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October 17, 2018


My First Lesbian Experience

This was just a year back when I was 19. It was in the month of February when summer was just around the corner. I remember my mother telling me that one of the neighbors’ daughter was coming to meet me, something about helping her with her Boards preparation. I had protested but to no avail.

Natasha Returns

It had been a few weeks since I had taken Natasha’s virginity that evening but we had met several times since then. She would either drop by at my place or I would go to hers with the excuse of studying. But all we did was spend our time with our lips locked and maybe our hands groping here and there. She was not entirely shy anymore, though she still would blush or get flustered every time my hands slid under her pants or skirt to cup her pussy.

Erotic Lesbian Sex With My Mature Lady Manager

This happened four years back when I joined a new office. My boss cum manager there was Sheethal. She was a 52-year-old lady with a little chubby body and a figure of 38D-38-36. She was a very strict lady and I have often seen her shouting at other colleagues. But she was a little soft in approach towards me.

A Sexy Lesbian Experience With My Couin, Sweta

So for a few weeks, we would be having four more members in our house – uncle, aunt, their daughter Sweta and son Amit. Sweta, Amit, me and my two brothers became very good friends as we all were almost of similar age. Sweta was a bomb and my brothers were eyeing to fuck her. They asked for my help and I was happy to do that as a favor.

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