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October 17, 2018

Office sex

Encounters With Office Hottie In Germany

“I want to have a physical relationship with you” was what I wrote to her on WhatsApp. It was after a year of continuous chatting, flirting that I gathered the courage to ask her. I had not expected her to agree, but she did so immediately which was really strange. And that was when we decided to meet in a hotel room.

Seduced And Felt The Juices Of My Colleague

It all started when I was going out for a smoke with my colleagues. At the entrance, I bumped into this new girl Nivedita in office. She was dusky, and she looked like a sex goddess with those sharp-featured looks. We exchanged stares and I said sorry and moved on before she could reply.

Sunrise Trip And Sex With My Office Colleague

To describe her looks, she is fair, with long black hair, 5.6 feet tall, fairly slim and perfectly shaped big boobs. When I first saw her join with me on a project I was really happy and excited that she is going to be my team member. As we both joined together we always used to sit next to each other in the office.

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