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October 20, 2018


Komal, My Hot & Sexy Maid

After a couple of weeks, I was watching porn, when Komal knocked at the Door I told her I was watching movies and told her to come later. Surprisingly, she asked me if she could also watch the movie with me. I was dumb struck as I was watching a porn flick. With nothing to lose, I said yes. We both watched porn together. And gradually, it became a routine that after coming home Komal and I watched porn together. I stated sharing Sex jokes with her and she used to like it. She also used to tell me about how her husband fucked her and sometimes nearly raped her. She was not happy but was compromising with her husband. Slowly, we started touching each other or finding ways to be close.

Fucked My Maid Hard

So I enquired about her from the other works and came to know that she is working as a part-time as she is studying her degree in the nearby college and stays in a penthouse as her parents were unable to pay the hostel fee and there will be no chance to work outside as college won’t allow at late nights, so I came up with a plan that she needs money very badly, so I taught of keeping some money on the table and to record it.

New Black Servant Sonu

Here goes the story :
Hello Friends I m Kamla , cousin sister of Ramlal . we both live in same colony . As ramlal doen’t have any sister he considers me as his sister . From child hood we share all the things and our experiences .

Trapped by Milkman

Though I was happy for his success but I was missing my sex life very badly.. We were just 1 month old married couple. After he left, each day was passing like a month for me. Initially I was very strong but slowly my body started betraying me and I was getting thirsty for sex. I started watching porn a lot and fingering became a regular event.But I had never looked for any other man.. I just wanted rakesh, my husband in my arms..

Nasty Romance With Maid Manjula

My regular home maid is a village based girl, dark but good physic, firm body of curvy hips, very poor, she wears traditional dress always, mostly not tied neatly exposing part of hips, blouse, navel. Mostly with loose hair, does not have a good face to make her special. Rough voice. Oily face always and has some sad story to talk always. She was like totally unattractive to me and I was like maintaining a decent show and was expecting a porn star women to ride in my life. It was weekend early morning, doorbell rang, I was actually naked on the bed , quickly put on the dress and white vest in half sleep. I opened the door, it was the maid, she was in semi-transparent low hip white dress, dark brown blouse, exposing hips, loose hair.

The Real Hero Satish

Hello friends , this is Satish . this is the incidence that took place with me few years back . I live in military area and work as a sweeper. I sweep roads in the morning and evening . And then go to enjoy with my friends in the river side area . there we play cards , smoke weed , take drinks and have adult enjoyment ( gay sex , as some of our friends are gay , and enjoy with prostitutes on certain days ) . and then I use to return home late night where my wife uses to wait for me .

Mom Makes Me Maids’s Slave!

Without any other option, I pulled up my pants and went behind her. She went to my mom’s room and started showing her the video. They were talking amongst themselves when my mom saw me and asked me to go outside till they finished their talking. I was very tensed about what would happen next. Kamdevi came out and said that my mom was calling me. While going she put her hand in my pants and pressed my penis and left with a naughty smile. I was very surprised to that behaviour of hers. I went inside my mom’s room and she was sitting on the bed and seemed angry. She said, “I did not expect this from you. Next time I find you jerking, I will make you marry Kamdevi’s sister, Understand?” “Yes mom” “Now go and tell sorry to Kamdevi”

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