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December 15, 2018

Insect sex stories

My Cousin Smitha And The Beach!

We used to share all our dirty naughty secrets about her boyfriends and my girlfriends. We shared notes on what better we could do with our partners while having sex. Both of us were extremely horny and had very active sex lives with multiple partners, probably. We always shared a real brother-sister relationship.

That Act Of Incest With My Sexy Aunt

So this happened to me last November between me and my lovely aunt, mom’s cousin sister, the heroine of this story. My aunt Shruti (name changed) is a hot 35-year-old lady with a sexy body to die for, thanks to doing yoga regularly. Her smile is so cute it gives me butterflies every time I think about it.

Dirty Side Of My Mother

My family is of a conservative nature and my mom usually wears sarees at home. My mother lost her husband about 10 years ago when I was in my 9th grade. Since then she had to work hard to support the family and our education without much of any financial and family support. Living in a city, I now understand how it would have been to manage everything.

My Hot Mother Malini And Me – 4 (Missing My Sister)

I, Abhi was very gloomy during those days. I turned moody, irritating, after the marriage of my younger sister Vishnu. I was missing her a lot. I was missing the warm, tight sheath of my sister around my dick, soft touch of her giggling boobs on my chest or on the back, smooth touch of her cheeks against mine, and the rose petal-like lips of Vishnu, my sister.

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