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October 20, 2018

Couple Sex

Encounter with Friends wife

About her health in the evening after getting fresh I went to see savita as she had asked for some food item I brought some stuff & reached their she was looking much better then yesterday & had smile on her face she was more active she was having a pain in the back & head. The fever had disappeared. We talked for some time & then had dinner together while talking my eyes was always on her breast today she was wearing a beautiful Nighty she looked more sexy in this gown after finishing the dinner she told as her headache is sever she wanted to apply balm I brought the balm from the rack & insisted to apply on her head she did not say anything & I told her to sleep in the bed she slept in her bedroom bed I started slowly & gently applying balm on her forehead she closed her eyes & started feeling my touch I was sitting in her bed & applying the balm on her forehead with one hand with my other hand I was moving near her ear she was getting sensation with my touch she had tightly closed her eyes & swallowing her Saliva she was getting hot she opened her eyes & gave a naughty smile & said that she has some pain in her knee why cant I put balm over their I was amazed to do so I slowly lifted her Gown towards her knee & started rubbing her knee I made her legs in such a position that I could see her white panty she was feeling my touch after some time I moved my hand little further towards her thigh she opened her eyes & said no. I was shocked but could not resist my desire she immediately pull down her Gown to the ankle & lied on the bed Face down I went near her & asked what happened she was not replying I started rubbing her back she was hiding her face in the pillow I was slowly rubbing her back & tried to speak to her she was hot she lifted her face up & kissed my

My Wife’s Cheat

My Wife’s Cheat My Wife’s Cheat . I am Pradipta living in Bhubanneswar, Orrisa. I am working under MNC as a software engineer and my wife Sarita is a housewife staying in a flat there. On last month after the examination of our children was over. I and my wife Sarita planned a weekend trip

Me,My wife and her friend

Could not believe it , in all these years of married life I never thought my wife would want to lick a pussy. I was not waverse to it, in fact I was beginning to like what was happening. Sangeetha gave Manju’s pussy a good licking while I went in behind her and did her doggy style. We all came in a grand style moaning loudly. Exhausted we all just lay there, waiting for daybreak.In the morning Manju was too shy to even look us in the eye. When I went to the living room I saw her and Sangeetha talking in hushed tones. Seeing me Manju said sorry bhaiya I was too drunk I guess. This should not have happened. Sangeetha told her that she should stop all this crap and see reality. She had orgasm so many times at night and now she was saying it is wrong. I too joined in and told Manju that I really like her and it was wonderful for me and I would love to have her again and again and again as long as I could.Manju was dumbfounded and slowly said that she too liked it but was afraid what we would think of her and broke out laughing .As the ice was broken we all started planning our next time. Sangeetha said she wanted another Big cock for herself too next time. It was music to hear my sweet wife say all this. Lets see what we all can manage the next time over. Girls,and cpls can share there fantasize with us. Anybody can have fun with us mail to [email protected]

Sex with Lady Train Tt

Black and her long silky hair, which was platted, and her wonderful smile, made me very hot. We were engrossed in deep kissing before we were separated for a moment by the knock of the door. The other Tt had come in to collect few papers.Did I tell you the lady Tt’s name? Oops, I don’t think so. Well her name is Swetha (name changed). She has got a figure of 36 28 34. An absolute stunning beauty, with long hairs, soft cheeks, hot lips, gorgeous eyes… If I start mentioning each and every thing, it might take yet another page to get completed.After the Tt went, she told me to wait for sometime. We were speaking about ourselves. She is married and has 2 children. Both of them are guys and they are studying. They are at her mother-in-law’s house in Mumbai. Her husband also works as a Tt , but in a different train. I told this was the first time, I have seen a lady Tt in train. She replied “now-a-days, even lady Tt s are being recruited, if they are comfortable with traveling long distances”. Meanwhile she was rubbing my cock from my trouser. I was getting hard n hard. I could also see the lust in her eyes. Her nipples were getting hard. I woke up, then bolted the door from inside and removed her saree, blouse and bra and started sucking her boobs; the taste of the milk was very good. I cleared both the tanks and it was her turn to pleasure me. She came down, undid my trouser and the undergarment, held my cock in her hand and slowly and romantically took my cock in her mouth. The show was just like a snake entering the snake hole. She took it deeper, wow, that was the best blow job I have every got. She sucked on hard n hard. I was about the cum, when I told her about this, she kept her mouth opened and I cummed in her mouth. She caught each and every drop and cleaned my drop with her delicious, hot and wonderful tongue.

