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Me and my sister in bed

I asked her shall we have sex. She did not answer anything. I started messaging her boobs, then I started kissing her lips. I entered my tongue to her mouth and found her tongue. I was pressing her boobs hardly. Then I undressed her and started biting her boobs. She hugged me very tightly and moaning loudly. I took off my trouser. She became astonished to see my fully erect 7 inch cock. I directed my hard rock to her pussy. Her pussy hole was small which was giving me more pleasure. I was much exited that I am breaking first her virginity. When I inserted my 7inch hard rock to her pussy hole then she screamed loudly that she was feeling pain. When I inserted my 7inch hard rock to her pussy hole then she screamed loudly that she was feeling pain. I tried again after 10 mins it was not going she hold and rub her pussy with my rod now it wet and went inside she push my butts to do fuck I fucked slowly she told do fast. I then fucked her very hardly with my full strength. She was moaning very loudly, “ahhaahaaaaa fuck me hardly ahhhhhhhaaaaaaa”. Then we took rest for 15 minutes and went to bathroom together to have a shower. Then we returned to bed and lied down to sleep with our nude body as we were very much tired. We now fuck regularly in every vacations & we promised each other that we will keep it with in us. If any sexy virgin want to play with me then pls contact with me at “[email protected]

My sin…..

It was almost 10 O’ clock, I was in the hall watching TV when the doorbell rang, I went and opened the door and there stood Rachel, glazed eyed, Wearing a tight light pink shirt, with two buttons undone, and a tight denim skirt that halted just above her knees, Quite obviously drunk, She stood on wobbly knee’s, Giggling in a naughty way.

My Sister Wants More – Part II

So, one day when I was doing my usual stuff in my room, my sister, opened the bathroom door and called me out. She had forgotten to take the towel. When I went to give the towel, I was amazed, she was wet from shower & dripping. She stood naked. She told me, “This is what you like to see everyday”, I told her yes. I went and kissed her. Then dried her out. She came and sat on the bed nude. I kissed her boobs for first time. She was fresh. She lay on her back, on the bed, and asked me “would you taste your sweet sister”.

Sex With My Innocent Mom, Chitra

As all mom and son relation, we had a pure relationship and then this incident happened. I was a reader of ISS stories from my school days and was addicted to these stories and used to masturbate thinking of my class girls and teachers relating to the story. It was fun for me. I read Indian sex stories in the teacher and office section. Soon the stories in this section started becoming boring for me.

Sexy Didi Seduced And Fucked

I am a mechanical engineer working in a construction company and looking after the maintenance of heavy machines. Our company project was ongoing in Pune. So my company deputed me for six months to Pune. As my elder sister was living there, I was also excited to be there. Even didi was also happy after listening to the news.