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October 20, 2018

Daughter Pays For Mother’s One Time Mistake

Daughter Pays For Mother’s One Time Mistake

Hello guys and gorgeous horny ladies

This shyam 29 m writing this story from chennai. I have been a fan of this site and moreover a bigger fan of Stories written by users so thought of giving back a true story back to the community.

This is a true story and I am here you tell you this story on behalf of the girl and will narrate her feelings and pleasure the way she told. Her name is Anu 24 f chennai working in voice support for a reputed firm . She has one of the most amazing stats 34 b 28 32.

I have Fucked her several times but she did have a lot of casual sexual encounters in past and no one cock could satisfy her. She has developed this tendency to have frequent group sex from the time she was introduced to this pleasure of group sex at the age of 17 when three neighbour’s , bachelors working as part time college profs abused her and forced her to suck their cock.

From then the doors to her sexual life opened up and frequently she used to visit her neighbour’s and get her beastly desire satisfied. Myself and anu met over the Web and used to have frequent voice and Web chats. She did open up and started sharing all sexual experiences. One such was the most shocking incident of her life but really made my cock erect and really wanted to fuck her then

This story just happened a few months back when her mother who’s in her 40 went to a garment shop for shopping. Anu lives with her mom and younger sister who is in her 20’s. Her mom was constanly watched by this dark tall man who would be in his 40’s, guess this excited her and slowly they began talking and one fine day she payed a visit to this man’s place out of desperation to get her Hole filled with a cock. Well she did find herself lucky and satisfied that day.. Sooner she did not realise that this man would start blackmailing her over the phone to continue this relationship and with no choice she used to go his place to satisfy him and his friends.

This continued for a month and blackmailing for sex did not stop there , the men knew she had two daughters who were adults and have seen their pics on her phone. They plotted a plan to invite her daughter anu the elder one and saranya the younger one. The men furiously threatened her mother to bring her daughters to the apartment to which she refused. But with out any option she opened up to anu, Anu wanted to end her mom’s misery so she accepted sportingly without any hesitation. Her mom called up the men and said she only bring her elder daughter and not her younger one. It was trick or treat for the men and they accepted for the treat.

Anu in her own words expressed what she felt the first time she entered into the apartment. There were 5 men sitting and smoking, dark ugly like the road workers in their mid 40’s or 50. I did not like a inch of what’s about to happen to us next and wondered what my mother must have gone amongst this monsters.

It all started in front of my eyes my mom being man handled, folded and her saree being ripped off. I was sitting there watching all of it where my mom’s breast were sucked by two men and other man had his hands immersed in her saaree. There it was my ‘Turn” the reason I am here for. One man standing behind the chair inserted his hands inside my t-shirt and other kneeling down and rubbing my thighs. I was not shy but there was a lot of anger watching my mom being gang banged in front of me and she was enjoying every bit of it.

So I thought to myself let me close my eyes try having some fun. In matter of minutes my t shirt and my jeans was ripped off. I was bare naked and was surrounded by four men now. Seeing me two of the guys moved away from my mother and showed interest in me. They instantly removed my panties and made me Spread my legs. I was shaved, young and never had sex with men above 25 yrs. These men were monsters licking my clit like a mad dog, my mouth was filled with huge cock and I could taste my mom’s juice, it was the most disgusting feeling I ever had felt. I always loved gang bang and enjoyed it to the core.

But this was a disgusting feeling where I was ravaged by five ugly men. I was a Anal virgin back then, but I had no say back at that moment, all these men inserted their tool in my anus. It was so painful and did not enjoy a bit of it, but Thankfully they all had the courtesy to fuck me with a condom. I was Fucked harshly for 40 mins by these animals and I was filled with semen all over my face and I could literally feel the cum being ejected from my anus . Most disgusting feeling one could ever go through.

It never stopped once, I visited them when ever I was asked to go. The next 4 times I had to go alone and mom stayed back at home. The next time I was Fucked by 7 men and was horrible. Now all these guys are moved to a different city for other contract work and stopped disturbing us. Peaceful life we have now…

Thank you all for reading the story, your feedbacks and comments are so valuable. I believe writing real life events would trigger more imagination and ignite the pleasure of reading. A lots of true events on group sex and sexual fantasies are there In my list and will be shortly posting them too

I hope you all enjoyed the true set of. Events. Please mail me for your feedback.


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