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October 17, 2018

Blackmail And Miscalculation

Blackmail And Miscalculation

Well readers this is a sex story of miscalculations and how it led to sex with me second cousin.

Let me start be setting the scene for you.


This was in the summer of 2015 and I am 21 and I was back home in between semesters of my engineering course . I used to spend my days either hanging out with friends or reading books or watching movies. This is when my aunt Anita and her daughter Nikita , who was 18 back then, come to stay with us for a few days on the pretext of attending my father’s youngest sister’s marriage.

We are a well to do family and would often generously help others financially. This encouraged Anita to seek help from my father as her husband had lost loads of money in gambling. She asked for a sum of 40,000 rupees to pay back the debts her husband had incurred and my father was willing to pay but that’s when my mother and me intervened and stopped him from doing so. So plan A the direct approach of asking money had failed and then Anita turned to plan B.

As it was a marriage house we were always busy running around here and there for arrangements and gifts and a lot of money was kept in the house. As I was old enough and free of any college work I was trusted with transactions and I was the one to deal with flower arrangement, gifts and so on. This was well known by aunt Anita and when she was refused help by my father and mother she one day approached me as asked me to lend her the 40,000 to which I blatantly refused.

Angered by this rejection she now turned to plan B where the B stands for blackmail. The plan was as follows- as it was a busy marriage house my parents would be out most of the times and Anita thought of using her daughter Nikita as a pawn to blackmail me.

On a particular chosen day when only me and Nikita are left in the house, Nikita would scream for help and I would walk into her room to see what was all the commotion about.

At this moment Nikita would be half naked and seeing me in the room she would start crying and purposefully accuse me of walking in while she was changing.

Then she would act as if she is in depression and has suicidal behaviour. The only was this could stop becoming a fully blown farce which involved telling my parents as well as defaming me in front of all guests in the marriage house was if I would hand her the 40,000 her mother was demanding. It was a foolproof plan and a good one I must say.

Now a little about Nikita. She is a cheerful and smart girl and as I have already mentioned she is my second cousin and is 18. She has a perfect figure must I say. Pretty with short hair up to her shoulders, fair and had well developed breasts and broad hips. She had just finished her 12th board exams and was looking forward for college.

We always used to play together as kids spending our summers in each others farmhouses. Their financial condition was not always bad they too were well to do. But 10 years ago my uncle, Nikita’s father, started a business that bombed. He was suffering severe losses and began drinking and gambling. He lost everything he had- his car, his farmhouse and even his house. Ever after both husband and wife have spent their lives going around looking for loans and debts and the last I had seen of them was 4 years ago. Now coming back to the story.


The day was 12th April 2015 ,a Sunday, the chosen day. Both me parents had left to the marriage hall with aunt Anita. As I had slept in late last night from the bachelor party of the groom, my parents told me to come in later with Nikita and there was no body in the house just us both after the servants had left. I walked into Nikita’s room and asked her to get ready to go to the wedding in an hour’s time and I went and to have my bath.

Then in between my bath I heard a cry coming from Nikita’s room and she began yelling help! help! I thought she must have fallen down or hurt herself badly and rushed to her room with just a towel around my waist and water dripping all around. I did not care to knock and just barged in to see Nikita standing there in black shorts and half naked with her arms Cris-crossed around her breasts. I ignored it and asked her what was the commotion all about and why was she yelling for help. On seeing me there she sighed a breathe of relief as her plan had worked.

She began crying and shouting at me to get out and about what a disgusting person I was as I had walked in on her changing.

I breathe slowly and knew of what the consequences were. I would be shamed in front of all me relatives and my parents at the wedding hall.

But I was prepared of the worst and instead of walking out of the room I shut the door behind me and slowly walked towards her. This surprised her as much as it did me. Still in my towel I walked up to her.

Nikita was dumbfounded and she looked into me eyes and said in a soft voice “what are you doing? why are you here? ” I took a long breathe and slowly held her hand and removed them from her breasts. They were beautiful and round and firm untouched by any other man pure and seductive. I was sweating and so was she this was not what both had expected we were lost for words.

Finally I composed myself and took her hand and placed it on my towel and I pulled her closed to me.

Now I could feel her breathing fast and uneasy on my neck her hair still wet from the head bath. Her breasts pressed against my chest and and nipples now revealing her sexual desires. They were hard and pointed and just a towel separating us from entering the world of sex. She again said in a soft voice “what are you doing? This is not right could we please stop” but her stutter revealed that she wanted to go further.

I slowly kissed her head and moved her hand to my cock from underneath the towel. The feeling of a wet and soft hand touch me cock drove me into ecstasy. I had masturbated a million times before but this felt different wonderful. A chill ran down my spine never had I felt time move slower. I guess it is anticipation of what is about to happen rather than the actual event itself that drives one crazy.

I slowly whispered into her ears “I guess we are now even. I saw your breasts and you touched me cock so we both are partners in crime. Now you don’t have anything to complain against me. So we can both stop and get ready for the wedding as they are waiting for us”. I wanted it to end there and we were all square. Well the cock had other plans it grew in her hands and unexpectedly she began stroking it her nipples bad now become really hard and they were poking into me.

