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October 20, 2018

Insect sex stories

My Unexpected Life Partner – My Brother

After my completion of my 12th, some of my relatives suggested me to study in a good college in the nearby city.  So my parents decided for me to go to Vizag and stay at my brother’s house. On one fine Sunday, we went to Vizag. There my uncle and aunt received us happily.

Journey Of Love With My Brother

For me, he was the love of my life and for him, maybe I wasn’t. So he broke up with me and my brother was always there to support me. He stayed up all night while I rested my head in his arms and slept crying for hours. This was when I started thinking about him more than as a brother.

Sexual Incidents With My Aunt – Part 1

Basically, this incident which I am going to share with you happened with me just six months back. It was exam time and I had a lot of time for studying. I used to watch porn and read stories from this site to reduce the stress and due to that, I was getting hornier day by day. So I started fantasizing about sex with girls whom I found sexy while roaming. I used to get a boner now and then.

Aunt’s Erotic Bukkake Party Busted!

My aunty Josephine was about 45 years old and yet quiet the perfect milf. Her daughter Ashwini was 23 years old and a fresh out of the teenage girl. Like mom, like daughter – both of them were busty. Mom had a 36-34-38 body figure and was busty as fuck. Ashwini had the body measurements of 32-30-28. She didn’t have an ass as big as her mom.

My Innocent Mother Part 1 (Buying A Bra)

I studied at my village till my 10th standard and then subsequently moved to the nearby town for 10+2. I was good at studies. My mom Anuradha is very pretty looking village lady with 38-36-38 measurement and 5 ft 5 inches height. She is very innocent and conservative lady.

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