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October 17, 2018

Diary Of a Cuckold Husband Part 22

Diary Of a Cuckold Husband Part 22

She was extremely good at this and was perhaps one of the reasons why Rahul enjoyed intercourse with her. I remember Rohini mentioning this once to me.

“What do you want to know?”

“Nothing specific,” I said implying that I just wanted to talk.

“Are you enjoying?”

“It has been a sexually fulfilling year,” she said. I sensed that she was willing to talk.

“Have you been a good mistress?” I asked opening up the subject.

“Yes. Lived up the expectations he had from your wife,” she answered seductively giving me a good squeeze again.

“What expectations?” I groaned.

“Letting him mount me,” she let out between her heavy breathing.

“Every time he had an urge,” she added after a brief pause.

“He prefers your wife over his,” she started.

“While you were in India, he spent his time mostly with me.”

“Rohini didn’t mind?” I asked.

“She was happy to let me fulfill her duty,” replied Mansi.

“Did you do it a lot?” I asked.

“Yes. A lot more than what we did during our honeymoon or in the first year of our marriage,” she clarified.

“Is he better,” I asked inquisitively. My penis twitched inside her as I asked this.

“Are you jealous?” she asked a bit taken aback by my question.

“No,” I replied calmly.

“It feels a lot better,” she said.

“Is he bigger?” I asked hesitantly.

“Much,” she smiled and added, “but it is not the size.”

“Then what?” I asked.

“It is because I am your wife and his mistress!”

“Isn’t it psychological for you?” she asked.

“Rohini is no match for your beauty,” I replied.

“I wasn’t talking about you and Rohini.”

Mansi gave me a few good squeezes instead of answering the question. It seemed she was contemplating on whether to ask it or not. Perhaps, wondering how to frame the question.

“Do you like this?”

“Like what?” I asked not understanding what she meant.

“Me becoming Rahul’s mistress.”

Hearing that my penis almost twitched and it was as if I was about to cum. It was a crucial moment. We never talked about it openly but I knew we would have to one day.

“You do like it. Don’t you?” she asked, perhaps guessing it from my reaction.

“I can sense it,” she said giving me another good squeeze.

“You are on the verge, do you want to prolong it,” she asked and without waiting for my answer, she lifted herself up and moved forward to straddle my chest. In the silence we could hear our labored breathing and our racing hearts pumping wildly. And then I heard Mansi say, “Do you want to tell me how much you like it by licking me?” as she slowly slid forward to straddle my face.

I didn’t need further encouragement and lapped her. For a woman who had been fucked twice that night, she was surprisingly wet. After licking her for a few minutes, she asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Did you ever fantasize about this?” she asked. I was in a dilemma. I didn’t want to be dishonest; at the same time didn’t want her to think of her husband was a pervert.

“Yes,” I managed to say.

“Did you see it coming?” she asked grinding her pussy on my mouth.

“No,” I said.

“He had a crush on you during our college days,” I said.

“Who didn’t,” she said, her tone had a touch of arrogance.

“He talked about doing dirty things with you,” I added.

“What dirty things?” She slid back giving me some room to breathe.

“Just some guy talk,” I assured her.

“He made me promise to share you with him if you did marry me,” she said.

“It is unfair to have such a beautiful woman all to yourself,” he argued.

“And so you are sharing your wife with him,” she said teasing me.

“He is reciprocating by sharing his,” I countered.

“But you are loaning yours,” she retorted.

“Sort of like what the Eskimos did but here the guest is loaning his wife to the host and not vice versa,” she said in a conceited tone.

“Why do say that?”

“Rohini told me that you guys do only 2 or 3 times a week,” she justified.

I knew that was not true but didn’t want to shatter her trust in Rohini. Rohini had cajoled her into this relationship on the pretext that her sex drive didn’t match Rahul’s. So, she must have tried not to contradict her initial story; besides the plan was to have Mansi as Rahul’s mistress. Nothing stopped Rohini and me from having sex. It was evident that the psychological aspect had indeed heightened her pleasure and I didn’t want to take that away from her.

“It has benefited our sex drive,” I argued.

“We are more adventurous too,” she added.

“I am certain you are a lot more adventurous with him,” I teased.

“What makes you think so?”

“Nothing, just a hunch,” I replied calmly.

“Does that surprise you or shock you?” she asked teasing me, taking my hard cock in her hand.

“Neither,” I replied calmly.

“I am his mistress and do let him take liberties.”

“What kind?” I eagerly asked.

“And those privileges are reserved for him,” she interjected.

“But that is not fair.”

“They wouldn’t be privileges if I let you have them as well.”

“What did you expect?”

“I am your wife not mistress.”

“How do you see this relationship panning out in future?” I asked turning her attention to the fact that we would be soon moving out.

“There isn’t any future,” she exhaled.

“We should cease this relationship as soon as we move out.”

“Why? I thought you were enjoying,” I retorted.

“I am having trouble with my pills,” she exhaled. She had mentioned this to me over the phone couple of weeks back and that her Doctor had recommended considering alternatives.

“We could use other forms of birth control,” I reasoned.

“Rahul would never use a condom, if that is what you had in mind.”

“And the other forms of birth control are not 100% effective.”

“It would only be stupid to engage in sex with such a virile man during my fertile period.”

“I understand,” I said.

“We should do it carefully, though,” I suggested.

“Leave it to me,” she assured.

We ended our session soon and I went to bed thinking about how our relationship had panned out and whether it was the right decision or not. We did it again in the morning. The next day we went to Reno and spent the next three nights in Reno. We had booked separate rooms so that Mansi and I could spend some time with each other, which we did. Ironically, however, she also fulfilled her mistress duties and ensured that Rahul got to dip his stick in her honey pot almost every night.

The first night, I was not keen on spending time in casinos since I was too exhausted with work and desperately needed some sleep so I urged Mansi to head back to the hotel around 10:00 or so. She promised to join later and asked me to go ahead and take a short nap while they gambled a little more.

I knew something was up and didn’t hit the bed immediately but waited to see if they came back to the hotel after me. In about 20 minutes, I noticed them enter the hotel. I hated Mansi for preferring to celebrate her birthday with Rahul instead of me. Yet, I was not sure if that indeed was the case; they could have very well decided to head back after I left. Somehow, I strangely desired for Mansi to head to Rahul’s bedroom instead of coming back to our room. She didn’t disappoint.

Mansi returned to bed at about 1:00am. She stroked my hard cock as she planted her mouth over mine. I latched onto her lips and kissed her back fervently. After we broke our hot kiss, she said, “Looks like you were dreaming of me.”

“I was eagerly waiting for you,” I said. I noticed that she hadn’t rinsed her mouth and her breath was a little stale. I was sure that Rahul had fucked her when within minutes of our kissing, she pushed my head southwards. It smelled exactly as it did the previous night, except that there was no strong stench of urine. Her pussy tasted a lot bitter tonight and it felt as if I had tasted a lot more of his cum. I satisfied her with my tongue till she pulled me up and unfortunately I ejaculated in her in the next couple of minutes. Mansi didn’t complain and we went to bed.

Mansi spent Friday night with me and we indulged in a very long session. We did it again the next morning in the shower.

On Saturday night, Mansi urged me to make an excuse and head to the hotel early so that she could spend some time with Rahul. She argued that he needed some relief. She didn’t return until very early in the morning and I missed sex with her that night.


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