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October 17, 2018


Horny Neighbour Aunty Fucks Teen Boy

To start with let me first give you a background. I live in a society and have a lot of friends around. At that time we use to play gully cricket and the experience which I am going to tell you about started with an incident during one game of gully cricket.

Lesbian sex with shopkeeper’s daughter

I was living alone in a hostel room. After my tuitions got over I always went to the confectioneries to buy a cold drink for myself. A man used to work there. He must be around of the age 49 or 50. He had a daughter 16yrs old. As I was a permanent customer I developed friendship with those girls. Her name is Asha. She is a beautiful girl with beautiful boobs. She was in her sweet sixteen at that and was very attractive. I often used to masturbate thinking of her.

Rocky fucks a innocent gay

Coming back to my senses, I saw that the Man was talking on phone with someone n then he told that person to come over to his place for some fun. I thought in my mind at that time. “Salla, Bohot sidha-sadha batna hai, BP ki DVD rakhta hai?” Then that man it the movie took his cock out n started shaking, to make it hard, that man really had a big n thick cock. Just then I saw Jimmy near the door of the room, and I paused the movie, and asked him “Kyu be , Bohot sidha-sadha batna hai, aur Bp dekhta hai ?”, He then replied to me something that made me think. Jimmy said ” Kya tumne ye movie full dekhi?? Ya nahi? Pehle dekh lo fir kehna ??” saying so he came near to me and sat besides me, he was in towel only at that time, I didn’t mind as both r boys only naa. So I continued that movie, The man went to open the door and another man, entered and they closed the door, then he too got undressed and just made the 1st man to lay on bed and started sucking his dick, I was really shocked, cos that was a Gay movie !!!! Still I na shocked situation, I felt something wet on my dick. When I looked down it was jimmy sucking my dick, I wanted to push him away but couldn’t as he was sucking it so nice, that I just laid back to sofa n enjoyed it. Then he stood and sat on my penis with his back towards me, and started to go up and down my dick, Wow He was so good at it, That I forgot that he was a boy, and this was a gay sex going on. I just hugged him and licking his back body, like a dog.

We both ended up as lesbian

We went to their room, which is in the 3rd floor. As we entered the room one girl locked the door. Totally three senior girls were there. 3 girls (Shanthi ,Nisha & Priya) were there. They all were in casual dresses. Shanthi in nightie, Nisha in skirt and T-shirt and Priya in short & shirt. They were all sitting in chair and cot. We were asked to stand at the middle. Actually that was the 1st time I met these girls. I knew their name after that event only. First they started asking some general questions like our name, native place, parents and about our family.

Meri suhag raat

Next week he came with a surprise for me saying that I may join them on coming Saturday night. one gay guy sandy is also joining and he too is a virgin. So we may be a couple and on our virginity. They were also planning for a dinner at 8.00pm on our joining and has something special for us. I thanked him and started waiting for that big day and my mate sandy. On Friday rocky told to reach Johnny’s place (founder of the club) at 4.00pm on Saturday and gave me his address. I asked him that what I shall carry. He smiled and told me to come in single suit and ask me to purchase some gift for my date. I asked rocky about sandy likings to which he showed his inability as he himself has not met him yet. I worked out lot of images of sandy and his likings/disliking but could not decide. Suddenly I saw an ad for tight shorts for men ( cleverly showing manhood under that ) in one of the magazines lying on table. I went to the store and purchased one. I also purchased one nice white colored night suit for him. All the night that short laying on bed in front of me, I keep on thinking that how sandy will look wearing this. The color I choose was dark blue for the shorts. I even kissed it. I started feeling my womanhood growing.

My days with Geetha sis

When she came in I saw her deep navel and her saree was very much low hip, she told me to close the door. She then sat on the bed and told me it will take one hour for mehandi to get dry and then only she can wash of her hands, she told me that she was wearing a costly saree and she is scared that if mehendi will make colors on it, so she told me to remove her saree and keep it carefully. She stood in front of me and asked me to untie the saree nada , this was first time that I was in close contact with other women and I was getting restless and anxiety but kept cool and agreed to do ,I took the pallu from her shoulders, she was wearing a backless blouse which have strings in place of hooks, which I noticed when we went to the temple, she was showing of her back there, there was only one string that kept her blouse intact. When I took the pallu I noticed that she was not wearing bra beneath as it a back less blouse, I slowly took the pleat of the saree from her belly she held her breath for easing the midriff but it was more showing of her belly. I took the saree folded it and placed it on her suite case. She then told me that her blouse is also a rare matching one for the saree and so asked me to take it also. I went back her and opened the strings, came in front of her and pulled the blouse down, now her bare breast was making me more restless and uncomfortable and my eyes kept staring at her juicy boobs only.