Fucking in the Open on a Cold Winter Night

Middle finger into her slippery hole. I started to finger fuck her and she was already moaning like hell. The moans were seeming very load inside the closed car. Outside it was a little foggy and it was quite chilly but inside the temperatures were rising very fast. By now, she had put both her legs up on the Dash board and opened her legs to the maximum and her pussy was wide open. Anybody passing by would have seen her wide open and shaven cunt and my hard thick cock sticking out of my zipper. Can you imagine the sight ? While all this was going on, she had abandoned herself completely to the sexual passions but I could not concentrate 100% as I was watching through the rear view mirror and the front windshield, from time to time, for any cars coming or for any passer byes.I desperately wanted to come in her mouth and I also wanted her to have a big orgasm, but I was not being able to concentrate totally as we were on the main road. I asked her whether she wanted to go home or continue this till we came. She very impatiently replied that we should finish what we started right there. So, I started the car and looked for a turning to get off the main road. I soon found one and turned into the side road and I started following the road and I was very excited that there were many more bye lanes inside and totally deserted. I quickly switched off the headlights and tail lamps of the car and slowly went ahead and when I found a suitable place, I stopped the car and for a minute studied the surroundings and found that we were out of sight and there were no houses occupied there. Only residential houses coming up all over the place. I found it quite safe and started relaxing. I again dug my finger into her pussy (This time my middle finger of my right hand) and I started finger fucking her vigourously and she was literally screaming now and asking to be finger fucked even harder and faster.

Hot,Sultry AND Sexy BITCH – Priyanka Chopra

Ok, now m going to begin my fantasy. M a 22 years old aspiring fashion photographer living in mumbai. I use to get jobs at modeling agencies to shoot the models for fashion magazines and newspapers. But my fate had something really unexpected for me. It was when one day I got a call from my agency that the director of love story 2050 was impressed by my work in the recent months newspaper editions and wanted me to shoot some stills for promotion of his film. They told me that if my job is good then the director has an offer of making a contract for long term. I said ok. I was excited coz I knew that I wil get a chance to shoot miss piggy chops, but only wen I came to know that all this was going to happen alone at her house coz the rest of the unit had gone abroad for finishing the rest of the work. So the director had called me up and asked me to call up piggy chops and decide with her the dates of the shoot and finish up with the shoot while they were busy abroad and finish up with the rest of the cast wen they r back. So I took her number from him. Man! I was so excited about shooting this sultry, damn fucking hot actress and that too at her house. So I took her number and on one fine day I called her…


“Rajat, tumhara lunD to kisi bachche ki tarah hai aur bahut hi chhoTa hai. Mujhe tumhare lunD se poora maza nahin aata aur main bhookhhi hi rah jati hoon. Maine kayee mardon ko peshab karte huye dekha hai. Un sabka lunD dheela rahne par bhi tumhare lunD se bahut lamba aur mota tha. Wo jab khada hota hoga tab kitna lamba aur mota ho jata hoga. Shayad isiliye mujhe tumhare lunD se chudwane mein maza nahin aata. Main apni choot mein aur jyada lambe aur mote lunD ko andar lena chahti hoon. Meri shaadi ko ab DeDh saal ho gaye hain. Main ab tak sharam ke mare tumse kuchh bol nahin pa rahi thi lekin ab main apni bhookh ko jyada din bardast nahin kar pa rahi hoon.

Sexy Marwari -Orkut Friend

Body then i kissed She on her nipples and started biting her left nipple and pressing her right boob from my right hand and She moaning maza rahaa haai my good you r excellent raj”then i started kissing you vigorously on Her boobs and i was biting whenever i wanted to onced i bite it hard and She said “aaahh Dhere Se raj dard hota hai” i agreed with She and i was pampering Her body to the fullest …She was topless in front of me now She removed my T-shirt and our bodies were going to meet each other and we hugged tightly we rolled over the bed while having a great smooch v both were moaning “aahhhh now i started to remove Her jeans while removing i m kissing her near Her cunt and She cannot control this …i removed her jeans and She was just in Panty slowly i started kissing She on her vertical lips even though panty was there now i slowly started removing Her panty and She was naked in front of me.i inserted my fingers in her cunt and started pushing in & out She moaning “aaahhhh oiii aaaahhhh ouch ah ah ahh ah ah ahh” the more i started pusing the more She was moaning when i was pushing her in her cunt i was biting her nipples hard and was pressing boobs with my another hand now my 8″ inches cock was fully erect now She turned on me started kissing on my chest biting my nipples and moving towards my cock She removed my Jeans and Underwear & was surprised to see my huge cock She took it in her hand and started moving the skin up & down , She played with my cock for some time and then took the cock spitted on it and started licking my huge cock & i was surprised to see within few minutes she gulped the whole cock in

