that my hands can go under her well-shaped ass. My hands were touching her ass crack now. She was wearing a saree so I can feel her saree and her petticoat on my hands now. She was making small sound like ahhhh ummmmm ahhhhhhh.

I was sitting next to her with my hands behind her, so my chest was now in contact with her side of the boob. I delibrtely came more close so that I can touch her boobs while pumping her ass. Now it was getting intense. I looked her at and I can see that her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips in excitement. It was so wild, I was doing all these in college now.

I was getting bolder and bolder now, with my legs I started to rub her legs. I started to pull her saree a bit up from her legs now. As we were sitting in front of a table there was no way to see what was going under the table. She looked at me and gave me a very seductive look. I already made her saree and petticoat up to her knees now. Now slowly I pulled my hands from her ass and placed them on her thighs.

She grabbed my hands on her thighs and said “No…not here……” I kept my pressure on her thighs but she was not allowing me to go down. I kept my hands there and with my elbow now I started to rub her side of the boob. Oh she was so soft, I can feel the roundness and softness of her huge round size boobs on my elbow. She also didn’t reacted that much when I pressed onto her boobs.

I kept my hands on her thighs and kept caressing her there but with each caress I kept my elbow brushing her boobs also. I shifted my elbow from side of the boob to on top of her boobs now. She was also pressing her boobs onto my elbow as I put my hands in between her thighs. I can sense her heavy breathing; her boobs were coming up and down with her every breath. She was getting quite restless and same was my condition also.

Then after some time she said, “ahhhh abhi not now…..i have a lot of work to do”, I said to that “you do your work bhabhi.” She smiled and said “ahhh is it? If you leave me then only I can work na…..and this migraine is giving me so trouble.” That time I came to knew that she had migraine problem. I said to her “why don’t you take rest, and I will complete your work.” She looked at me and said “will you do that abhi? I have so much to complete.”

I tapped her thighs saying that “yeah bhabhi, I will. You take rest and I will complete your task.” In reply she said “Then we can go to my old room, there I can take rest also and then you can do all this. As in college someone might see that you are doing my work.” I agreed to do that, and her single room [1st part] was not very far from here where everything started between us and I had my own devils ideas also.

I told her that I know a medical shop, so I will get some medicine for her. She agreed to that, as a fact I have a friends medical shop. So we wrapped from there and got out of college. I told her to go to her flat as I went to the medical shop. I asked my friend to give a pill which will make anyone sleep very deep. He gave me some of those and told me that one pill will make some one atleast 4-6 hours of deep sleep. That was enough time for me.

I went to her room and saw her lying on the bed with her hands on her head. I told her to take one pill and then take rest. She didn’t ask what about the pill and took it. Then she explained her paper work to me which I need to complete. She then put her hands on my hairs and caressed me and thanked me for helping her out. I took her hands and said to her to take rest and I will complete the work in the meantime.

It was a single room so she lied down on the bed and I was sitting on the table with all the paper work. She put her arms around her eyes and lied down, now I was waiting for the pills to take effect. I also started to do some work as I knew it will be at least 20-30 mins before Kanan bhabhi goes into deep sleep. As I was doing her work I almost lost track of time.

When I realize it was almost 45 mins since she was sleeping. I can see that Kanan bhabhi is in deep sleep now. I can listen to her breathing also. I slowly removed my chair and went close to her. Her arms was still on her eyes and she was sleeping like a baby. I can see her naked belly from her saree, her boobs were going up and down with a rhythmic music.

Seeing her like that was now enough to make me hard. I sat next to her and made some noise to check whether she is in deep sleep or not. She didn’t responded or made any movement. Now I thought that the pill has taken effect. After confirming that now I can play all my devils ideas. I slowly kept my palm of the hands on top of her boobs over the saree only. Very loosely I cupped her boobs with my palms. I wanted to check more that she is in deep sleep.

