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Horny Maya

I remember that day, it was a Sunday, there was no one at my place and I took the opportunity to see some triple x cds. I was busy watching the cd, it was a Malayalam adult movie. There was a scene where a middle aged lady was undressing, she was removing her blouse. I am mad of these scenes where a woman undresses. I took my tool out from my underwear which I was only wearing, since nobody was around. The scene was making me mad and I started shaking my tool. I never realized that I didn’t lock the kitchen backyard door, by which anyone can enter my house. I was busy with my duty of shagging. Maya, the maid who wanted a line tester, entered the house from the backyard. She must have called me for, but I was so engrossed with the movie and my work, I didn’t hear her. My back was towards my bedroom door, maya entered my room and made no noises since she saw me shagging, although my dick was not visible to her eyes. She kept quite and was watching the movie as well as me.

Watching secrets 2

Getting bolder he took her saree pallu from top, unrolled it from her body, and took her saree and chaniya off her body. There she lay in panty only. While he was taking her cloths off, mom in eyes closed ask, “ramu what are you doing?” ramu said, “mam, just releasing your body from this cloths, so I can better massage you, lay their and enjoy the massage.” She rested her head on pillow softly. While massaging downside, he slowly also removed the panty and mom didn’t object to it. Ramu was surprised to see her pussy wet. He understood mom has got horny and needs some real attention. He removed her blouse and bra which just held loosely in front of her boobs and now she lay nude in front of our servant. He touched her pussy, it was nicely shaved, looked like pussy of small baby. He rubbing her pussy said, “mam you have very smooth pussy, shall I explore it.” Mom just nodded, and he inserted his two fingers in her love hole. She still laying on back, and ramu started figuring her. She was softly moaning, “aaaahhhh hhhhhhmmmm yyessssssssssssss ramuuu you are doing gooodd aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” Ramu increased his speed of fingering, “yyesssssssss ramuuuu fasterrrrr yyessssssss satisfy your mam” Ramu increasing his speed further, “yes mam I will do anything for you.” And she climaxed on his fingers. She turned front and smiled at Ramu, bite her lip, “come ramu now take me all.”

Boss aur maid ki chudai

We reached my boss residence, it was an independent duplex house. After I rang the doorbell I found a sweet lady of 26years of age opened the door, she was gorgeous. We both took my boss, her name is Megha to her bedroom, where she laid down, my boss introduced the lady to me and said she is ujala her maid. I got astonished as ujala didn’t looked like a maid, she was 5 ft 6 inches tall with athlete type body, and I had thought that she might be a relative of my boss. Next Megha thanked me, but I told her, always welcome. Megha asked ujala to serve me dinner, to which I responded that I would have it on my way back to home. But there was some thing else in my luck as megha told that her children had gone out of station and would return back by next week, so if you could spend a night at my home, I would be grateful to which I could not deny and agreed and said madam you can have your dinner right now , i’ll have it later , she understood and said no problem, if you want to have drink you can have it and she asked ujala to take me to bar and serve what ever I want.

Humping my sexy new maid

She started wearing her saree below her navel from that day and also used to drop her pallu several times while working. Whenever her pallu was down, I noticed her voluptuous breasts. They were quite large and well shaped and firm. I guess this is the beauty of youth! I could also see her deep navel and her thin waist which was very enticing. She had great hips and a nice juicy butt which used to swing rhythmically whenever she walked.

Sales man

He was dripping wet and his hair was clinging to his head. He said “Thank you madam” and was standing in the corner of the veranda. I caught him staring at my thighs, and then realized that I was still in my cleaning costume! My saree bunched up and tucked at my waist. He looked away quickly. I adjusted my saree quickly, told him to wait, went inside and brought a towel for him to dry himself. I told him to come inside and stand under the fan. He did so, thanking me profusely. He was drying his hair for a few minutes while I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea for him. He thanked once again and gulped the first couple of sips. I told him to sit on the wooden chair as his clothes were still wet. He sat at the edge of the chair. I looked at him now, for the first time in detail .He was quite well built and would have been in his early twenties. He looked at me in anticipation. Then, I remembered the purpose of his coming to our house. “Oh, about that stuff… I am not interested… (then I thought… May be he has some special variety that looks sexy and could surprise my husband when he is back…), So I said,”ok I will look at these … But you will have to wait since I am in the middle of cleaning the house…, “Is that OK?” He nodded as he had nothing better to do.

Journey with maid

We have taken the Godavari Express from Rajahmundry Station at about 8.30 PM. We were surprised when she told us that it was her first train journey. Though my martial life is quite satisfactory, being a male, I look for other women without the knowledge of my wife. As we got confirmed berths, we have no problems in settling ourselves in our respective berths. Vijaya got the upper berth and while she has problems in reaching the berth, I had to help her by supporting her as I pushed her butt with both of my hands and intentionally I fondled her buttocks and pressed them hard and tried to put the hand between her legs. She felt shy but did not utter a word. As it is very cold during the night, my wife told me to give a bed-sheet to Vijaya. I have taken a bed sheet and as there is very little space on the upper berth, I had to spread the bed sheet to cover her totally. In that process on the pretext of adjusting the sheet, I ran both my hands on the entire body especially on her boobs. Two soft and round boobs were pressed hard by me. She felt very shy but did not say a word.

My profession

Normally I am conservative minded like other women but I was filling always very horny. Always I m thinking about sex but I was not interested to do sex with anybody without my husband. So I was thinking who would be my husband. I was used to fingering.

Urvashi and servant

One afternoon, my mom was out and only I and urvi was there. I was sleeping and urvi was doing her work. As usual sham came for working. He was doing his work and urvi was sitting in hall for eyeing him. As for safety. After completing his work he called urvi for giving him cloth for drying the utensils. Urvi walked with the cloth and as she reached there she fell down on the floor. He skirt got lifted and her panty was exposed. But she didn’t care about it. She was hurted in legs. Sham, “sorry mam. let me help you out.” He first made her stand but she couldn’t stand, so he lifted her from waist and brought her to her bedroom. While lifting her he was enjoying her bare waist and smooth legs. He, “Mam, you are more beautiful then your mother.” Urvi, “thanks, while looking at her hurt.” He puts her on bed, “wait mam, I will bring the ointment and l will do massage, so your pain will reduce much faster.” Urvi, “ok.” Sham brought ointment and applied it on later part of legs. He started massaging it, “mam, how you feeling now.” Urvi, “good, do it above part, on thighs also.” He applied it on thigh and started gently massaging her thighs. She was smiling and enjoying the massage. He, “mam, roll back, let me apply it on back side of legs and your upper back also.” She rolled back. Sham was gently massaging her, very smoothly experiencing her body and making her enjoy. He started from lower side of legs and went to thigh. There his actual act began. While massaging, he slowly stroke up to inner thigh and near to pussy. Urvi had closed her eyes and was enjoying the massage. He was slowly massaging her inner thigh and slowly went near to her pussy. He spread her legs, so he can get some view. He saw the cut of the pussy. Her panty was wet. He spread her legs more and was now going massage in the inner side only. Urvi, “sham, you are doing very well. keep doing.” Sham thought, “this is the time for going to real action.”