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Takeoff To Heaven With A Co-passenger

Due to my job requirements, I often have to attend conferences in various cities. It was in the month of October 2016 I had to go on a trip to Delhi for a meeting. As I was completing the boarding formalities, a girl happened to bump me with her luggage.Of course, it was by mistake as I know I am not that handsome. The girl apologized immediately and I, being a gentleman respected that. We exchanged smiles and it was that time that something had clicked inside me.

My Neighbour Anu Aunty Who I Fucked During Semester Holidays

As usual, I was watching porn videos and was stroking my 6.5 inches cock suddenly a noise at the door I quickly wore my pants and went to open the door.Anu aunty was there she enquired about my health and I asked her to come in her home was a street away from our house. I said that there is no one in the home she asked me whether I had a change for 500 rs. I said that I don’t even have 50 rs she laughed and said ok as she got up her 500 Rs fell down when she reached down to pick it up I was able to see her tits as she was wearing a nighty without bra but I could not see her nipples I had a boner she did not notice it as soon as she left the house I closed the went in and masturbated thinking of what I have seen the ejaculation was more compared to the previous ones from that my only desire was to fuck her but sometimes I feel guilty about it but since then I always masturbated thinking of her image.

Fun With Neighbour Aunt

Her age is 29 but she looks like 20 ,and his husband Rajesh age of 39 works as a manager in a multi cuisine hotel in Chennai.They have a cute baby age of 1(still milking) Sangeetha aunty became our neighbor since the last four years.Her husband is a good man he talks with me very friendly.He used to go to work at early morning and return only at late night.

Curvy Neighbour Aunt

One day as usual I was visiting my aunts home and it was locked, soo I was waiting front of the door and was calling my aunt to enquire when she will come home, aunt said she will be home in d night at around 10 as she is in some function. So as I was about to leave the place, the elevator opened and shalini aunty came out, omg! I was looking towards her waist as it was so damn good *_* then she enquired about what I was doing here and she offered me to join her for an coffee since it was evening time. I tried to fake a reason as usual but this time she caught my hand and pulled me to her home and locked the door and ordered me to sit here until she says not to go. She said she will change her dress and will prepare a cup of coffee for us. I was playing some games in my cell and she came with the cup of coffee for us.

Rainy Train Journey – Part 1

My berth was side upper, the worst berth anyone could get but luckily my berth was free when I boarded. The other passenger was yet to board in the oncoming station. Usually, in the case of RAC, I check from the manifest where they are boarding and try to get some sleep accordingly. But since it was raining heavy, I didn’t bother to look at it. I just laid down with music banging my ears.