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October 24, 2018

Cleaning fish tank with sexy Shanthi aunty

Cleaning fish tank with sexy Shanthi aunty

It was a hot summer day my mom’s best friend shanthi had called me. She wanted me to go help her clean her fish tank.So I went over and we got straight to cleaning the tank. she was wearing an old white shirt with some tight jeans.

while we were cleaning the tank some water got onto her shirt near her boob and nipple area. I looked over at it when she wasnt looking and I could tell she had no bra on and her right nipple was hard due to the water.

Afther we finsished cleaning the tank she said she was going down the street tot he store to buy some stuff for her new bathroom that just got remolded.She asked if I wanted to go with her but I said no I’ll saty here and play that new video game you bought.

When she left I got a boner thinking about her hard nipple, so I went into her bedroom to check out some stuff. I looked threw her draws and I found what I was looking for a bra. I wanted to see what size her boobs were. So I grabbed a red bar and I look on the tag of it and it said 38C.

I still had that boner so I started to jerk off with her bra and a pair of her dirty thongs from her hamper. About 15 minutes later she walked into her bedroom and saw what I was doing. then she asked me if I would like to see her model in her bra and thongs.

As a 18 year old male I said yes! She came back out and spun around and I got to see her buttcheeks because she had a thong on.I dropped my cell phone on the floor, and she picked it up for me and I saw her whole cleavage. She caught me looking at them.

Then she told be that she will be right back and when she came back in she was fully nude. asked me if I wanted any pleasure from her so I said can I get a nice long lapdance. Shanthi gave me one and the her hand went down my pants and she started to stroke my penis.

Next thing I know my shorts and boxers are at my knees and she started to suck my dick. Grabbed her tits while she was doing that. Then I told her to stop and I sucked on her tits. After that she let me do her up the ass it felt so good doing that.

She told me to eat her out next so I did and that was also great. I did that for a few mintues then I asked if I could fuck her I told her I had a condom with me. She said I could but I don’t need the condom because she got her tubes tied.

I insterted my penis into her pussy and started going in and out. I looked over at the clock and it was 5:30 and I had to be home for dinner. SO I got dressed but b4 I left I felt those great boobs again. She told me that I could keep her bra and thong

as a soviner and to jerk off with later if I wanted to.She told me that I could keep her bra and thong as a soviner and to jerk off with later if I wanted to. Right b4 I left I asked if I could get a nude pics of her on my cell phone and she said sure.

As I was driving home I said to myself man I cant wait till next month to go clean that fish tank. When I got home after dinner I went to my bedroom and started to jerk off with the bra and witht that great nude pic of her.

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