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November 22, 2018


My Dream Come True With My Love

Let me come to the story. My longtime friend, with body figure of 36D-28-36 sufficient enough to make any guy take another look, is the heroine. Her name is Regina and luckily, she sits next to me in the attendance order.

Desires Of A Horny Virgin Guy

As my mom had an account at her branch, they both become friends soon. She used to come to my home to chit chat with my mom. Due to that, we started to talk to each other. Slowly we both become closer because of her son.

Great Sex With Hot Girl Keerthi From Office

The heroine of this story is Keerthi. She is one of the hot girls in our office. She has a great figure. I always liked her and used to stare at her structure. Her assets are very attractive and sexy. She has a figure of 36-30-36. Many seniors are trying her and she didn’t let anyone to be very close except a few friends. I am one among her friends.

Fucked An Untouched Married Reader

So today I am going to narrate to you how I had a sexual adventure with a reader. I used to read a lot of stories about fucking their readers. But I never used to believe those. But when it happened with me I just want thank all the working team of ISS. Because of you, I have fans now.

Losing Virginity To Breastfeeding Aunty Upstairs

We bought a flat in Bangalore recently and my father was getting some interiors works done. As we had college holidays, he wanted me to stay in this new flat for a week to supervise the finishing works. There was a temporary folding cot and bed there and good restaurants/mess etc nearby, so my parents considered to be a good experience for me to live independently. They never knew it also helped me in losing my virginity.

Mutual Consent Of Two Needy People

I had my first time with my girlfriend’s best friend. The way it started was different. The star of the sex story will be called Moon and you can call me Virat. She is beautiful and dusky with all her perfections and imperfections.

My First Chiggy Wiggy Sexy Foreplay

Those days my best friend got busy with her cousin’s wedding. So one day to surprise her I visited her cousin’s house with another friend of mine. Over there I saw my dream man. He was 5’8″ approx 6 packs, fair and killing looks. But I controlled myself as I know I’m a bit healthy girl and why would such a handsome hunk be interested in me.

Virgin Boy Fucking For The 1st Time

I took one house on rent. It was sharing a house with 2 sharing rooms. My roommate was from Delhi and he was living in Bangalore for 1 year. So he was kind of my senior but he was working in a different office. Soon I developed a nice bonding with that guy.

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