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Fun With My Lovely Aunt – 6

After my aunt applied oil and grease to my body, I was fully dirty and seeing my situation my aunt was laughing uncontrollably, seeing that I also got smile even in that pain also, seeing me smiling she spat her saliva on my face, she got angry and started to beat me using rope like anything, due to some action of hers, my body got red, then she went inside the house and brought some chilli powder and poured on my body, due to that action my body got burnt off, seeing that she was laughing at anything.

From Internet To Bed

I came to know that I am having foreplay with my mother online without any knowledge I decided to stop it but the demon inside me after watching the boobs I once feed and the place I was born from was stopping me. I have read enough incest stories to act but I cannot muster the courage to bed her. I decided to take a chance on her. Once while in a foreplay we were masturbating to one other sex organs, I purposely bend to pick something up such that half of my face is visible to her and enough to let her know how I look like.

Playing With Cousins – Part 2

It was 10 PM and I had 3 virgin girls in one day and fucked their mouth, pussy and asshole. I had to be the luckiest person. We all slept well that night and I kissed and sucked Maya and Ritu’s boobs whenever I wanted during the night. The amazing day ended with sound sleep for all.

My Incest Sex Story

But one day, while updating her phone to make some space. I saw her nudes and my half-naked pictures in gym or swimming pool which were probably delete from the gallery of the phone but thumbnails were there on the memory card, apart from pornography. I knew this was beyond the line and I thought of confronting her.