Ohhh every time I touch her boobs the experience is out of the world. I kept my hands on her boobs and this time I pressed her boobs a little. I can sense the softness of her boobs pressing against my palms. With my fingers I wrapped her whole boobs and started to pump them slowly. Ohhh it was so fun pumping her boobs. I then took her pallu of her saree and removed her from the top of her boobs.

Oh my god…..her boobs were looking so much in shape with her tight blouse. It was like a two huge mountain on her flat chest and belly. I took her saree and put it on one side making her blouse only covering her love melons. I can see her deep cleavage going between her well-shaped mountains. I put my finger on her cleavage line and started to caress her there.

I kept rubbing my fingers on her cleavage crack as far as it can go inside her blouse. I can touch her naked boobs getting rubbed on my fingers. I inserted my full fingers inside her blouse, ohhh my fingers went inside her bra also. I can feel the tightness of her both the melons crushing on fingers. She was wearing quite a tight blouse as well as a tight bra. Now with the other hands I kept her one of the boobs pumping down.

I was still checking with her that she is in deep sleep, and yes the pill was working as my friend told me. She was indeed in deep sleep so today was my day now. With the finger inside her blouse I started to unhook her blouse now. First 2 hooks came off very easily, and that exposed her best part of her cleavage and bra. I can see her curve of the boobs getting started from her chest. Her bra was covering from half of the boob so I can see her naked boobs now. This was the first time I was seeing her naked boobs, I touched them last night but never saw them like today.

Slowly and calmly I unhooked her 3rd hook also. Her blouse was almost wide open now with only one hook left. Both her love melons were only covered with her small red color bra only. I took my finger from her cleavage and unhooked the last hook also. Then I slowly took the blouse from both her boobs and slipped on her each side. Now her boobs were only was holding in her bra only.

I grabbed both my hands of her each boobs and started to press them, I can feel the nakedness of her boobs touching onto my palms. I grabbed her boobs with my fingers and started to squeeze them. She was in her deep sleep but her heavy breathing has begun now. More I was pumping her boobs more she was getting heavy breathing now. I can feel her erected nipples in my hands now. Ufff now she was like an open jackpot for me.

I wanted to see her naked boobs completely but as she was sleeping on her back I couldn’t go to her bra strap. I took a break and removed my hands on top of her boobs. My cock was hurting in my jeans so I removed my jeans and adjusted my cock in my undies. My cock was already leaking some juice in my undies. I came next to her again and this time I slipped my fingers inside her bra now. Her bra was tight but I successfully pushed my one finger inside her cup of the bra.

I pushed and then suddenly I hit a rough patch in her smooth boobs, it was her areola not very big but was rough. I started to itch there and this time I can sense her body twitching when I did that. I kept itching her there and also started to tap her nipple with my finger. Ohhh my god…what a feeling that was. I was getting mad now, with the other I started to pull her bra cup down on the same boob. With some effort finally I pulled one cup out of her boobs and one brand new melon was naked. Oh my god a boob can look so beautiful was my first thought when I saw her naked boob.

It was of perfect shape with her little brown color nipple getting erected on top of it. I grabbed her nipple with my fingers and twitched them gently. Oh it was so soft and what a feeling that was. My cock was leaking its juice when I did that. I looked at her face, she was in her sleep but there was restlessness on her face. I don’t know why but I bend forward and licked her erected nipple one. Oh my god that taste still I found amazing.

I swiped my tongue over the top of her nipple, it was the best experience I ever had. In the same position I started to lick all over areola. More I was licking more her nipple was getting tighter and tighter. I become a bit bold and took her nipples in between my lips and start to bite them with my lips. It was like biting on a chewing gum. Her nipples was hard enough to make my lips busy to bite her more. Oh it was so nice taste of her nipple.

I took it more inside my mouth and started to suck them, oh my god it was like dream come true. I was sucking my bhabhis nipples. Ohhhh I was so excited now, I remove the cup from her other boob and made that one also naked. Now both her love melons were free for me. I started to suck one of them and grab the other and pump it. Ohh I was having my best moment of my life. I licked both her naked boobs for quite long. Then I had an idea, I remove my undies and my cock was now like a pole.

