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Los Angeles Vacation – Part 1

Udita and I had gone to school together for nearly 6 years. We were very good friends initially but during 11th and 12th had been less in touch as she had moved to a different school. I found her on Facebook and added her as a friend. Soon we were exchanging messages and during one of the 3 day holidays, she invited me to come visit her at USC in Los Angeles where she was studying. As I had always wished to visit California, especially LA, I was more than happy to book my tickets and go there. Obviously I didn’t have to worry about hotel, car and other expenses as she lived there.

Sexy Virgin Niece

Sexy Virgin Niece Dear friends , Its Mannu again after some many days . I met a net friend and she told me her story some thing like this . So I thought to write a good story with real feelings..Please do share with me on [email protected] …………………………………………………… I am 41 years young. I have […]

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I came back to the hall and saw him looking at the tv so interestingly….went nearer to see what he was looking at…ha… got him watching blue film….i told hei…u are in trouble now how can you watch that movie in my house…he said!no! it was in the vcd player…then I remember that last night me and hubby watched it before having a hot fucking session… I told him since you have see the blowjob movie why don’t I give you a blowjob training .ohhhh…that will be wonderful for I have never had it before…

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After 1 year, i came to know that she had a break up And luckily because of my friend i got a chance to met her(he have to return her books back to her which i took and ask him i will give it to her, my friend agreed and he call her, say that he will be waiting for my in a restaurant in her hometown, so i reached their) i only talked her for less than a hour. Then we both left on our way.

It’s A Beautiful Diva

I use to finger her cunt and finger fuck her and She masturbates me and eject the sperm on her body. She told me that she will not go to school tomorrow. We will enjoy this game. Next day,when her parents went to work, I went to her room. We started kissing and hugging each other. Diva laid one of her hands right between my thighs just touching my prick. I got an instant erection & she noticed the bulge. She lay the hands for a few seconds. I then moved my penis a little closer to her hand & positioned such that her whole hand covered my prick. She moved closer to me & now her beautiful breasts were very near my hands.

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always i think of fucking that hottie one day of the other and its today she came running towards her house completely wet.. i cud see her bra through her shirt.. and drops of water entering into her cleavage.. her soaked skirt stuck to her hairless legs made me hottest ever..

Me And My Girlfriend Making Love

So I will directly come to my actual story now..that one day she called me up on phone like always in afternoon ,I received her call and she started crying heavily like a little baby and she was weeping such a like that my heart got moved from its actual position. I tried to suppress her from crying….but condition was worst..and I tried to ask her the reason behind her weeping but she didn’t replied properly. So I asked her to come to meet me infront of select city walk mall at saaket in New delhi only.. in one hour I managed to reach there. As she saw me she started crying and ran towards me crossing the road and with a tight hug…she cane to me…..and she put her face on my shoulders…and in some time I succeeded in stopping her from crying a more. Then she told me that her boss due to some mistake in work scolded her in front of all the staff members, so she felt very embarrased infront of all her colleagues. so she will now give resign to that job and will move to the other one.

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My father said “no problem I will tell raajto take care of her”.

Bagya is a slim, fair looking girl, at her 22,during 2nd year MBA In a collage at Chennai and stayed at hostel, looks as if sexy bomb. Her big block eyes were disturb the teens, breast was perfect in shape and size. She is my distant cousin sister’s

daughter, native Madurai and now came here to attend the function. Her big and rolling eyes attracted me during my last visit around two years ago while I met her in a family function and then I kept an eye on her.