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October 17, 2018

Desire Fulfilled With A Bengali Worker Part – 2

Desire Fulfilled With A Bengali Worker Part – 2

The next day my friend called my up to say that the classes would begin early by next week. That sort of decided my stay at my grandparent’s house. I would have to leave in 3 days. I was feeling really down. That evening when I met him and told him about this. And it was he who came up with the idea of meeting in the shed at night. I was too ready fir that, since it might be the last chance. I decided to make it in the most erotic was possible. That evening I shaved my cunt and armpits and got ready for a really busy night. Instead of a bra and panties, I got two strips of cloth to tie over my boobs and hips. They could easily be pulled off at the same time gave off a very sexy effect. I wore them under my blouse and skirt and waited for my grandparents to fall asleep. Once they did, I sneaked out of the back door and went over to the shed. The room was lit with a couple of candles, which was safe since there were no windows. What was surprising was instead of one there were two of them in the shed. He and his friend.



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