I went on top of the bed and position my cock on top of her nipples now. Ohhhh I was fulfilling all my wild fantasy today. I put the top of my cock on her nipple and press her nipple with my cock. Ohhh now cock was tasting her nipple now. I was so excited that I started to cum on top of her nipple. I gripped my cock and controlled my flow, but still few drops of my cum fell down on her boobs now.

I jerked my cock on the side of the bed and I cummed huge. I started to jerk while sucking one of her boobs. Ohh it was such a new experience for me. Then I took some time out to gain my power again. All the time I made her like that only. I already removed my clothes and was roaming around naked in the room.

Now it was my turn to go deep in her. Slowly I went to her legs and started to life her saree and petticoat. I can see her smooth legs now. I push my hands inside her saree and started to feel her naked legs. I kept moving up and up. In no time I was caressing her thighs now. She was so soft in her thighs and legs; I can see her naked legs up to her knees now. I kept pushing my hands up and then I almost reached her inner thighs.

Her thighs were very well built and quite solid. My heart was beating like a train engine. I was absolutely naked and was pushing my hands inside my bhabhis saree. In no time my hands got in touch with her panty. I can feel her panty border around her thighs now. With the other hand I lifted her saree and petticoat to see inside. Now I can see her panty, she was wearing a black panty and my hands were on the side of her thighs on the panty border.

I grabbed her saree and moved up it up, now I can see her panty also from there. I started to lick her thighs now; oh it was such a nice feeling. I can see her panty going in between her legs to her pussy now. I took my face near her panty and licked her panty on top of her puffy pussy. It was a strange kind of scent coming from her panty and pussy but let me tell you it was so intoxicating.

I managed to get her saree all the way up to her belly. Her whole legs were naked now and only panty was covering her most prized possession. I kissed her on top of her pussy to see her reaction, but there was none. The pills were working as expected. I took her one side of her panty border from her thighs and lifted her panty a little to see inside, ohhhh what a view. Part of her pussy lips was visible from there. Also there were some pubic hairs also visible from there.

Now it was a golden opportunity for me to go all put attack today and I was not in mood to miss it. I pushed my hands towards her belly and got hold of her panty border. I started to pull that down, few inches it came out without any issue and there was her garden in her most private part. Her pubic was covered with some pubic hairs around 1-2 inches long. While pulling her panty down I hands came in contact with her pubic hairs, it was like curly hairs there.

I started to pull down but as she was sleeping on her back the panty was struck under her ass. I pulled down enough to make her pussy crack visible now. Her pussy crack was just starting from just below where her pubic area was coming to end. Ohhh I never before saw a real pussy and today was my lucky day. I touched her pussy crack with my thumb and that made her jerked her body a little. I looked at her and saw she was still sleeping.

Even if she wakes up I was in no position to get back now. I can sense something erected on top of her pussy crack, later I found that was her clit. With my thumb I started to touch that more and more I was rubbing there it was getting harder and harder. Now I was made and crazy about her pussy. I pushed my hands under her ass now to get her panty.

I grabbed her panty border under her ass and started to pull down, and now it was coming down easily. Wow now I can see her pussy now, in no time I pulled her panty to her thighs. Now I can see her naked pussy now right in front of me. Her pussy lips were tightly close in between her legs now. I pulled more of her panty and now it was almost on her knees. I decided to take her panty completely so slowly and steadily and took her panty out of her legs and threw that where my jeans was placed.

Now she was absolutely naked down from her waist. I can see her pussy getting tighter and getting close in between her legs, I took my face near her pussy. I can see her puffy pussy lips which I touched last night. I came close and started to caress her pussy lips with my fingers……ohhhhh it was so soft and strange feeling. While caressing her pussy lips spread her pussy lips and that was the time I saw her pink fleshy pussy now.

