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October 17, 2018

Editor Picked

Teen Slut Enjoys Her Driver’s Ride

You see, behind that perfect life, Vartika was actually her driver’s fuck toy. But who wouldn’t want her? She was really beautiful, with smooth and fair skin, black doe-eyes and dimples on her cheeks. Her straight black hair fell to her shoulders, neatly trimmed and her whole body was waxed, leaving it spotless and without a speck.

Meri Pyari Reena Didi

Raat ko lagbhag 2 baje mujhe didi ka pair mere upar mehsus hua. Mai hulki neend mein tha to mai waise hi leta raha. Didi ki jangh ekdum mulayam mahsus ho rahi thi. Maine dheere se karwat badli jisse meri janghe aur didi ki janghe ek dusre se sat gayee.

Fucking My Pious Mom Bharati

I, on the other hand, had always been a troubled child since my school days. Not a month would pass by without my teachers complain to my parents about me. Be it about my bad academics, or the fights I would get into.

Gaapuchi Gaapuchi Gum Gum

Hum sirf aate jaate ek dusare ko smile karte the kyu ki hum ek hi department me kaam karte the. Maine kabhi uske baare me galat socha nahi tha. Woh ladki bahut energetic, smiley face wali aur chulbuli si thi to sabko uske sath friendship karna accha lagta tha.

Passionate Piss Of Girlfriend!

Anyway, it was getting hard for me to concentrate on the show as the scent of her hair was wafting into my nose and it was starting to turn me on. I started kissing her neck trying to get her attention. She seemed too engrossed in the show and wasn’t really reciprocating.

Divine And Erotic Coupling Between Son And Mother

Mother, on the other hand, was extremely fair, was slim, and was 5’7″ in height, which makes her tall by female standards. Her figure was perfect and like those of a college girl. She had long hair. She used to work before marriage but after marriage, she had stayed at home. I was about 5’10” and well-built and much fairer than dad but not as fair as mom.

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