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Aunty Fucker In Ahmedabad

Maar dalenge maine kaha dekh tere pati ko do raat ke liye to main bhej dunga to wo rote hue boli mere gahne tum rakh loge maine uski jangh per haath rakh ker kaha tu mujhe khush ker dena main wo bhi tujhe de dunga. Rajni man maar ker kaha thik hai per batana nahi kisi ko itne main uncle aa gaye or bole raj tumhara dost bola use le ker aana maine kaha aunty bata rahi thi ki aap ganv mai koi dukan kera chahte hai uncle jee ek kaam kero ge o bole kya aap aaj sham ko jaipur chale jaao mere ek dost hain or pata de diya inse aap ko 15000 rs. Mil jayenge per hum tumhe kaise loutayenge main bola ye gahne mujhe de do or baki ke 9000 kama ker de dena soch lo or mujhe bata dena. Rajni ne apne pati ko samjhaya or pati maan gaya sham ko o jaipur ke liye nikla maine dost ko phone ker kaha ki kal rat rok ker paise dena kyonki aaj raat raste main hi rahega. O nikal pada…Maine rajni ko kaha ki aunty sham 8 baje main aunga or tum naha dho ker taiyar rahna o sharmai maine kaha main aata hun bazar se hair remover cream le aaya or ek sexy sa gulabi jangho tak ka night wear use diya or o kahne lagi is se baal kaise saaf hote hai maine use tric batai or ab aage ki kahani set kerne gaya.gher walo ko bola mere ext. Exam hai main taiyari karoonga or do din mujhe ko disturb na kere or books utha ker chalne laga to mammy boli khana kha le to maine kaha nahi neend ayegi bas do apple de do gher walo ko wishwas ho gaya main padhne me bahut tej tha jaisa aunty chodne main. To dosto 8 baje shardi ki raat or meri sexy aunty ko nude dekhne or chodne ki tamana se dil dhak dhak ker raha tha main ja ker apna room khola or kitabe room me rakh di or bahar nikal ker dekha ghoop andhera tha baramde main 0 watt ka balb tha upper sb kiraye dar apne kamro main the main dheere se rajni ke room main gaya jo neeche hi rahti thi or ek kiraye dar tha jiski night duty thi o bhi mujhe namaste ker chala gaya or bola subah aunga malik. Maine dhire se dekha aunty ko to usne ishara kiya or main ander aagaya darwaja band ker diya wo boli ye kya laye ho mane to aisa kabhi nahi pahana maine socha ise pyar se seduce ker maine kaha aunty ye ti bhagwan ne aap ko greeb ke saath byaha nahi to main to

Son fucks mom under Tantri’s spell

The tantri’s house was deep in the jungle surrounded by forest. The tantri told nair the yakshi needed to be appeased and then driven out, and then only your problems will be solved. There is ritual to be performed here for three days, and then you will be rid of this yakshi forever. The tantri told nair it will cost rs 1 lakh and nair agreed to pay .tantri then informed the family that once he starts they should obey all his rules and instructions other wise he will not be successful and the yakshi may cause serious damage including death of one of you.

Incest Is Freedom Part-2

I squeezed her tits hard and sucked on her nipples. She groaned and sighed and pulled and pushed me onto her and into fucking position.”Oh fuck me!”She pleaded. I pressed her breasts very tightly. She groaned “ooooohhhh yaaaaaaahh aaaaaaaaa fuck me”. Reaching between our bodies, she took hold of my cock and placed it at her cunt hole Taking firm hold of her hips, I thrust my prick all the way up her hole in one swift action. I watched as her eyes widened and she caught her breath. I kept my cock deep in her for a few second then I began the classic in out fucking motion. Her legs wrapped around my waist as her arms flayed around. Her hands tweaking her nipples, feeding them into my mouth as I bent my neck to suckle them with my mouth.

Gigrija My innocent mom Part-1

I moved close to her and watched her tits from all possible angles I can from lying in bed. Her tits very huge each sized about a coconut and her white belly added even more beauty to her gorgeous body. She was 5′ 7 and got nice big ass too. Very meaty ass. I move even close to her to smell her scent. The scent of her body strengthens my manliness a bit more. I thought to myself I am really having a slut at my own house. Her lips were red and face pretty beautiful.I forgot for a moment that I am examining my own mother. I was crossing all boundaries of a mom-son relationship and I slowly put one of my hands around her my chest pressing against her huge tits and my lips pressing her lips. And my other hand holding my penis. She seemed to have had no knowledge of what was going own. Her eyes closed and breathe falling on my face. I slowly make her lay on her back and positioned her towards the side of the bed. My hands suddenly caught on her tits and started squeezing them and released them. When I thought i’ve played enough with those and slowly pulled her sari up to get a view of her cunt, my first cunt, my mothers cunt. I found out that she was not wearing underwear and her fat cunt lips already soft and wet.

Gigrija My innocent mom Part-2

She quickly closed the door to prevent further interruption and asked softly.Shall I join the party?” She asked.Mom was sweating heavily as her best friend caught her secret. Sindhu came near mom and kissed her forehead. Mom stood shocked, still with her clothes close to her body. Sindhu then turned towards me and kissed my lips and hold my cock with her one hand and moved its skin back and forth.“Comon Girija, have fun,” Sindhu said pulling my mom close to her without interrupting her stroking my cock. Mom who was already hot showed little resistance and the two ladies kissed each other. My hands searched inside Sindhu’s clothes for her breasts. They were huge and bulky. I loved to see those naked and I pulled her pallu down. Her chest seems throbbing and I released those hooks and found that they are suffocating inside her bra. Mom reached behind releasing the bra hooks and there they fall down her chest. Two beautiful tits almost the size of football. My lips suddenly swallowed one and I sucked the nipple.

Horny Indian Family Ch. 01

After lunch he sat on the sofa watching TV. Rashmi went inside to her room. Veeru’s heart beat faster when he saw Rashmi walking inside her room. Her light blue gown making her sexy as ever. When she bent down to pick something up from the floor he saw her ass globes. She has grown a bit fatter since the last visit. Jeeju must be giving her regular fuck milk. He thought as his arms accidentally placed upon his cock which was growing fatter. He stood up from the chair and walked in to her room.He was going crazy. He was not going to hold his feelings for her anymore. What he had kept inside for so long is going to burst open. When he starts to walk he got the strong determination. He was not thinking about the consequences. He wants her right now. He also was sure that if he fucks her now she is not going to tell it to anyone due to shame. So even if he could do it only once he is ready to do it. One is always better than zero.She was walking on the room and when saw me she just paused and asked “hey Veeru howz your life going”Veeru said in a pale voice “its fine didi”.