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October 20, 2018

Dad, Once Again

Dad, Once Again

Now let me come to the main episode. That evening at about 7 pm i received a phone call from my dad that by 8 pm he will be with me and asked me to put on geyser as he is coming from a long journey and is very tired. At that time i was preparing dinner for my husband who is supposed leave for his office at 9 pm as he has night shift from 10 pm to 6 am next morning. After the call i immediately i kept two three beer bottles in the chiller, took chicken from the frig and prepared chicken 65.

Hi, this your juicy cunt sudha again with my 5th episode to all the iss readers, and this time it is my personal experience to my dear readers. The first four for new readers are 1) sweet home 2) gaon ki gori 3) second innings and 4) virgin sister.

As i said this is my personal experience and hope this will also make my male and female readers to enjoy. I have received a lot of mails encouraging me and one or two even said that while reading my ventures they discharged without even touching their dicks. I think this is a complement for me. A female reader sent a mail that after reading my sweet home … she could develop courage to have sex with her father and trying to seduce him… i wish her a grand success with her dad in this new year.

Now let me come to the main episode. That evening at about 7 pm i received a phone call from my dad that by 8 pm he will be with me and asked me to put on geyser as he is coming from a long journey and is very tired. At that time i was preparing dinner for my husband who is supposed leave for his office at 9 pm as he has night shift from 10 pm to 6 am next morning. After the call i immediately i kept two three beer bottles in the chiller, took chicken from the frig and prepared chicken 65.

By 8 pm dad’s car parked in the portico and i ran out to meet him while husband is busy with his laptop. As my dad stepped out of the car “hai dad.. “ i said and hugged him tightly. Crushing my firm boobs on his chest. Already my boobs became robust, heavy and my nipples erected.

“hello! Baby… how are you?” He asked and embraced me… he gave quick kiss on my sensuous lips and squeezed my choochis and gave a slap on my fleshy butt and asked “where is gopal?” “he is in the drawing room “i said and led him in. Both fil & sil greeted each other and dad asking him about general things. After 10 mts i said “dad… geyser is ready have bath” i said and dad went to the bathroom. I was very eager to ask him many questions… like ‘why did he returned?’ according to him he was supposed to be in tour along with his beautiful secretary gracy a 30 year young lady…. ‘where is gracy? Did he fucked her or not?’ etc.

Within ten mts dad refreshed himself and came. I served dinner and i sat nest to my husband while my dad sat opposite to us. While serving, i gave a quick wink to my dad… i don’t know whether he understood my meaning or not but when i bent to serve him … he said… “ no… beta.. Abhi nahin… mein bahut thak gaya hoon… i wll cool my self with beer, than have dinner” “oh!” I said and turning to m y hubby said again “you carry on dear … you are getting late for office … i will accompany dad in dinner” and while serving i touched my husband’s thighs with my rt. Hand and he kept his left hand on my thighs and soothing. I opened my thighs for him. I inserted my hand further deep in his thighs and fondling his throbbing dick over the cloth. My husband pushed his palm on my swell and pressing it, and fingering there. All these things happening while my dad is sitting opposite to us.

Actually whenever there is night shift for him, i sit in his lap and we feed each other, then he will have good fuck of me and leaves for office. Today he is missing that because of my dad. After dinner as he entered into the bedroom i followed him and raising my saree said “come on dear… have a quick fuck..” “no dear” he said “ you know i need a good fuck not quick fuck… keep this darling ready as breakfast for me” saying so he kissed my clean shaved swollen pussy and started dressing up. In another 15 mts he left for his office bidding goodbye to me and to my father.

I locked the gate and closed the main door and entered into bedroom while dad is watching some programme on tv. I quickly changed my self into a short skirt with yellow green checks on it. It is so short that if i bend back my panty covered swollen crotch can be seen and if i bent forward my fleshy ass can be seen. On top i wore a short blouse with big ‘v’ neck and two straps to fasten below the boobs.throught he “v” most of my big boobs are visible and they are covering only only my nipples and from waist to base of my choochis my unblemished stomach and abdomen is naked revealing my deep navel. I wore this dress as dad wants to see me always in sexy dress. Infact this was purchased by him only. Whenever he comes across a new fashionable and sexy garments he purchases for me. My husband gopal is also fancies to see me in sexy dresses. So i bluff him that i have purchased these dress for him only.

“dad .. Come in…”i called him after my dressing. As he saw me he is bewildered to see me .. “oh! Sudha… what a beautiful doll you are dear” and he encircled his hand around my slim waist and lifted me into the air and turned round and round. “oh! Dad.. Have patience … i am not running away… drop me down.. I have t make some more arrangements”. As he dropped me i went in and took 2 chilled beer bottles and two beer mugs. Warmed the chicken 65 and brought them into the bed room. Dad is sitting on the cot in a reclining position resting his head on the head rest. His 9 ½” thick was fully erected and made a tent of his night pajama. I giggled and as i bent down to keep the items on the side table dad put his h and on my fleshy bum and squeezing it pushed his other hand into the ‘v’ of the blouse to hold naked choochi.

