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October 20, 2018

Insect sex stories

Hot Neighbour And Myself Seduce Each Other

We used to talk freely like friends and watch TV together. Many times I saw her upset. Whenever I asked her about it she always gave some silly reasons and changed the topic. Till then I didn’t have any bad intention for her. I thought of cheering her up by taking her out for movies, long drives. Her happiness could be seen whenever we went out. Now we started sitting close to each other.

Hot Threesome With Cousins

Suddenly I glanced that Mehul’s elbow was very near to Shreya’s right boob. So I started to see what he does next without Shreya noticing. After 5 min I saw that he was brushing his elbow on her right nipple. I was a little shocked to see that. At that moment I started feeling a little horny. My dick was hardening in my jeans. She didn’t seem to hesitate while he was doing it. Then I thought that he might have touched her before as they both lived in Nagpur. He was slowly pressing her right boob with his hand and now I wanted to touch her.

Erotic Massage To Sister!

On the way back to her flat, I rode her scooter and made her sit behind me. I was intentionally driving fast coz I knew she was afraid of speed and held me tight from behind. I was applying sudden brakes so as to feel her big boobs on my back. Ohh what a feeling it was. Since we had done it previously, she too was frank with me and asked me not to do all this intentionally just to feel her. She said she could hold me tight without over speeding. I asked her to do the same and I stopped slowed down the speed. She put her arms around my waist, touching her boobs on my back and we drove like that all the way. It was the best scooter ride I ever had!

An Affair With Mom

Mom began to sob uncontrollably. “Hey, it’s alright mom. I have a month before I go back to college! We can go out anytime now!” I hugged mom and reassured her.

Fun With Didi

Fun With Didi Hi! My name is Saagar and I’m 20. My sister’s name is Sangita and she’s 28. She is eight-year-older than me. We are Middle-class family living in small flat in Bombay. Both my father and Mother are working. I call her ‘Didi’ and since I am much younger than she is she

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