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October 17, 2018

Beauty of Mind

Beauty of Mind

Submitted by a fan

I am a man of 45 with a nice wife and 3 kids. She was an officer with Indian oil. We have a nice flat and a villa at our native place. I was a bit cool man according to my wife. It was she who used to initiates sex. I used to be happy in a good sleep catching her in bed. It is not that I am not liking sex. But after 3 kids, I think I have lost some interest. My wife was so beautiful and used to maintain well. If permitted she will stay in a beauty parlour for the whole day. Her major interest is caring her nails and feet. All the seven days she used diff shades. Because I like her (and all ladies) beautiful feet. It was my duty to remove and color them. I also enjoy that with kissing and sucking toes. Normally she and me lie in opposite position .while she was caring hands I used to colour and enjoy feet. Soon I used to sleep. Then it was she who wakes me to have a sex. normally I never used to care ladies much as a sex object. My friends used to say that one need not think of sugar while living on a sugar hill. Meaning that with such a beauty at home I need not care others. I was thinking that as true till that day

I ws on tour to a town near my ancestral home. So naturally I have gone to meet my relatives. But on that day no one was there . I have reached there at 2 noon and found all were off for a marriage. I was so week and has slept in the drawing room in my half pant. Then after some time I felt some one was on my side When I have opened the eyes I found it was a servant lady. She was a middle aged and with large bust etc. In fact she was naked at her top. Some what white in color and tall. I have shouted and asked her to leave. But she has other views. She has told me that she can easily bring the village with a simple shout. Better to be calm and obey . I thought that she was in need of money. But she did not have such a n idea, She told me that she was liking me from my 7 th class. she was one year junior to me. She was from a middle class family. .she always thought of marrying me. Then her father passed away and life has changed.

By then I have left for study and then job . She was waiting for me till then But the news of my marriage has made her mad. She has come for the ceremony and was envious of the girl. Now she has understood that with such a beauty I will never come to her. She has married to a farmer and is happy with a child. Still she used to come to my house at least once a day ,simply for getting my smell ( ?). I have understood that she was mad in me . Now a days she was helping my mother in her old age. .She has seen my car and thus have come to see me. On arrival she has found me alone and in sleeping position. It was her dream to sleep with me at least once. Just like girls used to love film stars. She has maintained her body well and fit only ti be presented to her lover that is me. She always feel me while her husband enjoy her. I have tried to reason her with out any effect. Also I have feared of public and her mad worship. By then she has taken of her dresses. I found her as a very nice sexy lady. Had it been in a rich family she would have been a beauty of that area. She had a clean tanned skin. The thighs and breasts were golden but her hands and feet and face tanned.
Then some thing has happened. I had a strong erection and her smell has made me mad. I have climbed on her and crushed her breasts and thighs with vengeance. She was in fact crying with a smile of success. I have licked her neck and face with more happiness than from my wife. Her taste was also very new and tasty for me. Her breasts were sucked and bitten with out mercy. Then I have entered in with all my energy. It was then she has cried with a loud sound. .Also she has cliched me with both hands an d legs. The pumping was over only after a long time She has slept on my chest as a child. Then after an hour she was ready to go. Sh e told me that she has got all and is now ready even to die. I have by then got another erection and so i have again entered in her. I have told her that that was my best sex.I have also told her that she is far better than my beautiful wive. She has never given such a sec experience in my life. I have asked her to maintain herself fr me. I have given word that we will meet at least once in a month.

Let us enjoy maximum with what is remaining. It was from then my real sex life has started. She used to come to my house and even in the day time we used to have relations . Slowly my taste and interest has improved. The change was evident even with my wife. She was mad of my force and fuck now. It took only her arrival to bed for making me in fully erected condition. She jokingly call it as forty effect. But it was in fact was the lover effect. When ever I fuck wife my mind used to be with my lover and all parts used to give that smell and taste. Thus our love life is progressing well. Now I knew that beauty is not in body but in mind.


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