Meri suhag raat – 2

As I came out to bedroom, Sandy was smiling and greeted me in his arms. He was wearing shorts which I gifted him this evening. His manhood was looking great in that and in a way , I imagined last night & nbsp. He kissed me and liked my idea of not changing. I also kept pack given by him untied for another surprise. We were laying on bed and my head on his hairy chest and our legs in each others. My toes was little naughty and was doing their own duty down there on his feet. The feet and toes were looking excellent in & nbsp, nail polish & nbsp; and other accessories. I could see the great bulge again under his shorts. The manhood smell coming out from his body was making me hot. His hands were doing crazy things to me. He was kissing my lips deep and now I too was responding. He took his fingers to my stomach then at my back to hips. I was just hiding myself in his arms. I kissed his hands, his lips, his cheeks, his chest ,his nipples , his stomach. When I reached his shorts a little idea struck to my mind. I took strap of his shorts in my lips and started pulling it down . As I was pulling down his cock was hitting me on my face. I took that off completely and made him nude. I was acting like a little bitch to please my master. I kissed further down to his thighs, legs and to his feet. As I was doing all this , he was just lying with his eyes close. I rubbed his cock head against my lips , my cheeks , my eyes , my ears , my neck and even to my nose. Smell was great and he was erect like a rod. Then I took the head again in my lips and licked the length till his balls. I licked the balls and took HIS head in my mouth. His hands were on my silky thighs and fingers were searching for my hole. I took the head to my throat and found his fingers trying to enter my ass. Since my hole was so tiny hence he was unable to do that. The sensation of his fingers was making me crazy. He took me to his arms and kissed me very deep.

Lust is blind

My relatives also insisted that I shouldn’t do like this, I apologized for that and said to uncle that would come to his house more often as I used to come before. So next day, I went to Venkat uncle; usually his job is completed in the evening’s .he welcomed with a smile n asked to play. As I was playing videogames he got milk to drink I didn’t noticed that so by mistake hot milk fell on me to be precise it fell on my shorts. I immediately got up and started crying b’coz of pain. Uncle came to me in hustle removed my shorts took me to the bathroom and poured some water on my lower body. After a while I stopped crying but my skin became very red. My uncle said that, if my relatives see me that I am hurt they are going to scold me and uncle, he gave a towel to wrap around myself then he went to medical store and got cotton, Vaseline and burnol, he took some ice cubes and asked me to bear little pain while rubbing with ice cubes. He gave me some chewing gum and asked me to chew it till he said stop. I started doing as he said as of because I don’t want my uncle n myself to be scold by my relatives. Uncle slowly un wrapped the towel. I felt a bit shy coz that was the first I was half naked before someone else .I closed my eyes venkat uncle said no need to worry its minor burn then he was gazing at my cock for a long time. I said I need to go and finish my homework it’s already late. Uncle came back to his senses and took an ice cube and slowly started to rub on my burnt part i.e. Thigh region I felt tingling effect in me and started laughing unknowingly seeing this uncle asked me why r u laughing I said ice cube is making me to laugh then he relaxed a bit and started throwing smile’s momentarily. In the process he occasionally adjusted his long erected prick. I can see a glimpse of his huge dick wanting to tear the brief and come out. Innocently I have asked him y is ur dick becoming bigger n bigger but mine Is very small. He said that when I come to adolescent my dick would be bigger than him. Unknowingly he touched my prick and said sorry to me. I told him never mind. Then wontedly he touched couple of times after 15 minutes of rubbing I felt comfortable then suddenly venkat uncle took the bold step and caught my prick very tightly. I felt strong vibes passing through my whole body I couldn’t resist and started moaning then he started stroking very hard within couple of minutes some glue thick substance came out of dick. I said I should go now and immediately without his reply ran towards my house. For the next 2 days I didn’t go to this house.

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