I giggled again and sat on my knees at my dads legs took his stout tool over the pajama … stroked it up and down then pulled his pajama down. It stuck under his ass and he raised it and i pulled the garment down up to his ankles. ‘my god.. How rampant it is…’ i thought and shook the naked lund up and down in my fist. His fore skin is moving revealing his pinkish knob.

After a while i sat on him placing my both legs on either side of him, opened his shirt buttons. His throbbing tool is drilling on my swollen crotch over the panty. I ran my fingers on his hairy chest… pinched his small nipples between my fingers. While he is doing the same with my stiffened nipples. I licked his hairy chest.. The aroma of his sweat mingled with talcum powder gave new smell to me. I took his nipples in my lips and pressed them with nipples.. Lo… they are reacting turned stiff. I pressed my lips hard over them, and then took them one after the other in between my teeth and nibbled. “ooooo…hhh…ss sssss… ooohhhhhh…osssoffff…” my dad groaned with pleasure.

I pulled my panty which is already wet, aside and took his pulsating knob in between my pouted vertical lips and slowly sat on down on it. “ooh…ooooossssuffffuuffffffooooooooooo… oh! Oh! His bulbous knoband totola length of 9 ½” is piercing in my tight vagina. Once it is fully in me and touching my womb. I took his lips in me and had a deep french kiss.

Dad opened the designer knot of my blouse and my healthy boobs swelled forward. Dad took them in his palms and stated kneading the boobs and pinching the stiff nipples.

“dad… what happened to gracy? You both were supposed to stay together to night isn’t it?” I asked.

“yes dear” dad playing with choochis and kissing on my neck said “by the time we have completed our office job it was 3 pm at miryalguda … when we were about book a room gracy received a phone informing her that her i year old son who is in the crèche is suffering with high temp. And her husband is untraceable. Poor gracy was worried but still don’t want to disappoint me and said we can rest for one or two hours. But i know she will be worried about her son and neither she nor i can enjoy the fun of fucking.. And we canceled the prog. And returned.

“oh! Daddy how caring you are?” I hugged him tightly and rubbed my tits on his hairy chest. His stout pole is deep in my oozing slit. I was slowly rocking on his dick. It was then i received a call from gopal. It is our habit that as we reach to office we inform this to each other. He asked me about my dads dinner. “yeas dear i am serving him the dinner” i said and winking at my dad humped my choot on his lund. “but dear he wanted to go now” i said in the mobile and i gave my mobile to my dad. From the loud speaker i heard his voice “daddy.. Why don’t you stay… sudha will be alone.. You can stay here tonight” my husband said and dad replied saying that “ok son… i will stay..” And switching off the mobile he pinched my taut nipples.

By the time i poured cool beer into a mug while sitting on my papas lund and saw that the mug is only half filled and the reaming is filled with froth of the beer. I took the mug and dipped my one boob in it. The cool beer tingled my choochi and my honey coloured areola and the nipple is coated with froth “come dad cool yourself by licking the cool beer from your daughters boobs.” I sad and pulled his head to my choochi.

“oooohhhh … my…my… what an idea dear… “ and dad grabbed my tit eagerly and sucking it. Then i did the same with the other boob and he is on the other boob this continued for while. “dear beti tumhara cool beer mere badan ko aur tumhara garm choot meri lund ko thanda kar rahen hai.” Dad said.

I took big gulp of beer in my mouth and i took dads lips and darted my tongue in his mouth. Dads mouth opened and i sent the beer into his mouth. He tated my saliva mixed beer and swallowed. “ come on dad ab aapki baari hai” and i took the beer mug to his mouth and he took the beer into his mouth and sent the same into my mouth. It is a funny situation which we both baap beti enjoyed. “aaaaaahhhh…urrah. .. Ufff… aaah…” dad is groaning with unbearable joy and squeezing my fleshy chootad over my skirt.

“dad … don’t be haste… be leisure” i said and humped my crotch on his. Dad is much excited for my actions on him and his stout pole pulsating in my wet pussy… by its pulsation i know he will explode … and to stop his explosion for a while i rose up and with pop up sound papa ka lund meri choot se nikla aur unka lund meri choot ki pani se gila hai. I rose on my toes and stood over his face by placing my hands on his head. Now my wet pussy is exactly in front of dads face. “dad pull the panty down” i said and he did the same pulling it down over my fleshy bum and shapely thighs. I removed my one leg from the panty and let it fall at my other ankle.

Holding his head and hair i rubbed my slightly opened and dripping pussy over my dads sharp nose. My…my what a thrilling sensation it is that his nose is between my labia and i pressed my clit on his nose. “ooohhhh… baby… baby… oohh sale kahan se seekh rahi hai yeh sab …..” He rubbed his nose hard and sniffing and pressing my chootad in such a manner that his finger nails dug into my bum. For his dialogues i hilariously laughed and my heavy breasts jiggled. Then i slowly slide down and moving slightly aside i rubbed my cuntlips on my dads erected small nipples.

