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Uncle fucked Mansi- Part 2

So next day, her parents left for work place and it was an only uncle, mansi and the maid(who comes only in the morning). Uncle asked the maid to leave early telling her that he and mansi will be ordering outside food. As the maid left, uncle was delighted. He asked mansi to get ready and come to his room in 10 mins.

Romy Arora: Anal With Tanya

So, this is one of the amazing experiences I have been lucky to have. Since I started writing about Noor’s stories, I have gotten a lot of good feedback, some men thinking I am a woman and some women loving the stories and wanting to meet.

My Landlord’s Daughter

I had rented a room with a family as a PG without food. After familiarizing with the family I used to stay in their house most of the time. The Daughter was at home after SSLC. The father used to come once in 3 or 4 days after his touring. Mother was always busy visiting her relatives and friends. So most of the time the daughter used to be at home all alone. We used to talk quietly a lot and after some time, she used to confide in me her intimate feelings. Gradually this developed into physical contacts, which we started enjoying. What started as a kiss and hug moments developed into a full-fledged intimate affair. We used to wait for the lonely moments, which was quiet often and explore the realms of sexual fantasies we had only read or heard.

Fucked In Sleep!!

Fortunately, the neighbours volunteered to offer their rooms for the nights till the wedding.It was decided that all the older cousins and some of the aunties and uncles would sleep at the neighbour’s houses. The younger cousins would sleep with their parents, and the older relatives would sleep at our house. My cousin jinnu and I were to sleep at vishwanachan’s house. Jinnu seemed to be pleased with this decision, but I wasn’t. I was looking forward to spending some time alone with my uncle’s son, Ashwin Chetan. All these days I fantasised about him making love to me. In our culture, cousin marriage is a normal thing and he is a prospective groom. He knew that I loved him, but he isn’t very keen on marrying me. I was planning to convince him tonight, by hook or crook. But all my plans were spoiled now.

Renuka’s Round Ass!!

If somebody reading this newly better go to this and read my previous one. So that you will get the clear picture. And now enough with all those things, Let begin with the sex story.

First Time With Neighobour Aunty

Sharma aunty used to tell if someone comes to know that you bunk college and pass your time, I will be getting a scolding, I used to always say common aunty I will not tell anyone and I also get to have a lovely tea from your hand. After few months, I started seeing a change in her dress. Her saree pallu used to be loosely done sometime showing her cleavage, I also realized she never wears a bra.