Conference Enjoyment

Boob squeezing it harder while my left hand is playing with her pussy. I slowly started to unhook her Blouse and astonished to see the beautiful milky white, silky boobs soft but they are firm. I felt that the boobs are not used much by her husband as it was stiff, I removed her blouse fully and kept my left hand busy kneading the g-spot. Her clit was hard and as I rubbed it round and round with every turn she is lifting her buttocks up, I removed the saree fully lifted her petticoat mounted on her took my dick directing it into her hole tried to push in, it wont go, I tried again and she was gripping her thighs squeezing me from the sides, not allowing me enter and to make any forward and backward movement. I told her to relax and allow me to enter her asked her to spread her legs wide and lo I made a big push and it goes inside its very tight with my 3.5 inch dia dick she felt a little pain and yelled aahh and I wont let go I wanted to finish what I started making movement faster and faster, harder and harder, much deeper, it was ecstatic felt as if fucking a virgin. Later I learnt from her that after the birth of her daughter she developed some problems and had constricting movements and had never enjoyed sex with her husband inspite of him trying for several times so she had totally avoided sex and had never tried for the last 15 years or so and firmly believed sex is always a painful act . Unfortunately, her husband had totally lost interest in sex and surrendered to alcohol. I made her to relax more asked her to spread her legs wide apart and started to move in and out slowly but briskly and after some time she has forgotten her pains and now she is enjoying fully lifting her hips matching with my every thrust and push. I squeezed her boobs held it gripping with both hands while fucking her sucking her boobs now and then as her cunt was very tight she was virtually milking my dick as the intensity was more she started shouting and screaming with all kinds of loud noises like do it…do it…and with one last lift of her buttocks she cum for the first time in the last 15 years time and it was lots of juices oozing out and hot liquid I continued banging for some more time after a few minutes I cum too in her love hole. She got up went to the bathroom when she returned she started sobbing and told me that she never expected that sex will be such a pleasurable act and regretted for having missed in her entire 15 years time and she thanked me for removing her inhibitions. Later, about 1 hour again my lund was up and strong. This time I told her to bend and tried the doggy style and could enter her very easily. For the next two days of our stay we were locked ourselves in the double room had sex several times. I enjoyed she riding on me and we even skipped our conference on the second day afternoon session. This continued for over a year and I visited her house for the weekends and we occasionally get chance to fuck because of the presence of her husband and daughter. For your feedback get in touch through [email protected]

My middle aged neighbor

Apartment building. Before getting out, Sheela gave me a deep kiss. Her mouth was warm and smooth. Entire apartment new than we were neighbors and shared good relationship. So no one in the apartment found our returning together odd. We reached the top floor and entered her apartment. The moment we were in, she put her hands around my neck, pressed herself hard against my chest and kissed me one again. Our kiss lasted for over 5 minutes. I was also feeling excited. I rubbed her buttocks and caressed her back. She dropped pallu of her sari and exposed her milky fair boobs. The blouse was low cut with a big round. I could see her cleavage. I bent down slightly and kissed the cleavage first. Then I took her nipple in mouth, with blouse still on, and literally bit it. ‘Ooch. It hurts, but I like it,’ Sheela said. I bit her nipples one one by one, while pressing them hard all the time. I unbuttoned her blouse to see that she had worn bra beneath. Her globes were quite firm and round, despite her age. Both of my hands were now engaged in fondling and kneading her globes. She pulled my T shirt and asked me to remove my jeans. The T shit was already off and got rid of my jeans. I was now facing her with my nickers on. She also got rid of her sari, petty coat and panties. She looked just beautiful – a wheat complexion, firm body, no fats, even on hips. I pulled her and took her in my arms. She pulled down my nickers and we were together naked. I could feel warmth of her lovely body. We started kissing each other passionately, ruthlessly. I squeezed her buttocks and she fondled with my cock, which was getting harded every moment. She slowly led me to her bedroom. It was nicely decorated. Many mirrors were on various parts and I could see both of us in different angles. I pushed my hand near her cunt and started rubbing her vagina lips. She was already dripping. The juices were already oozing. She was massaging my cock delicately and playing with my balls. ‘

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