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October 17, 2018


Every Pussy Needs A Cock Part -1(Aditi – Housemaid)

Well, I am 24, with a height of 5’8″, an engineer from C.S branch and moved to Ghaziabad after completing my engineering for doing some specialization courses in programming languages. By the time I completed my engineering (May 2017) I was a shy kid who focused only on studies and friendship. In short, I was a virgin.

Fucking The Maids In The Neighborhood

The plain thought of getting up so early for my classes sent shivers down my spine but I had no other option and had to go for it. Every morning I battled the cold and desolate looking roads with only beggars and dogs staying awake at that time.

Lust On My Maid Fulfilled With Erotic Sex

Let’s begin with my story. This happened very recently about a week ago when my parents left for Chennai. We had a full-time maid she would stay at my house the whole time. So now it was just me and her. The morning after my parents left I was waiting for my cup of tea.

The Story Of My Lust For My Housemaid

So I agreed to it and ask the maid to work for me at my new house, lucky me she said yes with a big smile. It was a 20-30 minutes ride from her house to mine and she used to ride a bike. It had been almost 4 months she started working for me and it was peaceful. She used to do the laundry, cook and clean the house.

Unforgettable Love From My Dusky Housemaid

It’s a large house built by our grandparents for the joint family more than 100 years back. But all the members of the family moved away from the house and settled in the city for job or business. My grandmother is living alone with servants in that house and look after the agriculture and household activities.

My Hot Cook – Part 1

She was dressed plainly in a salwar kameez. She had a voluptuous figure and was a little bit plump in the abdominal area. As I was climbing the stairs, she took a look at me. Our eyes were in contact for a few seconds and then she shifted her gaze to my crotch area and kept staring till I had my back towards her and climbed up. I thought maybe I saw too much and imagined her checking me out!

Made My Maid Servant A Sex Slave

Many times I used to stare at her body. I started masturbating for her. One day, my parents had to go out of the city for 1 week due to some emergency. I deny going with them due to my college work. My mother instructed the maid to take care of me.

Fucked My Stealing Maid Sangeeta In Kanpur

Sangeeta used to come to work at about 10 pm every day. Both my parents are working and so it was very rare for them to be at home at that time. I used to be home alone at that time as it was the time I returned every day from my morning coaching classes. She used to start working the instant she comes. She always wear a salwar suit.

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