I was like on 7th heaven now, god has not made anything better that a view of an open pussy. I can feel and see the fleshy part of inside pussy so warm and wet. I pushed my one finger into her spread pussy and rubbed her there. I can feel the pussy getting contraction when I did that. I took that finger and then licked it. Ohh it was such a strange taste of her pussy wetness but it was like a best thing I ever tasted apart from her nipples.

I was getting bolder and bolder now, and then I spread her pussy more and bend down and swiped my tongue on her pussy lips. Ohhhh it was like a crazy thing but I was now licking my kanan bhabhi’s pussy. With my fingers I spread her pussy more as I was licking her pink fleshy pussy more and more. She was getting so wet now and her pussy was so also getting hot and hot. I was licking her cum directly from her pussy.

I then pushed one my finger in her pussy hole now, when I did that she just become so restless. She spread her legs more now. I slowly came between her spread legs and put my face directly in front of her pussy. I then slowly and calmly pushed my one finger in her pussy hole. I never thought her pussy would be so juicy from inside. It was all wet and so warm from inside. And also it easily took my whole finger inside.

I started to move my fingers and explore her pussy now; I placed my lips on top of her pussy lips to lick all the juice and wetness that was coming out from her hole. I was making small movement with my fingers inside her pussy and outside I was licking all around her pussy hole opening. I took my finger out of her pussy hole and it was covered with her pussy juice.

Is sucked my fingers all over and tasted her pussy juice for the first time. I was now getting crazy and now I wanted to fuck her. But fucking, I was a bit afraid but the situation was I was in I was going crazy. I slowly came over her now, with my body weight in my hands I came over her body. I position my cock on top of her pussy now. One touch of her pussy to my cock was like a 440 volt running thorough my body.

I started to move my groin area to move my cock over her pussy now. I never had fucked before so was not expert of finding the pussy hole. I was unable to find the hole, with great difficulty I freed my one hand and took my cock on top of her pussy hole. I placed my cock there and then I pushed a little. Ohhh with some rubbing on her pussy lips my cock went inside her pussy a little. It was like 2 inches inside her pussy now.

I was more than enough for me to handle. Also the position I was in I was unable to push my cock deep in her pussy now. I kept my cock in her pussy for a while just to feel my first fuck. It was so intense that I was about to cum. I didn’t want to cum inside her pussy so I took my cock out of her pussy and placed it over her pussy now. In no time I started to cum and her pubic hairs were now full of my cum.

My body was jerking when I was cumming on top her pussy, I didn’t wanted to cum there but it just came out so fast. After I cummed on her I lied down beside her like that for some time. She was there sleeping with me with her naked boobs and naked pussy. What a day I had I was just thinking. After some time I got up and dressed myself and then carefully I rearranged her blouse and bra. But this time I didn’t put her panty back.

I kept her panty with me and lowered her saree, I rubbed her pubic hairs but my juice was not coming out like that. So I kept my juice all over her pussy and lowered her saree. Then I went back to complete her paper work which I need to do. Then after 1 hour or so she started to come back and woke up. I still had the panty with me and she will be sure to notice that she was not wearing her panty.

She woke up with her hands on her head and called me, “abhi what time it is? I was almost out all this time.” I smiled and said “bhabhi how you are feeling now, yes you slept like a child for 3 hours.” She got up and and sat on the bed, I was a bit afraid as she may ask what I did as she must have noticed that she was not wearing her panty. But she asked me that whether I did the work. I smiled and said yeah bhabhi its almost done.

She came close to me and caressed my hairs, I tilted my head towards her and she took my head on her belly and caressed my hairs there. It was like first the she was doing something like that. She said “ohhh abhi you are so nice, thank you for everything.” I didn’t know should I take her thanks of should I thank him to allowing me my first fuck, but whatever I had such a nice time today. Then after some time we left from there. Hope you all liked my 5th part and my first fuck experience. Please provide you valuable feedback @ [email protected] your suggestion and feedback are very important for me. Please do join me for the next episode where I will get chance to fuck her in a real way as she will satisfy all my wild imagination in real. Till then enjoy….



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