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Whole nite sleepless

And on the bed in that bed dim light we have seen a two rupee coin there, we are fighting for that each stating that it is mine, while doing this i completely touched her hand and stopped fighting. We both are turning each others faces, while i was watching her face in that dim light ,she came forward and suddenly locked my lips with her lips. We are squeezing each other lips tightly…and it is pleasant.

And after breaking the french kiss, she said sorry for doing this. I simply said whats wrong in this..?

Now she pinched me on the stomach suddenly, i shouted in pain, in that revenge mood i too pinched her stomach hardly, now she is not shouting but moaninggggggggggg heavily i got doubt and asked her whether she is feeling much pain while i was doing this. She said that it is so gud and added that she is feeling great. Now she took my hand and made her top up. I too got a signal from her completely and rised her top up to the boobs. To my surprise she is not wearing anything inside. I sensed her both the boobs. And iam pressing her boobs tightlyy now she is moaning loudly and said that she is feeling so greatly……..and enjoying and also she is moving gently while i was pressing her boobs. I came down and kept my finger in her pussy through her pant,it is already wet. While i was moving front and back she is moaning ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Like anything. I asked her to remove the pant. She removed the knot and taken off the pant. Now i kept my tounge in her clit and tasting all the juices, it was salty.and the clit was completely shaven,, i was rubbing the pusssy and parallely pressing the boobs………….she is moaning sexily ohhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………and pressing my body tightly…..after she completely brought out her juices, she went inside and changed the pant and came back.

Now she said that it is her turn to do for me..

She taken off my shirt and carressed my chest. I was feeling diffently. And i took my tool out and asked her to do blow job. She was doing and that feeling was great and i came out with my juices . She caught all those juices in her hand and went to the bathroom to wash her hands, i too followed her barely and after washing her hands she is now pissing standing before me and showing to me. I again got erected and brought her to the bed and that whole nite we are doing nice mischevious acts. Next day mrng alarm rang at 6′ o clk. I got up and washed my face and got downd and took my vehicle and returned the home. Now i am feeling so differently with the thing that happened to me last nite , i am feeling like i have spent last nite with my wife…. And next day afte going to my office i could not concentrate my mind on the work, iam always thinking of the thing that happend last nite………………………so this is the way hw i seduced her………..that nite……… send u r feedbacks to me without fail to my mail id:[email protected]………..aunties or gals can share with me to have fun through the mail…………thank you very much to all the readers who read this story………….

Sex With My Unsatisfied Lactating Aunt With Big Boobs

I was visiting my mother’s youngest brother’s house. I often stay there at night. My uncle works in Dubai and mostly visits home once a year. My aunt and her children stayed here and were mostly alone. Aunt was a mother of 2 and was in her early thirties. Since my teenage, I enjoyed staring at her assets. She had big boobs and a nice ass. She was a figure to die for.