Oooh…sss.. It is really a funny situation that his tamarind seed like nipples are rubbing against my stiff clit and between my vertical lips. I did the same with his other nipple also. Dads fingers were in my ass channel and his middle finger is poking on my tight butt hole. “ dad aapki middle finger ko meri choot mein dalo” i said and his middle finger is in my cunt and moved it in & out to three times papa ke fingers ab meri cunt juices se coat ho gaye hain. “ab is finger ko meri gaand mein dalo” as i said he poked his lubricated finger in my gaand and i relaxed my ass muscles. His half finger is in my back hole.

As his finger entered in my ass it started twitching. Having his finger i my back hole i sat on his crotch and said “dad apni machili ko talab mein daldo”. With his left hand he pushed his throbbing knob in me and raised his bum to thrust it deep in my pussy. It was beyond his limit to control the explosion and he spurted in me. As hi warm juices were released i also reached my orgasm and we both hugged each other affectionately. Papa’s big long and stout lund is like a cork in my choot. In that position only we stayed for 5 mts. And finished the beer.

After that i fell on my back and pulled dad over me. We stayed like that for 4 5 mts. And dad pulled his cock out. I immediately covered my hole with my palm and asked dad to give me beer mug. “why?” He asked. “”give me i’ll tell you later” and he gave me the mug. I kept the mug at the entrance of my pussy and collected the juices dripping from my choot into the mu. Dad is looking at me mesmirisingly.

Then i got up wiped my cunt and dads dick and we both pissed.

I took the mug of our juices to the kitchen. Dad followed me. I am still in my short skirt. Dad has buttoned his shirt but nothing below his waist. His semi erected dick is dangling between his thighs. I took four eggs and broken them and poured the eggs into the juices dad and mine and whipped them and prepared omlet of it. While i am preparing dad hugged me from the back and kissing my neck, cheeks and said “sale haramjaadi.. Kahan se seekhi yeh sab” his hands were holding my firm boobs and pressing his tool on his daughter’s taut bum.

I thought of telling that i learned this type of omlet making from his brother i mean from my chacha .. But again thought against it kept quite.

Then we had dinner….. He sitting in my lap and playing again with tits and nipples. I am getting aroused again. I was feeding him and playing with his tool.

After relaxing for ½ hour sitting in front of the tv we both entered the bedroom again and lied side by side facing each other. My one hand is around his waist where as his hand is around my waist and running his palm on my bum. Meine dekha ki papa ka lund phir meri chhot mein thokar mar rahi thi.

“sudha …meri bachchi.. Tum poori randi aur chinnal bangayee ho” meri aankho mein dekhthe dad ne kaha. Mein khil khilakar hasee and kahee… “ han papa.. Mein randee aur chinal hun.. Lekin sirf mere daddy ke liye kisi aur ke liye nahi. Mere pathi ke liye bhi nahi”. Yeh kahkar meine phir dad par chadh gayee aur tayyar lund ko meri laar tapakthi bur mein leelgayee. Mere dono vajni choochiyan latak rahi hai. Dad ke dono hathonse unhe daba rahe hai. Dad ke lund ko bur mein lekar mein un par seddhi let gayee aur papa ke haath phir meri ubhardar gaand par phir rahi hai.

“daddy ek baat poochoon..” Mein unki aankho ko choomthi poochi. “haan kyon nahi…” “ aap bura tho nahin manege? Aur promise karo ki angry nahi honge” and i took promise from him.

“dad, every one and one and half month mein teen char din ke liye aap, mummy, chacha and chachi tour kahkar chalejate hain. Kabhi nagarjun sagar, kabhi madana palle, tho kabhi araku. Aap kabi mujhe ya radha (my younger sister) ko vaise hi akaash ya deepa (my cousins) ko kyon nahi lejathe?” Meine unki aankho mein dekhthi poochi.

I felt like by listening my question dad got perturbed but very quicky controlled his feelings and laughed loudly and saiod.

“are … meri pyari bachchi.. Ab tho tum meri rnadee hai. Chinal hai..meri beti, meri saalee bhi hai.. Ab tumse kya chupana. Lekin is baat ko raaz hi rakhna..” Aur dad mere gaal ko pyar se chooma.

Kya kahenge papa… mera dil dhad dhad kar raha tha… kay meri doubt sahi hoga… mein sooch rahi thi.

“dear sudha we rejuvenate our selves by exchanging ourselves and indulging in group fucking … any how you know that mom’s sister is uncle’s wife and you also know that i fucked your mousi cum chachi even before her marriage with the help of your mother. And let me tell you a secret… your cousin akkash is actually my son to chachi and your sister radha is actually chacha’s daughter to your mother”.

So what my doubt is true. This was really exciting to listen and i imagined how they fucked each other. I asked dad to tell me how it all happened in detail.

While fucking me he told me thir experiences whichi will narrate in my next episode. Now my cunt is dripping for a nice fuck and dad’s lund is ready to fuck me and is poking deep in my pussy. Let me have a ggod fuck… o…k.. Readers ggod bye till we next time… how is the episode… did you enjoyed. Write your comments in iss and also to my id [email protected]… I know you are holding your dicks in your fists and imagining about my juicy fleshy pussy while my lady readers are imagining about my dad’s stout pole… ok… bye… bye…


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