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October 19, 2018

Confession of having sex with maternal aunt 2

Confession of having sex with maternal aunt 2

Now I am posting what happened after that experience…

After all those memorable days, I really started feeling guilty with myself that I had a sex with my maternal aunt. But let me tell you friends, it was never intentional. It just happened. These things do not need reasons to happen.

After nearly two months, I started feeling attraction towards her. I was feeling very nice that now I can share my sexual desires freely with her. So I used to call her & ask her about how to plan our next experience. Now she was also very much free and interested as she really enjoyed first time with me. But she was very conservative. I told her that we will go to some hill station.

She said that she will have to give strong reason for going outside city to her parents. So for some days she couldn’t dare. But surely somewhere she was feeling the need for it. So she found out the reason. For some job application she came to pune, where she stayed with her friend. We planned to go to lonavla. So one day she met me in the afternoon.

All those memories came in front of our eyes. Without wasting any time, I packed my bags. I called in the office to HR for a leave & we left within one hour. We went there we hired an auto and told him to take us to a decent hotel. It took a while for that. We reached approx at 7′ o clock to hotel. This was the first-of-its-kind experience for me i.e. going in a hotel with a woman.

So after entering the room & locking the door, all you people know what must have happened. Without wasting any time, I took her to bed and kissed her passionately. All those memories were in front of our eyes & we were enjoying there. After enjoying nearly one hour, we decided that we will save our energy because we had whole night in front of us.

So we chaged clothes & went out. The first thing that we did was buying condoms. It makes her feel comfortable. After that she gave me nice smile saying that the night is yours. We bought some lubricants as well. We had some fast food. We decided to have dinner in room only. So we placed the order in the hotel. The order was taking sometime to come.

So meanwhile we kept foreplay on. I was fondling her boobs & her hands were in my pants. After sometime dinner came. We had a dinner. Once the dinner was done, we decided to have a bath together. Last time we didn’t have this experience. So we went to bathroom. made her naked. I also became naked. I immedietely became very hard & told her to sleep in the bathroom.

She did it. I lay down on her & started kissing her. Now she also became aroused. I put some water on her & apply soap on her as wel as on my whole body. Now we hugged each other & started rubbing our bodies with each other. It was an awesome experience. Now it was really getting very hard for me to control. So we finished bathing & immediately went on bed.

As we both had done sufficient foreplay, we immedietely went into the sex act. She put a condom on my dick & I put it inside her vagina. We started in sitting position. I was feeling much more controlled as I had last experience with her. I tried different positions on her & gave her a good fuck for nearly 2 hours…..I never go too fast I stroke very slowly.

Its good to prolong your sex to enjoy it more. When I was feeling that I will get over then I used to take my dick out & used to finger her for some time. It was all a very enjoyable act. She already had 2-3 oragasms & now I wanted to have it. so I told her that now we both will have it together & tell me when you will be very close to your orgasm. She agreed.

So I gradually stroked her > she was moaning. I could feel that she was reaching closer. Its an awesome experience when she used to make her pussy tight on my dick It was controllable for her…..Once she reached very closer, She shouted my name. I realised it & suddenly increased my speed very fast….ohhhh god !!!

Within few seconds We both had a heavy masturbation together & it was an experience of life time. After that we were completely exausted & we slept in each other’s arms…COMPLETELY NAKED!!!

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