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October 20, 2018


Lost My Virginity To Bigboobed Girl

In our school, they announced that there will be a national level science fair which they are going to conduct in school. So, they asked us to make give names and prepare the project. The day before the fair everyone was given a place to exhibit their project and we stayed back late in school to make all the arrangements for the project to be displayed tomorrow.

Sex With My Reader !

Ok let’s get into the sex story, ISS published my sex story after many days and I almost forgot that I wrote a sex story….., suddenly one day evening I started receiving my emails , I got like 20 emails from the readers all these happened 1 week before and all of them started appreciating my sex story in that there were a 4-5 girls and another girl named Spoorthy she had sent a message on google hangouts. And there was no profile picture I thought it’s a fake and some boy is texting still I replied saying thank you… (and this is the real conversation below)

Ente Sheela Chechi Part – 2

She came forward and introduced herself as my dad’s elder sister,renuka aka renu vallyamma as I used to call her,she was in her early fifties,thick,broad,short and was the perfect example of aging gracefully.She wore a blue saree that day,perfectly accommodating all her curves and giving you a small peak at her hip,tempting you to look again.Anyone having a look at her would definitely look again,she seemed a bit old due to her chubby nature,but all her features indicated that she had been quite the player back in her prime days.She came forward and pinched my,ho I would have loved to do pinch her ass the same way.

Virgin Chennai Bitch (FIRST BLOOD )

Regularly me and my friend used to meet and chit chat in his terrace daily that was the time me and my GF broke up so regularly I meet my friend and tried to come out of that one day opposite to his home there is a big flat I guess more that 100 homes from his home we saw a movement of a lady walking so we were checking what she was doing our good time, she was changing her dress and was in front of the mirror for a long time nude, I guess she saw us but still she did not cover later she closed the screen .

First Experience To Romance

I said nothing just seeing her eyes ..And slowly I touched breast with elbow small push and rubbed her hand and she feels heat and me also full heat up….And went near to her and asked how u feel but she said you making me heat now ..I just kissed her cheeks …And said I am feeling somewhat horny yar …And she said I want to go time up ..Warden will not allow me like that she said and went away….I pinged her and she said why you touched me at that place …I asked where…She asked there ra monkey …Ho ya because you made me tempting so only I did like that and said actually first time so only not go head or else I will make your hole wet…She said will kill you….And I said ok kill me but once I want to lick and suck then you kill me, dear…..And then planned another movie this time and I do feel her all body parts and even she also did the same…We went to another movie this time I planned in chetpet eaaga theater..

My Unexpected First Time

We did a bit of dancing and just had fun, nothing rude, just relaxed fun. As the night grew late, my mom told me to take my uncle family with me to our house for that night.This was where it really started when my uncle and aunt told that they will stay in marriage hall since they have met their relations after so long and uncle told me to take sweety to the house so that se can take some rest.My mom told me to take sweety to our house which was next to the street.When we were walking home, we were alone so we were just chatting. She got a little flirty saying to me “You are a very good-looking lad. I can’t believe you are my cousin. And I told her, you look great too.

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