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I Fall For My Mature Maid

A few days later I told her that I had some stuff that I need to get down from the loft and need her help and I told her not to worry, that I would pay her extra. Stella agreed and we planned on doing it on Sunday.Sunday morning she was at my door and very soon we began removing stuff from the loft, stuff such as books, DVD’s etc that I didn’t bother to open and arrange when I moved into the apartment.

Mom Makes Me Maids’s Slave! Part – 2

Just when we were dressing up, Kamdevi comes in and is shocked to see us together. My aunt says, “Kamdevi, you are a great teacher. Teach him some more lessons. I will make sure he does his homework.” Saying this Chachi left my room after kissing me. Kamdevi came closer and hugged me. “Wow, my student has shown great results. I will teach you more in the evening.” “Yes, my dear wife.” “Oh, I forgot I was your wife when we are together in this room. Now can my husband suck me for some time before I start my work.?” “Sure my lovely wife. Anything for you.” I pulled down her white lehenga. She was not wearing any underwear. I licked her pussy for 5 minutes after which my mom called her and she left.

My First Experience With Moina

Moina was my aunt’s caretaker and they use to stay about 100 km away from my house they use to visit our house every now and then as both my mother and aunt are sisters. My aunt had kept Moina few yrs back as she had no family to take care of her.We both were somewhat of the same age but before I never had any sexual intentions towards her.

Real Or Fantasy

It happened once that my maid was watching TV and going through the channels found Sholay was screening and she called me out knowing I am a big Dharmendra fan. I found Him hot. He used to be a sex symbol in my times. My heart still skips a beat watching him. Anyways the movie ended and she left after doing the chores. In the night I finished my dinner was feeling bored so switched on the TV and went on to bring water from the refrigerator. Upon returning I saw the same movie channel was on and it is showing some movie.

Padma – Home Nurse

We live in a double storied building, my parents live on the ground floor and me in the first floor which has two portions. The extra portion was allocated to the Padma. Her duties are to take care of my mom and see that she feed her and give medicines on time, she is very jovial and humble person. Padma adjusted pretty well in no time and started doing small household things in absence of the maid. One fine morning I came down to the first floor with the hangover of last night party with my friends. My head was swinging so badly and I needed a coffee I looked for maid she was not around I went to moms room Padma was helping mom with breakfast, I enquired about the maid, Padma replied that maid dint turned up today. I requested her if she could make some coffee for me she said I will get in ten minutes, I was sitting in the hall reading News paper she came with a coffee and bent down to give me the cup that was the first time I saw her navel, her navel was round and deep, so deep that I can insert my complete index finger I got a immediate hard on looking at her, but I controlled and showed no expressions as such to her she gave a smile and went to moms room.

A Secret

A Secret Wrapped in a dirty white towel, the man stood by the broken north facing window and gave a passing look over the foggy landscape with his first puff at the cigarette. The sombre looking slum in front of him had sunken to an indifferent oneness of obscurity by the rested veil of mist […]

Mom And Maid Become My Girlfriends

She said, “Saheb, my husband is again having sex with Bhabhiji. He never has sex with me.” “Hmm, don’t worry Sobha. I will help you out.” “Saheb, I want to take revenge and I need your help for this.” “How can I help you Sobha?” “Saheb, My husband is having sex with your mom, so I will take revenge by having sex with you.” I was really excited when she asked me for sex, but I kept calm. “Sobha, there needs to be love to have sex.” “I love you, Saheb. Please let us get together and make love.” “I love you too, Sobha.” I hugged her tightly and gave her a big kiss.

Blame It On The Night Part 1

Blame It On The Night Part 1 The last Saturday of this June was the most amazing and wicked weekend getaway I have ever experienced in my life. I was in a dilemma for most of the time should I write about this or not. But then I thought what the heck. A group getaway […]

Driver with Owner’s horny Wife

They stay in a very big house on the outskirts of Mumbai. They offered me shelter and food and salary. Owner leaves the office at 10 am in the morning and returns at 7 pm. Before that, I will drop both his daughters at their school at 8 am in the morning and pick them up at 4 pm in evening. In between, I stay in the office with the owner and work as his PA.