I asked her what was she doing and she replied that she had just felt a cock for the first time in her life yet but she had not seen one and before I could react her other hand pulled to towel off me and I stood there naked with Nikita pressed up against me and slowly stroking my cock in her hands.

It was for the first time that our eyes actually met and we saw into each others deep inner desires. We kissed, the feel of her soft and tender lips against mine was heavenly. It was the first time for the both of us. We began kissing at a frantic pace our tongues occasionally touching and her stroking became faster and faster. I had climaxed and could not hold in any longer and with a splash came on her hand and black shorts.

She briefly paused and smiled and said “so this is all you have got? I just thought that we were beginning and you came so quickly”. I held her breasts now in my hand for the first time they were firm and unblemished and squeezed them she winced in pain and I told her “this is just the start dear. we can’t let you go in those shorts with my cum all over it right? why don’t you take it off and put it to wash? “.

With that she smiled and took her shorts off and there she stood in front of me in black panties shy with one hand across her breasts and the other covering her panty and asked me about what plans I had? I pushed her down on the bed and began kissing her nipples and those juicy round breasts with my one hand squeezing her breasts and the other running over her panty. She was wet already down there and moving my hand in her panty made her more excited.

She was now breathing heavily and her hands found their was to my cock again. This time she was more sinister and rather than just stroking my cock she began squeezing my balls too. It was pain with pleasure.

Now I was no longer interested in playing with her panty and got up and took it off in one stroke. There in front of me lied and image I shall not forget for the rest of me life. A tender sweet and charming 18 year old girl lay in front of me breasts not too big or small just prefect. The dark brown nipple showing her excitement . Sweating from her lips and ears and a beautiful pussy untouched by no man wet pink and clean shaved.

As my hands hands touched her pussy for the first time she moved and said “this is my first time please be gentle”

I slowly moved my hands around her pussy rubbing it gently and pressing her clit. Her ecstasy knew no bound she began squeezing her own breasts and moaning I slowly pushed a finger in and she screamed in pain she said “stop it it hurts” and I replied without pain there is no pleasure. A tear or two rolled down her cheek and I asked her to spread her legs out.

Now I sat in between her legs with my stiff cock and her wet pussy. I slowly moved forward and inserted just the head of my penis. She was so tight that even that was a difficult task. I felt a sharp pain in my penis as she squeezed my balls harder I pushed her legs further apart and pushed in a little more.

Then I felt a muscle tear and she felt the pain too as she shook slightly. With tears in her eyes she looked at me asking me if this was it if she was no longer a virgin. I pulled my cock out and a few drops of blood trickled out trough her wet and beautiful pussy lips.

I nodded and she smiled we both were no longer virgins. She then slowly relaxed and got up to sit over my face with her face on my cock. We began licking each others private I liked her pussy and it was beautiful all the juices flowing out now and she sucked my cock to ensure it was moist enough to enter her. She took to tip of my cock in her mouth and rimmed with it.

Then she moved down from my face and turned towards me with a woman on top position she was now in control. We held hands and embraced and she slowly inserted my cock in her vagina. It was tight and wet. It hurt me a little but not her this time around and she slowly began bouncing back and forth on my cock.

We kept kissing and embracing. The pain had vanished for both and after that it was all pure pleasure. I knew I had climaxed and was about to cum again so I pulled out and asked her to get on all fours. She pushed her face down on the bed with her ass up in a doggy position.

I stroked my cock a few times with her vaginal juices and then entered her pussy from behind. She moaned louder now and screamed deeper and deeper and she orgasm-ed with her pussy pushing against my cock making each stroke harder . Just to tip her of the edge I took my index finger and slowly inserted it into her anus with her tight ass hole offering much resistance. This was a surprise move and it worked wonders she looked at me and told me that I was a dirty boy and her moaning just became higher.

Then we both knew we had climaxed and I pulled my cock out and came all over her ass hole and pussy. We both feel into each others arm and began embracing and kissing when a phone rang in the hallway which was a reminder for us to go to the wedding.

We got up to get dressed and she hugged me and said I was very special to her and what happened between us must remain a secret. Later in the car on the way to the wedding she told me of her mother’s devious plan and how they were having a hard time to meet their ends. We both smiled at each other with a tear of joy in both our eyes.


Later at the wedding her mother Anita asked if the plan was a success to which Nikita replied that I had not fallen for it and nothing ever happened between us. This left Anita horribly frustrated and and red faced that her brilliant plan had back fired.

Later in the evening Nikita and her mother packed their bags to leave and us hugging each other for a long time left others wondering and she waved a good bye smiling and reminiscing the wonderful adventure we had earlier in the day. A month after the wedding my parents were doing the accounting of all expenditure and fell short of 40,000 to which I replied that the money was spent in a worthy manner in a gift to a very special guest.

I know this is a rather long sex story and you need patience to read it but it is worth one’s time. If you have any feedback mail me at [email protected] . If you are interested in a three some I had with my roommates girlfriend and her friend in Ohio, USA while on an internship mail me.



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