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It was a tiresome day at my office and since it’s a Friday I took some whisky and had s tipsy evening at home watching movie. The second sister (Vanitha) came in and sat with me in the sofa very close with me. I can feel her hot part of her right side body. The moment I had a hard on and added to the fuel I’m in tipsy mood too. I took all the courage and touch her in the shoulder, to me astonishment she didn’t say anything and immediately I kissed her in her neck. I didn’t expect she would slap me and left my place.

Got A Girl With The Help Of My Friend’s Girl

So the day’s were going on itself, I was happy there. On one fine evening when I was roaming with my friends I met my childhood friend, his name is Rishi, we talked each other happily and chatted about studies and all after that we exchanged our contact numbers and decided to meet at the evening of next day, and he went on his way and we went on ours way. I was happy to meet him after 5 years as he was my best friend of my school days and due to some reason we lost our contact in school days.

He was soft and silent boy and now when I met him next day I come to know that he has become such a popular guy.

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But,I did not want to have any feelings on her as we already accepted to be friends with benefits. One fine day when she was really horny(I suppose) she texted me. I was offline and she texted me repeatedly. When I came online I was shocked to see so many messages left by her. I immediately texted her and she replied so fast that “I want to get fucked real bad by you”. I was shocked as she was not so open until then. Then she said that her friend had described how she and her boyfriend made out and she wants to have a similar thing with me. I was pleased and asked her whether we could try it out in text first. She was okay with it and we had a steamy sex chat and I was surprised to see her many kinky fantasies.

My Very First Sexual Exposure

Due to the business commitments, my dad decided to move to this relatively serene and tranquil neighborhood on Staten Island. The Junior High [Middle] School I had to attend was almost one and a half to two miles away. We were told of School bus being available about 7—8 small blocks from our house but I don’t know why my dad insisted that I should start behaving and being like a grown up boy and get used to the world around me. Mom agreed and I was elated too when dad announced to buy me a bicycle as my first transport. Wow!!

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The theatre was pretty much empty except for a few couples here and there. We just took one corner seat and sat in the dark. The movie had just started and the fight had resumed again. I tried to console her but she just wouldn’t listen. Then she started crying all of a sudden. I asked her, “what’s the matter with you?” to which she replied, “I hate that other girls are stealing you away from me!” I didn’t know what to say. So I just put my hand over her shoulder and pulled her close. I just wished that we had a couple seat there. It was pretty awkward to hug someone in those single seats. So I took my hand and held her palms. I clasped my fingers over hers. She just smiled and leaned on my shoulder. We just sat there and enjoyed the whole movie. And we knew we never going to see each other the same way again.

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Coming to the story, it was the vacations after our 12th boards, we were all preparing for entrance exams but weren’t interested at all. We used to keep texting all day and kept talking about random stuff. One day I finally asked her for her number, and we started talking on whatsapp. She used to send such amazing pics of herself (non-nude), and I kept complimenting her more and more. We slowly started talking more and more about our sexual life, if we had ever had sex or watched porn, or had masturbated. I opened up pretty quickly, never had sex, to hell with that, never even had a gf before, so I opened up and said that I have only enjoyed with my hand till now. She was quite hesitant to open up and it took her a few more days to tell me that she fingers herself very less. All this got me quite heated up, I liked her, I actually fell in love with her. She used to trust me and I felt good helping her out at times. We both were virgins, she had never seen a dick in real life and I had never seen a vagina in real.

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My first semester got over with me making zero friends of opposite gender. It would literally burn me to see all those girls and boys having fun. I had a habit of stalking beautiful girls on social media and masturbate at their photos. One day as I was strolling through FaceBook sitting on the toilet with my dick in my hand ready to fire. I received a notification “Reshma (name changed) accepted your friend request”.

Sasha And I Lost Virginity In A Hotel

So let me go back to the story. The story is about how my girlfriend and I went to a hotel in Mumbai and had the best sex of our life. So my girlfriend (Sasha) and I study in the same college. We met there and we fell in love. I am an always horny guy, who loves sex and when I met her, I got to know she is also the same. Even she wants to have sex and she is also 24/7 horny. We have been dating for 6 months and wanted to have sex but couldn’t because we couldn’t find a place. We tried but we always failed.

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Coming to the story ..This happened at 20 of my age’….At the time i was studying my graduation 1 st year..At reputed college in chennai.. I was very fond of seeing porn movies…And reading stories at my free time…At this time my second sem ends….. And going to second year..So we set of four students planned to take room..And we took before sem leave start.So that we can easily vacate our hostel room. So we took a house with 2bhk in near town. And we left for leave to ours home