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Oily fuck with the maid

She was quite a big woman, very sexy face, dark complexion, with big boobs and equally big buttocks with a strong physique. . The moment I saw her I decided that I am going to nail her no matter what. She did not show any keen interest in me other than lot of respect. I decided to test the water straight away I went in to the kitchen while she was cooking lunch and I looked around and was telling her how good she looked and all, that she is so physically strong and said she can do very good massage with those hands and I immediately added that I can pay her 500 rupees for every massage. She said her husband will kill her if he finds out.

Hot Kaamwali

As I was watching her boobs, she looked at me. She noticed my sight but did not try to cover her boobs with her saree. Instead of it, she smiled and asked what I was seeing. I replied that there was an insect on her blouse and pointed to her boobs. She stood up and asked where it was. I went to her and touched her boobs and replied that here. I put my hand in her blouse and tried to find that insect. But there was no insect because it was just a way to touch her soft and spongy boobs. At this time I began to rub her boobs. After some time I put my lips on her lips and started to suck them. Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind. I lift her in my hands and took her to my room. I laid her down on my bed. Then I took some honey and apply it on her lips and some on my lips. Now I kissed (French kiss) her lips. After a few minutes, she asked me to apply a coat of honey on her boobs and to suck them. I did it and then I sucked her boobs. It made her just “Mast”. Sucking from the boobs after that she gave me a nice blowjob and I came in her mouth.


She told me further that Sir. Madam has instructed me to look after all your needs. I asked her what needs. She smiled and said all my needs. I said I do not catch you. She openly said all your night needs. I was shocked. She has again come near to me and asked Sir is u not missing your wife in the night. I know the difficulties sir. I was spellbound and do not know what to reply. She again said Sir, I am here to help you. I said thanks but I do not want your help. But she did not stop with it. She has come little bit closer tome and said Sir please do not say like this. Amma has told me to look after you and I know what your needs are. The magazine on the table indicated what u need. While saying this she has forcefully taken my hands and kept them on her breasts and requested me Sir, it is yours u can feel them. I was wondering what is going on. I have heard that most of the men would try to enjoy the unwilling servant maid; but in my case it is quite opposite. While I was thinking like that, Sir, u need not worry. I can fulfill your desire till amma comes. I do not know what to reply. She has again pressed my hands with her hands on her boobs and I too started the feeling of her bulging boobs. I have slowly pressed them. It seems that she is an experienced women in this art. She told me Sir I feel more pleasure only when u press them hard and fast and not like this.

Real service of a servant

She asked can I go back I said yes !! By the time rain started very heavily She said she do not have umbrella I told her if she feel comfortable she can sit and watch TV for some time. She agreed as I could have given my umbrella but then morning if it rains for me office going will be a problem. During surfing it just stop at a one channel where one sexy scene was going on the I realized that I was not only one who was watching it I was about to change looking at her I changed my mind. Now she was watching that channel and I was enjoying her beauty. Suddenly she realized that I was watching her she started feeling shy.

Maid servant

Everyone had gone to a party while I stayed back – I was antisocial during that phase. Still growing you know? I was left with Nasrin and the other maidservants in the house. It was only that day I realized how much this object (Nasrin) was fuck-able. I made no waste of time and began devising a scheme of how I was going to nail this bitch. I had already made a sketch but just needed to add the colors to my ingenious plan. As I was high, I had the bold courage of asking Nasrin to come on the terrace (on the pretext of something very important I had to tell her). Little did she know her pussy would be torn that night? She humbly complied with my order. While I waited for her on the terrace impatiently, my heart began to pound thrice as fast as I was mixed with emotions – emotions of guilt and sorrow for this poor helpless village girl, but at the same time, lust and frustration from the beast within.

Seducing the sexy servant

One day I got my chance I had finished my semester exams and I was having my holidays and I was at home. My servant (Rani) did not come that day. Actually she had gone to her relatives house and she came late at around 11am.I was alone at home then suddenly I got an idea that this was my time or else never. It was a very rare chance to be with her alone in the house. So as soon as she came she took the broom and started to sweep. I had a plan in my mind and so I immediately went to my room close the door removed my shots and my undies took out my dick and started to play with it. I knew she would come to my room to sweep.

Lovely maids 2

My parents were glad to see me back in India. My parents introduce me to this new maid whose name was Sunita and she was Neelu’s bhabhi. Neelu along with her brother had to go to her native village which was 18 hours away from Delhi since their father had an accident and he was serious. Because my parents were old therefore, they left her in place of Neelu. I was so disappointed that I decided to finish my office’s assignment ASAP.

Ahmedabad maid

So I decided to try it with her. But the big question was how? She was quiet an experienced woman and could come to know immediately about my intentions if I try directly. And that would have been the worst thing as she would have told my mom and then you know what could have happened to me. One day I saw her working when I came from bathroom after having my bath. I had just a towel around my body. So I pretended to get cloths from a hanging cable and jumped a little and let my towel go off. My dick was hardened by that time. She got a good view of my dick. I was checking her reaction but she turned away. After that I used to do it often. I used to watch porno movies and used to masturbate in front of her and use to pretend that I did not notice her. She just used to smile.

I would always remember Bhagya

She didn’t look like a maid from any angle. I was impressed with the way she was maintaining herself. Nice clean saari, her physical appearance and most importantly her figure. She has a nice shapely back side and her waist had a little sexy curve. I could see from the sides of her saari that though she didn’t have large boobs but they looked round and firm.

Maid Munni

Doston kun ki main akela hun . Jab vo kaam par aati to main us koakele main kaam karne deta . Kafi baar us ki maa basanti ne bhi mere ko dekha ki main koi us ke sath harkat to nahi kar raha hun . Mere ko pata tha ki uski maa mere par vishwas nahi kar sakti kun ki vo mere ko janti bhi nahi hai.