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October 17, 2018

Computer Room Rendezvous With Hasina

Computer Room Rendezvous With Hasina

But, the only thing about Hasina that wasn’t appealing was her belief that coworkers shouldn’t date. Hasina and I became good friends at work.

I was working in a company in Hyderabad, in the company I was surrounded by people who were many years my senior,
Then about 2 months ago, Hasina joined our company, I could scarcely believe my eyes. I was overjoyed that I would now have a beautiful, fresh, good looking girl of my own age working with us. My super active mind was full of fantasies involving her: blowjobs under my desk, quick fucks in the rest room, doggie-style humping and so on.

Hasina is a knockout in the truest sense, she had tits you normally would dream about, big and full and she rarely wore a bra, with large nipples that make a tent of the fabric of tops.

But, the only thing about Hasina that wasn’t appealing was her belief that coworkers shouldn’t date. Hasina and I became good friends at work.

One night I agreed to stay late with her so that she could finish some work she had to finish. She went to the computer room; I could see her from my room through the glass partition. Hasina had pulled over a chair that in the computer room. With her right foot on the floor, and her left knee on the seat, she straddled the back of the chair. As I watched in mute fascination, she said her crotch forward and back along the top of the chair, humping herself I was fascinated, I noticed that, she did it slowly at first, but soon was jerking and wriggling and rubbing hard against the chair, bringing herself to orgasm. By the smile on her face and the quivering of her entire body, I could tell that she must have had a nice orgasm. It was obvious that Hasina was feeling horny. I couldn’t help wondering if this would be the night I could get her to get over her thing about dating coworkers, I really wanted was to slip my dick into her pussy and give her a nice fuck.

I went to the computer room, Hasina was standing beside the chair she had been riding, she watching the printer and trying her best to look normal. “Hi, Rahul,” she said, turning to me. “I was just—”But then she stopped talking. I noticed that her cheeks were blushing. Maybe it was my look, or perhaps it was the twinkle in my eye. Maybe, I thought, it was the way my hard dick’s outline in my pants. In any case, it was clear that she realized I knew what she’d been up to. We were kind of numb, Neither of us said a word, just stood to stare at each other in silence for a few minutes, I tried to think of what to do next, when Hasina acted first. She reached out, wrapped her hand around the bulge in my pants and pulled me toward her. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms tightly around her. Then I let my hands roamed lower, caressing her big breasts and massaging her soft ass.

Suddenly Hasina pushed me and dropped to her knees in front of me, quickly opened my belt and zipper, then pulled my pants to the ground. Released, my dick sprang forward. In an instant, Hasina was sucking lightly on my cockhead while gently rolling my balls between her fingers. She started by pushing my shaft flat against my belly so that she could use her lips and tongue, licking, The feel of her hot breath against my dick was enough to make me shake all over. She sucked my balls first one, then the other, she then, held my dick against my stomach, Hasina began to lick up and down the sensitive, underside.

Then, Opening her mouth wide to receive me, she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me in. She took as much of me into her mouth as would fit, which was a considerable amount, and began pumping her head back and forth on my dick. Her tongue danced on my dick the whole time, rolling up and down, and sliding to the right and left. She would suck both my balls into her mouth at once. The sensation was so intensely pleasurable that I thought for sure I was going to shoot anytime I managed to gasp, “Hasina stop. You’re going to make me come!”

She let my dick slide loose from her lips just long enough to look up and give me a wide, knowing smile, and then returned to what she’d been doing with increased energy. Seconds later I wrapped my fingers in her silky hair and began to tighten my hips. With a loud groan, I exploded in her mouth. Hasina just kept sucking and swallowing until my hips had stopped moving and my dick lay limp in her mouth.

She rose to her feet with a smile on her lips and a wild, wicked gleam in her eyes.

“So, what did you think of that?” she asked, wiping away the remains of my juices with her finger, and then seductively sucking the finger clean. In answer to her question, I stepped toward her and, opened her jeans pulling it down along with her soaked panties. I made her sit down on the edge of a desk. Kneeling in front of her and draping her knees over my shoulders, I buried my face in her crotch.

Hasina was ready for the tonguing would be an understatement. Her juices were gushing out, soaking both the desk and my face as I drove her wild with my mouth. “Eat me, eat me!” she said, teasing her clit with a finger to add to her pleasure. She was one hot woman, working her ass back and forth on the desk as I fucked her with my tongue.

I sucked her love-lips, flicked at her clit with my tongue, and thrust in and out of her pussy with my fingers. My hand and face were coated with her wetness.

“Lick my clit,” she said moaning. “Suck it like I sucked your dick.” I went to town on her now erect clit, feeling it swell and throb between my lips. She rocked and rolled against my face, occasionally gasping, “Oh, Rahul, that’s it! Do it to me.”

Sensing how hot she was getting, I planted two fingers firmly in her pussy so that my mouth could concentrate exclusively on her hard little clit. Tracing circles around her clit and plucking at it gently with my lips, I began to finger-fuck her with a steadily increasing rhythm. In no time my hand was practically drenched to the wrist with cunt juice as her rocking pelvis began to match the tempo of my busily buried fingers.

And then, just like that, she went over the brink. Feverishly bucking and thrusting against my mouth and hand, and loudly grunting out things that were for the most part incoherent, Hasina came wildly for what must have been a few minutes! It was unbelievable. She jerked backward as she came. When the orgasm finally subsided and her breathing was back to normal, she leaned forward, planted a deep kiss on my lips and began licking her juices from my cheeks and chin.

“Fuck me, Rahul,” she cried in my ear. “I want your dick in me, right now. Is it hard?”

“It’s been hard since the first time I saw you,” I said. I took her hand in mine and placed it on my dick, which was hot and throbbing. Helping her to her feet, I asked Hasina to clean up against the desk, in that pose of hers that I loved so much. She did so, with her arms placed wide for support and her ass thrusting out invitingly. I thought of all the times I’d seen her like that and dreamed of pressing my dick into her from behind. Now I was actually going to get my chance. Grabbing her hips, I entered her pussy from the rear, burying my hot, hungry and erect dick in her tight, dripping oven with a single thrust. She gasped, and so did I. Soon she was meeting my every lunge with a backward surge of her own, hungry for dick and for the pleasure each deep plunge brought her.

I was pumping so hard into her that the desk, was rocking on its legs. Finally, with a loud, “Oh God, Rahul, I’m… I’m going to come again!” Hasina thrust hard against me and groaned aloud. She shook all over, then went limp as she climaxed. I joined her some three plunges later, pumping an ocean of come deep into her pussy. Then, exhausted, we sank to the cold tile floor together and rested in each other’s arms.

Five minutes later I noticed that I had left the computer-room door open all that time. I told Hasina that we should go somewhere a little more private, like back to my apartment, so we could finish getting to know each other. She readily agreed. We fucked all the night didn’t get much sleep.

As for me, work is now more enjoyable than ever. No one at the office knows about Hasina and me, but we now are together almost every night. It was good and lasted, till her parents called her back to get her married. We were fucking until the morning of her last day and I dropped her off at the airport. It was defiantly one of the hottest experiences of all time.

I have since then moved to many cities and now am in Chennai, any women interested in meeting can contact me on [email protected]



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