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December 15, 2018

Dream Come True

Dream Come True

Submitted by a fan

I was a tendered staff in a p.g college. It was my first job. being a sc boy I have got the job due to the concession. I was 20 then.a six footer with muscular body and dark colour. I was clean and well dressed. Immediately after getting the job I have been forced to marry from a relative family. She was a small girl of 16 and was average in my view. Since I am seeing very beautiful ones in college I have started thinking for those type. But to the village men my wife was very beautiful and many used to envy me for my luck in getting such a good girl. Of Course I have enjoyed her well an she has well supported all my urges.. +I used to have a vcr then .I used to get all type of tapes of sex films. We used to do as in the films. She has reached a condition that sex is normal and even if I am going to another she need not worry. I used to care all her necessities and she was happy with me. With in two years we has 2 kids. There was no free day for sex till the 8 th months. Then her aunt and her sister has come for our help. I have used both for my sexwith their permission,with a slight force. Wife also knew that ,and she was knowing my requirement in the night. So I was happy and was living as a king

We had a team of four in the village .we did go for films and for drinks as a team. Pre job time we used to seduce girls and ladies for sex. We always exchange the mall between us. Always with keeping secrecy, In our village itself we has a sister in law of one of my friend .she was our permanent customer. She was our informer and supplier of girls. Always the secrecy will be maintained and so we used to get better ones from so called rich families The things have turned over after getting the job. I have understood that those were not girls at all. The real beauties were in hundreds but no one was available even for a touch. Only eye fucking only. I used to get mad of seeing some of them. I used to be jealous of the husbands of those madams who were like film stars. Many behaved well with me and I was asked to do many works for them. I could even enter their houses and had the facility to touch their personal materials like chappals U. garments bed etc with out their knowledge. I used to fuck my wife by dreaming them in mind.

I used to keep my ears and eyes open to get even any scenes around. One day When I was cleaning the teachers room sundary madam was on her seat viewing some net and printing them. She was alone in the morning. She was the best according to my view. Pure golden .tall about 5.7 stout lady with a marvelous sexy body and face she used to come in to my dream always. I have even used to imagine me as her door mat. .She was about 30 ans was married to a banker..To my luck she was sitting so carelessly with one leg folded and another straight in footwear. .It was clearly visible till her mid thigh. I could see 2 or 3 hairs on the calf. Nails were brown and chappell was blood red with thin strap. I have intentionally moved under the table and kept my head on her free chappel and licked it with an erection and comming. . I have taken a photo of that leg and the feet and sole of the folded leg. I was so happy that day. But she has never thought of me even as an insect.

Luck was with me. . ome weekend the department was locked and I have left .Later I have returned for taking some of my article. when I have reached there no one was present. . I have taken the thing and was to return.Then found there was a light is on in the research room. I was having a extra key .so has decided to off that. But when looked the door It was found as locked from inside. Some staff used to work even in night. So I have just peeped in. The scene has made me mad. On the sofa mam and her guide was seriously working for climax. It was a great scene for me. I have ran to the back and climbed the window shade to get some vedio and ha s succeeded.. I Have felt how mad was people in sex ,even when they are highly educated and after marriage… The next day I have shown hwe the vedio.She was mad on me at first. I used to go to her house for some works, I was sure that none will be there at that time. I have locked the door after entry. then only I have shown that. .But later she has came to normal. She has told me that she was forced by sir. But the vedio was a proof that she was catching him with legs and hand. I have told her that I am also in mad with her. I never get sleep in night. This was a god given chance. I have also told her that I used to keep all relations as secret. Finally she became silent

I have never took any delay in action. I have started with a french kiss for minutes.,and an embrace. with her initial dislike she has later opened herself and allowed me to lick er and fuck her. I have tried to make her suck me with her protest. I have pulled her hair and made her to do so . But after the first course she was very cooperative with mr. .In her sleep I have sucked her feet solend her legs. and had good photos ,even her pussy and bood. From then she used to surrender me when ever asked. It has now reached the 5 th year and she used to call me for sex. Her daughter was about 11 and my eyes are always roving on her legs. One day I had massaged her legs and licked her feet when she had a fall. She did not felt any thing bad in my treatment. She has better leg and feet than her.But the face is not beautiful as mom. I am sure that I will get her or will take her when ripened. .


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