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October 18, 2018

Office sex

Sexual Tension And Relief In The Office

Coming to her,26 yrs old, hiding her real name for obvious reasons, Reeti, damn! I had never thought I would ever get to have that kinda ass! Super round, she had pretty luscious love handles visible over shirts. Her ass made a huge curve, curly hairs, round medium boobs. She was a big time slut but in a very subtle way.

Sexy Colleageue Ayesha And Her Big Boobs

Talking about Ayesha, she is around 28-29 years old, married, and her husband works in an IT firm in Hyderabad. And about Ayesha’s looks, in short, she is a bombshell. She is around 5.5 feet tall, really fair, with long black hair and she has an awesome pair of BIG boobs. And I really mean the ‘big’ word. To go with it, her curves are as sexy as it can get.

A Deal Gone Right Between Dean And Student

Maya is also an all-rounder. She has always gotten good grades in classes and has kept up with her extra-curricular activities fairly well. Which is why it came as a surprise when Maya was found by a teacher ‘participating in obscene acts with another boy inside the college premises’.

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