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October 20, 2018


Losing My Virginity To A Reader Of My Story

Let me start with how actually it happened. I had published a fictional story about my desires of being a horny virgin guy. I got many feedbacks from males. On the first day, I didn’t receive any feedbacks from females. I was very disappointed with that.

Losing My Virginity To The Fair Kavya

My dad has a company and earns good enough to have all the luxuries in the life. He needed an intern in his office and selected my angel Kavya. I used to go to my dad’s office now and then so that I should be able to handle this after my dad gets old.

Sex With The Bride And Her Mother!

Shweta was not looking very pleasant and I thought that she might be a little bit tensed because of the big occasion. I came to know that this is an arranged marriage and my uncle had influenced this marriage agreement with his money power. My cousin’s family was also new to me so I am not much friendly with them. But I was curious to know the details. Shweta was really a nice and very beautiful girl.

First Time Sex With A Horny Virgin Girl

So coming to the story, up till now I had never fucked a virgin girl and was wondering about the feelings and the satisfaction it would get. As I am socially very active I once found a girl name Neha(name changed) on social networking site and send her the request.

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