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December 15, 2018


Fucking My Busty Maid

It was the peak of summer when I went jogging and came back to the house. My parents had employed a maid called Ambica, age 36. She always looked good but I had never paid much attention to her because I used to be too busy and she never revealed too much of her body. We used to chat on WhatsApp a bit and I knew her husband was a laborer, who only came home once in 3 months.

Summer Sex With My Hot And Horny Maid

Megha occasionally goes to her native place. And since we don’t yet have a child, she stays there for a month or so before finally coming back home. And all this while, I stay back at home alone. These used to be really difficult times to spend.

Dominated And Fucked By Hot Maids In The Office

So let’s begin. This happened before 3 months when I was working late in my office. I have this habit of staying up late in the office to complete work. There were two maids in the office who used to clean up the office after everyone leaves. As I used to stay there till late, they both were no new to me.

Satisfying Punjaban married lady

Let me tell you rupi bhabi is pure punjaban , with killing stats and white colors skin , I always used to admire her beauty and was dying to capture a chance to sleep with her , as I know her husband is a job loyal man , so always on job even at time of being in bed with his wife. She was okay talking to me not so frank but she somewhere understand my intentions towards her

My horny mistress

Gradually the intensity of their kissing started increasing. Soon both of them stood on knees & hugged each-other tightly. Santosh was kissing her lips hungrily while his hands were moving all over her body. Same was the case was meenakshi as I could see her hands feeling his bare back. After about 10 mins of hot kissing, santosh proceeded to remove her night tee. He opened the front knot of her night tee & her night tee just slided of from her body. Meenakshi was now only in her bra & panty. She was looking damn sexy. Santosh now started kissing her neck, shoulders & then moved to her cleavage. All through meenakshi kept moaning. He now slided the strips of her bra, down from her shoulders. She assisted him & her bra just fell off. Her huge melons became bare & under blue light of the lamp were looking great. Santosh now placed his mouth on one of her boobs while he fondled the other. He kissed, sucked, licked & ate her boobs. Meenakshi had closed her eyes; she was moaning & pressing his head tightly over her boobs. For another 15 mins he kept playing with her boobs. Due to his actions her boobs had swollen & the erection of her nipples was could be clearly seen. He now pushed her down to the bed & came on top of her. He started another session of kissing & licking. He kissed her forehead, eyes, lips, neck, her boobs, her belly, thighs & legs. There was not a single part of her body that escaped his mouth. My cock was completely erect & my heart was beating fast. Then he placed her legs on his shoulders & parted them. He then moved his face in between her legs, licking her thighs & moving towards the cunt. His face was now completely immersed in her cunt & he started licking it wildly. Then he pushed her panty down with his teeth. I could see her pubic region. He again started licking her. Meenakshi was moaning loudly. Her left hand was clutching the bed sheet tightly while other was moving in santosh’s hair. He continued sucking her clit. Then he stood up & pulled his underwear down. His cock shot out like a wild snake. It was of average length. He parted her thighs & positioned his cock at the opening of her clit. Now he started moving to & fro as if riding a horse. Meenakshi started moaning as loud as possible. Santosh was now moving his cock in her cunt. He was breathing heavily. The sweat on his body was shining in the dim light of the room. Meenakshi was also sweating. The sprinkles of sweat were visible on her belly & boobs. Santosh was holding her thighs for support while she was gripping the bed sheet tightly. He kept on doing like this for quite a time. Then he released a large moan & collapsed on meenakshi. Probably he had cummed. Slowly meenakshi’s breath also started getting normal. They both slept in each-other’s arms. I was quite stunned to watch this live sex show. That whole night, I couldn’t sleep. From that day onwards I started observing their sessions regularly. Every night, I use to enjoy their sex show. My attitude towards meenakshi also changed & now I started eying her body.

Screwed my horny maid

Next day my servant came for her work I had fear how to proceed but somehow I want to fuck, I followed her but my efforts went vain. yes she finished her job and left, cursing my self for missing opportunity I left for college, I could not attend the class properly thinking my sexy maid, so I came back home, that night I bought some blue film and I was watching in night but my feeling of fucking my maid is going high every minute next day being Sunday I decided to fuck her so I made a plan. I kept some sex books near my bed in order to make my maid see, next day morning I waited for her she didn’t come later I got information that she will be coming in afternoon so I was waiting for the time.

Vacation in a coffee estate in Karnataka

Even though I should have been doing an internship, I was confused about my major and the direction my life was going, and decided India would be a good break. College wasn’t going the way I’d planned. I’d gone expecting do premed, get excellent grades, graduate and go on to a top ten school. But I didn’t like medicine, and my grades were starting to flounder. On top of that, my social life sucked. Class and homework took up most of my time, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to party, or experience too many girls. That last thing hurt the most. I was a sexually frustrated young teenager, on the verge of becoming twenty, and I still hadn’t lost my virginity. I hadn’t even had my dick touched by a girl. I was always shy, and coupled with bad luck, my experiences with girls were horrible. India was a way for me to get away from my life, to take my mind off of school and sex.

Naukrani meri rani

She asked me saheb aap ka kiya kaam karna hoga. I told to clean my cloth, room and some time massage my body because I work till late in night and get tired. she agreed and thanked me that I am going to help her & I should also not tell my cousin…I told ‘hum dono aik- doosarekaa raaz kisi ko nahin bolenge. I gave her Rs.500 – and told her to hide somewhere she took it from me and tried to keep in her blouse, I immediately put my hand on her boobs saying don’t keep it here otherwise you may loose it. and my hand touch her entire sexy boobs filled with milk and gave 400 volt current to both of us. I pretended that I am trying to take the money out of her blouse but I kept massaging her boobs. She asked me ‘saheb phir memsaheb na daikh laingee. I told her to keep it in her bag where she keeps her cloth or she may loose when she removes her cloth. Saab I often forget anyway she was happy that I advice her correctly she was so innocent to realize that. I went to my room to change in loongi and removed all my clothes. my 9 inch friend was all ready with his highest erection. I took baby oil bottle from my bathroom cabinet and kept it next to my bed and called bulbul just come here….she responded by aiyee sahebjee she came.

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